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GiBi sPrint Component

With this extension you can quickly create a PDF catalog from your VirtueMart products. You can save different configurations to have one-click different catalogs.

You'll have an amazing catalog generated in a few seconds! And if you have any issue our excellent support staff is there to help you.

Main features:
* choose start cover and back cover of the catalog
* choose a Joomla article to use as introduction
* choose VirtueMart categories to include
* choose translations to include

For each category you can select:
* an header image
* a background (full page) image
* the color for titles and header bars
* a custom layout file
* the number of elements per page


+ Added ! Removed ^ Changed # Fixed

+ New "Simple table" layout
^ Updated to TCPDF 6.0.059
# The catalog showed always the oldest picture of any product regardless of ordering
# Warning during catalog creationg

^ In backend, HTML catalog is now in full screen display
^ Reduced number of variables saved with catalog to prevent max_input_variables limit error
+ You can now choose to move the index at the beginning of the catalog
# Wrong alpha ordering in frontend
# Minor notices and warnings

^ Image resize option now defaults to "proportional"
^ Initial page break option now defaults to "true"
^ Catalog name is used as title instead of "Product catalog"
+ Add prices to layout 3x2 - 3x3 - 4x1
+ New "description" field to describe layouts
+ It's now possible to change CellData font size from the layout

! Basic PDF creation mode removed from configuration option (it will be completely removed in v2.6)
+ VirtueMart 1 basic attributes now supported
+ Base layouts are now automatically created on install
+ External images (via URL) are now supported (only for VirtueMart 1)
^ New TCPDF version 6.0.12 installed by default
! Removed Useless "published" field from layouts

# Fix several display issues
+ New layout files

+ Option to use thumbs instead of full witdh images
^ In basic mode PDF catalog, set default white header and footer instead of black
# In basic mode PDF catalog, table was not using full width
# Error generating catalog from frontend (missing helper class)
# Missing translation on form
# Additional check to avoid "TCPDF Error: unable to get image"

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Reviews: 1
After purchase the component. I thought that I wasted money for buying this component but with your help, my boss and myself really like this component because it does exactly what we want and the layout is exactly what I want plus all the function that I never thought this component can be applied. Once again thank you for your great support and your POWERFUL SPRINT!!. To the web developers out there, if you want your clients to get more sales. Use this catalog to impress them.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! I am happy that you contacted us so you could discover all the features and fix the initial troubles.
That shows how much important support is in an extension and that is why we take it very seriously!
We will also try to make the component more intuitive from the start. Please remember we have a full functional demo site.

Reviews: 1
One of the most important and most useful extension for joomla & VM.
Excellent performance and excellent technical support.

Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
Component well done for creating catalogs with virtumart.
Also excellent support.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
I am delighted with this component. Yesterday i downloaded it, and installed easily.
Due to a problem of my server was not able to run the component, and this is where I have to congratulate the developers. They helped me and guided me with all the patience in the world until I got to fix the problems. 10 points for you.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words! Glad that our support is up to your expectation!

Reviews: 1
Excellent program and a great technical support.
Owner's reply

Thank you!