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Pro Sticky Message ComponentModule

This extension allows you to easily display great looking messages for members and/or visitors of your website in a floating window. The customizable message can be anything! An article, a module, a plugin, a form or any HTML content.

Display promotions, use your favorite plugin inside your message(s), and amaze your visitors.

With Pro Sticky Message, you can include pictures, any custom HTML code, flash files and YouTube videos.

It can be positioned anywhere on page ( bottom / top / left or right ) or in the center of your page.

With its audio & video player, it is easier than ever to set up audio or video messages, reminders, and more. Want to go further? Add you favourite plugin to display accordions, tabs, news or any type of content you need.

You are now in control of your messages with Pro Sticky Messages!

A must have for any Joomla site!

*** JoomFish! compatible
*** Over 50 options to set and play with
*** You can time your message. Show the message with delay after the page was loaded and surprise your visitors
*** Audio player with auto playlist generation and custom themes (7 skins available)
*** Component to manage multiple messages and categories.
*** Uploader for video & audio files straight from the component.
*** Random messages from component.
*** Option to choose a group access (which users/members will see the message (Registered, Editor ... etc))
*** Option to play flv video files inside the message without any plugins.
*** Play your audio files straight in the module! No plugins, no fuss. Just upload your mp3 files and play them loud.
*** Transform a Joomla! article in THE message.
*** COOL fade effect can be applied when the message goes away.
*** Scrolling Advert Links feature to make it easy for guests to register, showing promotions or any piece of text you want to scroll
*** NEW !!! Create and display a message to specific users only
*** NEW !!! Display a message once then hide it unless you change the message
*** NEW !!! Display a message once each year
*** NEW !!! Add a semi-transparent overlay behind the message

Note : If you have a problem, or any question regarding this product, please click the "SUPPORT" button from this page. You will get a solution/answer in less than 24 hours.

Thank you!

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Reviews: 1
This module does exactly what it says. I wanted it placed on the background and could not get it working. Emailed support and they took the time to edit my files and resend back to me. What more could anyone want. Great, Brilliant, very impressed.
Reviews: 1
Purchased this a couple of days ago, installed in minutes but had a display issue with Internet Explorer.

Sent an email to support with a link to my site and they resolved the issue (after requesting a copy of my template)within minutes.

They have a awesome support and now they have a customer for life.
Reviews: 1
I use all of thier products, with the sticky I had a problem, e-mailed support and within 5 minutes they responded. They gave me great instructiions on how to fix the problem and even went a step furthur to fix the problem.

I develope and manage sites for 8 radio and 2 tv stations and always have deadline to meet. Your service put me at ease, Again Thanks.

Great way to do business guys. Will reffer you to all my friends and continue to use your products.

Tim Keenan
Reviews: 3
Good information in advance, easy pay with Paypal, download the component and module, follow instructions and install, work with it! Great and easy. Used MooPopup before. Free of course, but always trouble.

One suggestion: the pop-up window is a square, but it would be nice to have rounded angles. It will look smart and elegant for sites with rounded angles.
Reviews: 4
I give 5 stars for this extension. Work very well and give you a large choice to customize your announcement.

I have 2 suggestions to improve the extension.

1- Have a real seperate choice for cookie settings. If you create several modules for different categories and only one have a one time cookie settings enable, it will otherwrite the other cookie settings. I'm sure that the developer will solve this problem.

2- I would like to be able to geotarget Pro Sticky. Some of the advertisers on my website like to advertise only in US.

