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Pro Sticky Message ComponentModule

This extension allows you to easily display great looking messages for members and/or visitors of your website in a floating window. The customizable message can be anything! An article, a module, a plugin, a form or any HTML content.

Display promotions, use your favorite plugin inside your message(s), and amaze your visitors.

With Pro Sticky Message, you can include pictures, any custom HTML code, flash files and YouTube videos.

It can be positioned anywhere on page ( bottom / top / left or right ) or in the center of your page.

With its audio & video player, it is easier than ever to set up audio or video messages, reminders, and more. Want to go further? Add you favourite plugin to display accordions, tabs, news or any type of content you need.

You are now in control of your messages with Pro Sticky Messages!

A must have for any Joomla site!

*** JoomFish! compatible
*** Over 50 options to set and play with
*** You can time your message. Show the message with delay after the page was loaded and surprise your visitors
*** Audio player with auto playlist generation and custom themes (7 skins available)
*** Component to manage multiple messages and categories.
*** Uploader for video & audio files straight from the component.
*** Random messages from component.
*** Option to choose a group access (which users/members will see the message (Registered, Editor ... etc))
*** Option to play flv video files inside the message without any plugins.
*** Play your audio files straight in the module! No plugins, no fuss. Just upload your mp3 files and play them loud.
*** Transform a Joomla! article in THE message.
*** COOL fade effect can be applied when the message goes away.
*** Scrolling Advert Links feature to make it easy for guests to register, showing promotions or any piece of text you want to scroll
*** NEW !!! Create and display a message to specific users only
*** NEW !!! Display a message once then hide it unless you change the message
*** NEW !!! Display a message once each year
*** NEW !!! Add a semi-transparent overlay behind the message

Note : If you have a problem, or any question regarding this product, please click the "SUPPORT" button from this page. You will get a solution/answer in less than 24 hours.

Thank you!

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Reviews: 6
I purchased this extension to capture visitors info on first visit and it did the job perfectly. I needed a few things for my specific project and the developers updated the extension especially for me to include these. Their support was prompt and instant, they replied so quickly and helped me on the same day. I have purchased other products from them before and they always provide fantastic support. They really made a great effort to help me and made revisions to the extension to cater for my specific needs. REALLY EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND SUPPORT!!
Reviews: 1
I need an extension that allows me to send specific messages to several sets of hundreds of users. Pro Sticky Message is easy to install and setup. Didn't work well with my parameters at first but Projoom's programmer fixed the code within 2 hours (even updating himself my website which is in foreign language for him) and now everything's working nice. This is what I call outstanding support ! Thanks a lot !
Owner's reply

Thank you for giving us the chance to assist and adjust the product as necessary.
We hope Pro Sticky Message will serve you well for the project.
We're always around if you need help.

Reviews: 2
For a long time i was looking for something like this! Finally i have found it. Now i have a FANTASTIC, SUPERLATIVE and EXCELLENT system to notify my customer. Totaly customizable. The support reply me...IN SECONDS!! And solve my problems in...MILLISECONDS!
Thanks for develop this component! Really thanks!
Reviews: 16
I must admit, it took me a little while to grasp the concept of how the component and the module work together (no real manual (yet ???)...) but with the very responsive support from the developer I got there. And once I got it - it also all makes sense. It's just one of those extensions which are a little "off the beaten path", but because it is quite unique in its functions it also adds incredible extra potential to how Joomla websites can be designed, made user-friendly and interesting ! So, all the effort is VERY WELL WORTH IT! Honestly, big applause to the developer !!!
Reviews: 5
For a long time I was looking for a popup note, which I can use a a contact form. But unexpected with this great extension I got a lot more than that! This tool gives you sooo incredible much possibilities that it could blow your mind! Very very cool extension, which is worth every single penny!
Owner's reply

Thank you, we're glad you like our product!
Many features were built based on customer ideas, suggestions and feedback.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

Reviews: 2
Easy installation, multiple uses,
does what is promising,fast and good support,a bit difficult to use it,
if you want to use it for more than a simple pop up.
Reviews: 3
This is a very easy to install and configurable component (Joomla 1.5). I've used it to configure a notice so that our site complies with the EU cookie directive that is now in force. (Note: We're not actually blocking any cookies from running until visitor acceptance. That's not what this component is for.)

The component element is the message store. Then you configure instances of the module to display the message. I made use of the conditional cookie feature to display the message to the visitor until they closed it. Then Sticky Message remembers that they've already seen the message.

I did have one issue. I needed to increase the expiry time for a conditional cookie. The support was very quick - same day - and very helpful.

A worthwhile component for the price that does what it says.
Reviews: 8
I have just purchased this extension and it does what was promised.
Very easy to use.. excellent support by team! You can configure each parameter like you want. Excellent!
Owner's reply

Thank you, and many thanks to all other reviewers so far.
As always, don't hesitate to contact us and share your suggestions and thoughts, so we can build a better product together.

