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*** New version 2 now fully compatible with Joomla! versions 1.5 to 2.5 ***

"Tabs & Sliders" is the 'module' adaptation of the highly popular "Tabs & Sliders [for articles]" plugin created by JoomlaWorks. Using this module, you can display other modules in tabs and/or sliders, saving important "real estate" on your template. The tabs emulate a multi-pane structure, while the sliders emulate an accordion-like structure, inside a single block!

This module is ideal for portal websites, where much content needs to be gathered in as less blocks as possible. We even suggest you combine it with other great extensions from JoomlaWorks like the popular K2 or the much smaller (but very flexible) Ultimate Content Display (aka UCD), a "super content retrieval" module that displays Joomla! articles in 3 different ways (unordered list, ajax cross-fader or jQuery-based cross-fader/slider).

"Tabs & Sliders" has been developed with ease of use and styling flexibility in mind! It's the kind of module you "set and forget", cause it simply works!

Download the module from our homepage. Install it like any module. Navigate to the Module Manager in the Joomla! backend, edit the module's parameters, select on the right the module position for which you want all its modules to be shown in tabs or sliders and then publish the "Tabs & Sliders" module.

Detailed setup guide can be found here:

Version 2 is a completely re-written module, now fully compatible with MVC templating. There are 2 distinct layouts: one for "tabs" and one for "sliders".

If you want to show your support please rate and/or comment on the module, here, at the official Joomla! Extensions Directory. Your feedback is very important!

Enjoy one more fine release from the folks at JoomlaWorks!

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Reviews: 2
That module was very good in J1.5.
It is a pity there is no update for J3. Module don't work under J3. JW don't make us wait any more!
Reviews: 11
Easy to use, just add the code to your content and your away. Easy to update the look with css
Reviews: 1
This is a nice module. Thanx for the developers. And keep the work continue. Good Luck !
Reviews: 1
Helping me ordering content since joomla 1.5, useful and simple
Reviews: 1
I am amazed with this component. What I want and when i want. Thanks to the developers
Reviews: 8
I used the plugin version after a client of ours came back after we'd finished everything saying they wanted to eliminate ALL scrolling from every page so they wanted to break content up into pages.. this seemed like a better solution and it worked flawlessly.

Another person mentioned browser incompatibilities but we tested with Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9, Older versions of Safari and the latest version of Safari .. all of which worked perfectly fine for us.

I do find it odd however that there's another plugin with this same exact name, and same exact syntax by another person.. nevertheless, we love what it's done for us.. it saves time and looks good out of the box... we went with this one because we're also very happy users of the K2 extension.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for a great module! Just what I needed.
Reviews: 7
Works great, but why add cache and persistence for the last clicked tab!? I've been trying to opt this out for hours, it's really annoying! Please remove it so that it works the way any simple tabs extension should!
Reviews: 1
A really awesome little app here.
Very flexible and, as the title says, my only complaint is that the tabs do not expand on the Iphone when accessing the full site (not webapp etc) via the built in browser.

Could this be fixed?

Well done otherwise!
Reviews: 2
This tab is very good and very useful.

However, I am trying to hide the duplicate modules that are already shown in the tab. How could that be possible because it is not making sense to show two duplicate contents on the same page. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
really great extension, nice and easy to use.
Reviews: 1
I would say that the Plug in is easy to install and use. Works straight out of the box!

One comment I would choose to make is that if you us it in conjunction with the "Page Navigation" core plug in I have found that the module will select the tab you were on in the previous page. i.e. - If you were on tab #2 and you hit the "next" button to navigate to the next article, you will be shown tab #2 on the next page you come too. The plug in does not reset your tab position to the first tab upon page refresh...

This is not too important for me, but I can see it being a pain later on, for other content types.
Reviews: 3
I've used this for the 'tabs' functionality in the display of usually very long academic profiles and haven't looked at the 'slider' functionality.

