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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Does your website contain valuable content? Would you like to sell this content as an eBook? Or perhaps, just send out newsletters with a PDF attachment of your content? Have you ever considered that your website may have articles that could be gathered in an eBook format? Ever wanted to publish your own eBooks? Now as a Joomla site administrator, the job is way more easier!

eBook Factory is the only component who can build full eBooks out of the content of your site!

eBook Factory renders a PDF out of the content items of your site in matter of minutes and stores it on your server in order to have it ready for download or newsletter mailings!

Since Joomla’s own PDF engine is merely a basic text to PDF convertor, we put our best work into developing a component. This component not only respects the standard layout of an eBook, but also includes Graphics, Fonts, and External Links that you used in your content.

All of your work is done in the administration panel of Joomla. There, you can create a set of eBooks containing Chapters and sub-chapters from your content items. You can use the Sections and/or Categories: as Chapter titles, as well as Sub-chapters.

All of the Page numbering, and Table of Contents numbering is done automatically. You will be able to choose between Roman, Arabic numbering, and even have the option to use letters for sub-chapters.

Fonts and styles can be set for each eBook individually, and you can use a cover image to brand your eBook.

Any eBook can have unlimited numbers of columns, which will aid in making your eBook look professional, and easy to read. In order to obtain a clear visualization of the generated eBooks some of the initial browser page formatting like table tags where intentionally omitted and will not be parsed by the component.

Starting from version 1.3.0 new Item sources have been added: you can now add chapters and sub-chapters from Virtuemart and Auction Factory.

Say for instance you want to create an electronic Catalog out of your products in your Virtuemart eCommerce shop. All you have to do is add Categories or individual Items into an eBook and by rendering all products in that category will be pulled in your catalog. You can fully control the way your catalog looks by editing the templates handling the Virtuemart plugin. These are simple HTML files that can be edited without any PHP knowledge whatsoever.




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Reviews: 16
I'm creating online courses and, with this extension, users can now download the courses also in pdf format. Two ways to enjoy the courses. The extension also creates a perfect table of contents, with categories and sub-categories and titles of Joomla articles. The support team is fast, friendly and very efficient. 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
Starting position: I searched for a component that was able to generate a PDF based on a set of given articles. Although there were several components (also free ones) that are able to generate a PDF for a single article, there aren’t so much options when you want the same but for multiple articles – even more, the component has to support Joomla 2.5. So I found eBook factory…

Purchase: 5 of 5 stars
Before doing the order you have to register. For buying the product, many options are available: paypal, credit card and even bank wire. Everything worked well, the buying process was good documented, I got the component quickly.
Hint: When you try to register for an account and you don’t receive the activation mail, then check your junk email folder ;-)

Functionality of the component: 3 of 5 stars
Rendering a good-looking PDF from the HTML is really a challenge and until now every joomla component in this area I looked at, has still some room for improvements – this is also true for ebook factory. Don’t misunderstand me, the guys are doing really a good job and the component did what I expected from it. Nevertheless the component lacks the ability of rendering HTML header elements (h1, h2, …) and tables are not well supported (tables are rendered in the PDF as normal text, so the nice HTML table layout is lost in the PDF). Some improvements in the positioning of images into the text would also be nice.
For the developers team: It would be really nice to see some of those suggestions implemented in future versions – a good PDF representation is crucial for many customers. This would be a real add-on value and take this as a chance to enhance the worth of the component even more.
Note: I only used the backend features, I didn’t used the frontend module (yet).

Support: 5 of 5 stars
I wrote several issues into the support forum and not later than the next working day I got the answer from the support/developers team. If it occurs, bugs have been fixed very quickly (every software contains bugs, that’s normal). One working day after reporting the bug, I have got a new version with the bug fix – absolutely great! I hope this will remain so in the future.
Owner's reply

Due to your suggestion, starting with version 3.2.1 we added a new feature: "HTML headers tag rendering" allowing HTML tags like h1, h2, etc, to be rendered.

Regarding the table formatting, this feature is quite new, starting with version 3.0 and it was introduced mentioning this limitation as follows in the product description: "added limited table support (all HTML tags inside tables will be ignored and displayed as simple text)". This limitation is due to the rendering engine which our component is using. Surely with each new version we are trying to add new features and improvements, like we did in 3.2.1 fixing also the table alignment and spaces between the table lines and characters.

Thank you for your appreciation and trust in our extension! We are always taking under consideration all user feedback!