Reviews: 2
I have just purchased this cool extension and it does what was promised.
Cool, I can recommend for your use, if you would like to have a customize-able popup, popunder, flying messages.
Kindest regards:
Reviews: 9
Couldnt get it to work on Joomla 1.5 but I took the opertunity to try it on a new build using Joomla 1.7, had it working in no time then spent a little time greating a graphic for the popup, after playing with the positioning and the fade option all I can say is it was worth the money I paid for it really pleased.

Reviews: 9
There are free pop ups - tried them. Bought a couple - bagged them.

Found Pro Sticky Message and love it.

Ease of Use:
- installed extension
- Configured a pop up with
* embeded video (all videos reloaded)
* an embeded form from RSForm
* modified the pop up's CSS
- Tested
- Live

All in under 45 minutes!

opps - needed support (newbie question)

The support was very fast and found the (my) issue quickly.

Recommendation - Buy it.

Peace & Joy,
Jeff Honeyager
Reviews: 2
Very good component, easy to use and works as description.

Perfect and fast support for special request.

Good price.

Reviews: 10
I used many different component and module pop up and iframe but that one is the best!!

SO EASY to use, so powerful,...Thank you projoom!

Price is nice also...if you looking for something like that, dont even think one minute, just buy IT...

Thank you!
Reviews: 8
I tried other message pop ups before getting my customer to buy this one. Totally fits the needs to get the key message across.

I particularly like the use of a cookie to show it once a session, rather than popping up on every page change.

The documention is pretty sparse but I was able to figure out how to make it do what I wanted without much grief.

I haven't tried out all the media features yet, but I have no hestitation in recommending this plugin.
Reviews: 10
I was looking for a popup component that would let me create popups on various pages to act as a "guide" for new users. and to help our Beta testers find their way around the site.

Purchasing went extremly fast and smooth, I recvd. my product almost instantly.

I was not crazy about the downloader component that you have to install to actually download the product..but It posed no problems for me and went quite smooth.

developers have to have a way to manage their products. This should be expected of most newer and better addons...however, Joomla should be the one who provides the engine for the developers top protect their work.

If you have many components on your site like I do, then you will end up having a half dozen component license managers as well..If Joomla did it internally then we would just have one.

Install of the com / mod went fine, I did run into an issue with my css not wanting to play nicely with the popup, I was very disappointed considering I just bought it and it did not seem to work. Plus I am on a super tight deadline, I dint have time to search and configure another popup.

So I contacted the developer by email and received a fix within 15 minutes.
It was roughly 7pm eastern time. and they responded extremely fast with a flawless solution to my problem.

an hour later I ran into another snag with some custom html code and again I emailed them...and again they responded wihtin 10 minutes with an accurate solution.

This is a very handy and well thought out module, it can be used for a variety of things and is highly customizable and even includes about 12 different templates to positively match your site, or you can load their default css and modify it to match even closer.

Dont waste your time searching the JED for something better, I tried them all and this is what you want!

I highly recommend ProJoom, if we were in prison together, I would protect them.
Reviews: 1
Pro Sticky Message is Awesome

We can do so many things with this extension

The support is great and fast

Is easy to instal and configure

Projom make a great job, continue with your work

I recommend it
Reviews: 2
I am what you would call technically challenged, had on HTML or CSS experience; in fact did not have a clue what PHP meant , thought an Apache handler was the ground crew for a helicopter. Then I found Joomla and was n seventh heaven. Till I looked around and saw all the great Components and modules, some free some to buy. I of course went for the free one’s first but found something missing; the sites looked ok but no great shakes. I try some of the “ to buy” one’s and again was disappointed because half I could not get to work and the other half worked but not as nicely as on the demo sites. This was until I found PROJOOM, these guys are the best ever, not only did they know what they are doing, but knew off the bat where my problems are and how to fix it. What really impressed me though was their patience. If you have ever heard the saying going the extra mile these guys knows what that means and they do. WELL DONE guys anything purchased from PROJOOM is money well spent.
Reviews: 7
the support received was Super Fast. I love it the module to display a video welcome message
Reviews: 1
Not only that this extension is great and had almost everything I needed, but the support is great also!!! I was missing only one thing and I asked support if is it possible to have that on the extension, and I got fast reply and was asked to wait couple days and they will have it done for me. Few days later I was notified about it by email and all I had to do is jut to download the extension again for free!

Thank you guys for saving my life, you are the best!
Reviews: 6
This is a great module.

So many things you can do with it. From targeting guests to get them registered, to keeping your users informed, or just having fun. It can do whatever you need.

Support is amazing. Went beyond what I expected. Instead of just linking me to an article or guide, they took the time to do what needed to be done.
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