The tabs work well, with both small and large chunks of text. Headers included in a tab disappear (I assume an intended part of the implementation) but this wasn't a big problem for my usage. It all looks and functions okay in IE6 (again, I have no idea about the 'slider' functionality but looking at some of the other comments, there may be issues).

One problem which I decided to put up with in order to make use of this useful little plug-in is that internal document id links (hash # links), don't work inside a tab when referred to OUTSIDE of the document and will instead simply default to the first tab (I'm not sure if they work only in the first tab, but it wouldn't make much difference). They do however work fine within the document itself. What this means is that an external link to say likely won't link directly to the hash-linked tag. If the tab that the 'publications_books' hash-tag is within is open though, then it links fine, so still useful for quickly jumping around a long piece of text.

Furthermore, it would be useful if the plug-in generated a unique id for each tab that could be used to have a tab open up through a hash-tag URL but I assume it would probably have the same issue as above.

Even though I would like for the above to work properly, I still think this plug-in merits 5-star for its tab functionality and hope that at some point the developers might address the issue.

Thanks for this.

Ben Caesar
Reviews: 20
Fast, clean and stable. Great work guys, thank you!
Reviews: 1
I really wanted this new version for Joomla 1.5 to work (I purchased this awhile back and never used it). I was using another accordion module that integrated into my css style with no work on my part. The problem was, I just ran into a deal-killer with it. (my mambots within the articles were not being processed).
So, I downloaded the new 1.5 version of JoomlaWorks Tabs & slides module.
Ouch! - The sliding action is incredibly jerky. I modified the slide speed, and it did not make the motion any smoother. It is really painful on the eyes to deal with the jerky opening and closing.
But in fairness, it processed my mambot perfectly.

As I said, I really wanted this to work. The flexibility with modules is enticing to be sure.

But the jerky open/close is just unbearable and I couldn't subject my customers to that. Maybe the code needs a rewrite.
Such a promising idea.
Reviews: 3
Just install it and type a few { tab=foo }, { tab=bar }, { /tabs } on your pages and it works. Download to working in under 10 minutes.

Since install I've probably reduced the number of articles by 20% so I can combine related content without huge pages or read-mores.

Goobs of CSS options. I guess if you are CSS-shy then this isn't as helpful. But the defaults are reasonable and you can add little changes over time. I started with the defaults, added some color on the selected tab to match the color of the topmenu in the Milkyway template. Etc...

And the price is tough to beat...
Reviews: 1
This could be better then the rest considering it's free, but the company or programmer never responded to 3 requests on 2 different forums or anyone Else's attempts that I saw. T & T does not validate due to a minor issue that if fixed could make this one of the best, yet it is a goof of beginner programming skill level. To put info into the is bad! I'll change this rating if they change that;-)
Reviews: 1
Yes this is a great module with the sites but their support are so poor in response.
Reviews: 1
This module is easy to install and very easy to call from content items. It does what it promises but there are some anomalies. You can change the fonts on the slides but not on the tabs. On the latter, your html codes are not recognized and become part of the name. In addition, if you define enough tabs to overflow the line, the break to the next line occurs in the middle of a multiple word tab and never at the end of a tab. Thus in such a case, the last tab is half on one line and half on the next line. In the case of multiple lines of tabs, they are packed so close together that they partly overlay the preceding line.

On the slides, they are spaced too far apart and I cannot find a way to prevent that. That last flaw is that when you use the tabs and the content under the tabs differ in length, the display box is set to the length needed to display the content in the first tab. If a later tab has more content, it cannot be seen and I can find no key or mouse action that will provide a bigger display area. You can get around this by making the tab with the most content being the first tab.

If none of these flaws bother you or you can work around them, this is a very helpful module. You can see how to employ this module and work around the flaws at
Reviews: 1
Easy install, easy use. Works across all content pages and only clashes with a few other content plugins (causing display mash-ups). However, disable other plugins and this still chugs away and i'm sure the issues could be resolved if i tried :P
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