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Splash Panel Pro Module

Why use products that make your 3-D creation process slower than floating in a lazy river in a water park, when you can slide faster than the competition in Multi-D with the JoomlaXTC Splash Panel Pro module.

Yes, take your imagination to the next Dimension with Splash Panel Pro! This module is an advanced JavaScript module for featured presentations. Designed for complex multi-dimensional graphic layouts and showcases, the module can display unlimited levels of images and html markup including:

* Background
* Background Elements
* Title Element
* 52 Image/HTML elements
* Foreground element
* Tooltip Images or HTML code including Joomla! plugins
* Pop-up Images or HTML code including Joomla! plugins
* 5 effect styles - Vertical Scroll, Horizontal Scroll, Panoramic Image Scroll, Tool tip Effect, and Light box Pop up Effect.
* MP3 trigger-based audio playback available for each element allowing for hover audio effects.
* A Full Screen FLV Loop player for stunning intro splash pages for Joomla
* Built-in FLV player for videos
* Built-in MP3 player

You can layer these elements for eye catching showcases including Pop Up Tool Tip Effects, Pop Up Light box Effects, or both to each Element. Using the Joomla XTC XTS (XTC Template System) you can create your own custom mark up for each element, tooltip and pop up. The XTS also allows for content plugin use for loading modules, swf files, and more into the elements and tooltips.

The Splash Panel is the instant perfect solution for Company Directories, Product Showcases, Home Page Presentations, JavaScript Menus, Animated presentations, and so much more! Quite Simply the Holy Grail of CSS / JavaScript Layouts!

Splash Panel V3.3 now with SEF Links and a new Full Screen looping FLV player for slick opening splash page's never seen in Joomla!

Splash Panel V3.4 Updated

Change Log:

2011/08/23 Version 3.4.6

* Improved compatibility with Interner Explorer browser

2014/07/11 Version 3.5.0

* Fix error message when saving parameters in some scenarios

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Reviews: 3
great and powerful extension, you just have to have a clear understanding of what you are doing! Also, regarding that irritating inability to save... you need to adjust your php.ini file and increase max_input_vars ... problem then solved! :)
Reviews: 1
I just installed a Barista quick start template on my website JoomlaXTC. The template uses JoomlaXTC Splash Panel Pro. The installed template works very well but when I go into the JoomlaXTC Splash Panel Pro module and try to modify the module, it try to save but after few seconds, instead of showing saved message, it goes back to module manager and shows module with lock status (checked in). This is happening with this module only. Nothing gets saved in the module

So far I have tried the following:

1. I am the only super user on this website, there are no conflicts with other editors
2. changed /modules and sub folders permission to 777
3. even changed module xml and php file to 777
4. tried all 3 browsers
Owner's reply

Please use our ticket system if you encounter and issue. The issue you are facing is documented on our site under the troubleshooting issues.

I can't save parameters.

When saving or applying parameters, Joomla does not store them and jumps back to the administration page.

The most common cause is:

Your server system has the "Suhosin" PHP plugin. It is intended to provide protection to your system however most of the time it is left at default settings by hosting companies. You can check for its presence by going to the "help/system info/PHP Information" menu option in the administration page of joomla. The solution is to ask the hosting company to change all the array parameters to handle 1500 or 2000 elements.

If this doesn't help you please lodge a support ticket here: