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Modal Popups Plugin

Make your content visible! Create powerful, eye-catching & unblockable pop-ups. Take advantage of the MooTools power already installed in your Joomla! 1.5 website. Get sure your website's visitors view the popup, because they must click to close it in order to access your website's content.

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Reviews: 1
This product is a good concept, but it was not clear to me that it is/was intended for articles. I should have purchased the "Frames" version.

I wrote the developer last week, but never heard back, which is disappointing.

Also, there are no instructions on how to size the popup window.

Finally, this product is not mobile device friendly. It does not resize when viewing on a mobile device and is impossible to close. I wrote the developer about this as well, but my comments fell on deaf ears.

These things are, or should be, the responsibility of the developer to provide us out of the box.

Without these functions, a user will need to know how to write code or hire someone to fix it for them.

The plugin could be an "A" product, but I'd give it a "C". Customer service is an "F".
Reviews: 9
Exactly what I needed for a couple of sites to display content in a window. Customizable and easy to use. Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 3
Plugin is easy to use but no matter how small my content is or how big my box settings are, I get scrollbars. I paid for this extension, yet developer will not help with this issue. The plugin is unusable for this reason.
Reviews: 3
Great customer service makes all the difference in the world, and this is a great example. After having an initial concern, Roalcana not only made everything right, but gave me something special for my trouble. Great experience.
Reviews: 2
I had no issues installing Modal Popups, it worked just out of the box as I expected.
Modal Popups added qn usefull way to show important information on my site.

Reviews: 5
I have several pop-ups, but none is so nice and easy!
One point of improvement: where can I change the black border? Now it's just a death announcement.
Reviews: 1
Modal Popus is great working extension, is pretty easy to use it, even for a novice user as me. Nice Job!!
Reviews: 1
This extension really worths its price; it is very easy to install and very easy to customize, it worked just right...Great Job!!
Reviews: 1
My search is over; this extension just matched my needs; easy instal, not many parameters to configure. It worths the money I paid. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for this awesome piece of code, other Joomla developers should follow your example. Easy installation, easy configuration. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Modal Popups is really wonderful, quite easy to install and in just a few minutes it is up and running! I'm a novice user, but you almost can't do anything wrong!

Reviews: 1
The flexibility of this extension is what I have been waiting for long time. The feature of display popups based on content items is so great because it can display anything in the popup.
Reviews: 16
this plug in has been under the radar of joomla users ... but is just a great tool. Works beautiful and it does just what it says.
Reviews: 12
I've been looking for this one for ages.

I came across only over infobubble-like or onloadpopup-like plugins, and none of them helped me in my work.. and was amazed when I found this one.

I'm beginning to wonder if you made it for me.. hehe. :)

It is perfect, just perfect.

Best regards !!