Reviews: 9
I purchased this extension as part of a pack from Projoom. I am using the Joomlashack Lightfast template, and was having problems in Internet Explorer. The extension worked great in Firefox, but in IE,as it was not displaying correctly no matter what settings I used. I contacted Projoom and Raz told me it was a template issue as I was not using the Joomla preloaded ones. I realised that I was stuffed because my template has many different CSS settings. So I thought I could not use sticky message as many of my users insist on using IE. To my amazement, Raz asked me to send my template details, and proceeded to change and correct the CSS file, index.php, and templateDetails.xml files so it all worked great in IE too. I know they probably cannot do this for all users who use different templates, but to me this was help beyond the call of duty and was not a Projoom error. What can I say? They have a regular customer in me from here on in. Support like this is worth its weight in gold when paying for extensions. 5 stars but would have given ten.
Superb product. Outstanding support.
Reviews: 3
After looking around and trying different extensions, I emailed a question around midnight to the developer and got within 5 minutes an answer! So of course I bought it....

Pro Sticky Message works really great and gives you a lot of possibilities. But whatever tool I have, the most important part for me is the support. And the support I got here is unbelievable. As a newbie I had more than a couple of questions to set it up ;-) Well, each and every time I got an answer within 5 minutes flat!! Afterward, the installation was that easy that I did it seamlessly after the instructions.
I recommend the extension and the sublime support to everyone.
Reviews: 20
Razvan - you are the king of creating nice pop ups!

If you have not tried this powerful tool for creating attention to your site do it asap!

Best of luck that I find this and the devotion from the developer!
Reviews: 17
I finally registered with

I want to say what a great job you have done with this project. It has been a real pleasure to watch it develop at break neck speed. Some times updated more than once a day. The author has a great sense of humour and reacts to feed back almost instantly including their wish list requests.

This is a must have for any site the uses are endless. Creating new or editing new pop ups is fast and very intuitive. The new component idea is gust a master stroke the module features are vast!

You have just got to try this out if you don't find it one of the most useful com/mod on your system I will sell my sole on Ebay!

Now as for the wish list could you include some timed message and media function so that you could for example have a cock crow in the AM and an Owl hoot in the evening or good morning and good afternoon messages etc. Maybe with a server time off set so you can get the timing right for your home market. Geographic location would be asking too much!

One minor gripe with the upgrade when you uninstall the module you lose your custom sounds etc.
Not a big deal when you know.

Can't wait to see where this one ends up we need more stars for projects as good as this one!

Thank you for all your great work.
Reviews: 1
Pretty easy to install, and it looks great, I love it!!!
One suggestion though:

How about setting more permissions, I know you have guests only and members only, but how about setting a difference between, registered, author, publisher, admin, superadmin, etc. That would be very nice.

Thanks for your work!!!
Reviews: 9
Thank you - excellent module. I have tested on 1.5.7 IE7, Safari and Firefox - all perfect. Used plugin option in all tests to show a .flv - perfect. Works with different content on different pages (multiple copies). Paid my donation - waiting now for the "unlinked" version :).
Reviews: 2
first of all thanks for writing this module. My programmin skills are not as good at the moment so i am only making a suggestion.
I see potential of this module to go one notch up if used in combination with ajax shoutbox or other messaging systems.

Similar to what happens in facebook chat or in orkut scraps alerts.
Reviews: 1
What can you say. Simply this module rocks. No conflicts in 1.5.6. Thank you for making this extension. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for something like this for a while now, and was very happy when I installed it without problems...

Simple installation...bravo !!! bravo !!!...
Reviews: 5
Super easy! Make your note as simple or as fancy as you please!

Thanks for a neat mod!
Reviews: 1
This extension is base64 encoded. Changes are not easy to make.
Reviews: 5
i had to wait for something like this for the past 2yrs.!!! So, here i would heartily thank OUR Joomla! hero Razvan for making it happen + 1000x thanks for giving it for free!!!
Reviews: 6
Very nice! User friendly, looks good, works right out of the box. Thanks for sharing your work!
Reviews: 3
Even though it's a beta version, it's simple and worked first time. Installed on Joomla 1,5 no problems, tested in Firefox 2 & 3 and IE7 & 6 and were all fine.
Can't wait for the next Joomla 1.5 version
Reviews: 2
I like this module and appreciate the prompt response of the author. Thank you so much Razvan!
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