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Chameleon ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Chameleon changes the way your site looks and acts under different conditions. It's like a multi-site extension, except your site can respond to much more than just domains…

• use different template for mobile/tablet devices.
• change branding/menus on your site for visitors coming from an affiliate or from a different country (GeoIP).

You simply set up "conditions" to be detected, plus the "actions" to be performed when the conditions are met. Chameleon does the rest!

Chameleon detects:

★ Browser (IE v6, FF, iPhone, iPad, tablet, mobile etc; using Categorizr for smart detection)
★ Browser language
★ Date, time, time of day
★ Page type (article, category, front page etc)
★ Virtuemart page types, products, cart contents, categories & coupons
★ Hikashop page types, categories and specific items
★ K2 page types, categories, authors and more
★ User id and group, logged-in and logged-out users
★ Article id, section, category and tags (J3.x)
★ Component
★ Site domain/sub-domain
★ Page URL and referrer
★ Random probability
★ GeoIP detection of the guest’s city/country
★ All "children" of a given menu or menu item
★ Anything else you can detect with a snippet of PHP.

After it detects any of these, Chameleon can perform any of these dynamic "actions" on the current page:

★ set the template/style
★ "unpublish" menu items and/or plugins!
★ switch the "default" Joomla page (site home page)
★ switch which menu item will be highlighted as "Active"
★ internal or external redirection
★ dynamic find-and-replace of text/HTML on the page
★ set metadata, page title, and add JS/CSS
★ set the page language
★ dynamically switch VirtueMart 2.0 shopper group (and therefore pricing structure)
★ run PHP code

More examples:

★ Use a different template and change some menu items depending on which "group" the user is in
★ Switch off comments plugin for a certain content category
★ Use a different template just for IE users
★ Use a different template if your site is embedded in FaceBook
★ Do A/B testing of two different templates, based on random probability. Use different Google Analytics on each template, then compare the performance.
★ Use different templates for and
★ Set up different pricing structures using VirtueMart shopper groups, then switch shopper groups based on domain name, language, time of day or country of origin
★ Timed styles, templates, menu items, and more


Recent highlights include:

v2.44 (30 September 2014)
* new: Find and Replace action
* new: substitutions for use in page redirections
* new: detect subcategories

v2.43 (4 Aug 2014)
* Support for Falang, Joomla 3.3 (+ more)

v2.38-2.41 (23 Apr 2014)
* VM 2.6 support
* article & category tag detection (J3.x)
* IE9 and IE10 detection
* choose type of redirect (301, 302, 303, 307) for precise SEO control

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Reviews: 1
We have been using Chameleon happily for several years on Joomla 1.5. We are now migrating our site to Joomla 2.5 and came back to get Chameleon for Joomla 2.5. Chameleon is extremely versatile and worth every penny. On top of that the support provided by Stephen is excellent.
Reviews: 5
I only use the phone detection (just bought it today), but that works great in my (limited) tests.
I had a responsive template that insisted to render the main menu on tablets like phones.
I now have a desktop template for desktops and tablets and let Chameleon switch it to the responsive just if it detects a phone.
I see lots more potential in this extension.
Reviews: 35
I bought this extension on good luck because the options pleased me.

After installing and entering the backend of the component I was quite impressed and intimidated by all the possible options this component offers.

I am developing responsive Templates and one of the challenges is the loading time of a Joomla site on mobile phones.

It is quite hard to enhance laoding time because one cannot "delete" modules or other content from the index.php file.

It's just there and using "display:none;" doesn't hold a user agent back from still loading the module.

So this component is just absolutely perfect to develop different versions of a template. Some with all the bells and wisthles for the desktop computers and some slim versions for all mobile devices.

Even Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 are implemented in the component! So I will be able to create a total different template in the odl fashioned tables to give IE6 users a propper user experience.

This component is magic :) I am really happy that the developer dd such a good job.

Not only did he create a great extension for Joomla which makes the life of a UI developer much easier but he also gives great support when one needs some help (I bothered him with three emails and he answered promptly and very friendly).

I would like to recommend this compoent to everybody who is a UX/UI Developer because it is such convenient to work with it!

Thanks for this perfect tool.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Reviews: 7
This component helped me a lot with a site that was awfull looking in IE8. So I designed a new template only for IE8 and another template for mobile.
I had a few problems installing but with great help from Steven, who replied within a few hours, the problems were solved in no time.
Great component, even better service !!!
Reviews: 1
Chameleon is very usefull. Its flexibility will help me a lot in a huge multi-template site.

The content administration will be simplified and specific content will receive a specific layout.
Reviews: 3
I would like to say big thanks to the chameleon.
First this product helped to my project very much.
Second i needed little help for one extra situation and support was really excellent!
Reviews: 4
The support is outstanding and Chameleon can let you customize your website without borders!

In my case, I have use Chameleon to detect the language by domainname. I found the solution that sh404SEF, Joomla AceSEF and Joomla 1.7 are still not supporting:

Multidomain names per language, country or whatever you need.

You just need to follow the instructions to configure the rules in Chameleon that will detect the language based on different domain names.
Reviews: 2
The Chameleon extension from which I recently bought made things easier for me! I was trying to change templates between my joomla pages and vm pages, spend hours of coding, but then I found Chameleon! and everything was arranged in the proper way!
Great Support! They even helped me with a problem caused from my eshop template, not their extension!
Excellent extension and super support from!!! Thanks!
Reviews: 14
I wish I could give a higher rating than "Excellent" because that word just doesn't say how powerful and useful this extension is (at all). I only came across this software after revisiting the developer's site for help with another extension (Metamod) he created.

*I know very little about SQL and the developer not only wrote a custom script (called a "recipe" for use with Metamod) for me, he did it without requesting a dime, a donation, a review or any other sort of reciprocation. Did I mention I was using the free version?!! That's great support, especially considering I hadn't even licensed the paid version.

Anyway, while reviewing the help he had posted for me on his forums I took a peak at an older version of Chameleon named Meta Template. I needed to do things like load a specific template only for guests and a totally different template for members... and a THIRD template for a particular component. I started with Meta Template but quickly realized my limited knowledge of php and sql could keep my up at night, wasting the power of this software. So, I did what any somewhat intelligent guy would do- I snapped up the pro (and latest, greatest) version of the software to get me keyboard tapping fingers on a much simpler (yet just as powerful) interface.

To make a much longer story short, after installing Chameleon I was able to accomplish in about 3 minutes a task that could easily have taken me a few late nights and several support emails.

A big "Thank you!" to the developer.
Reviews: 4
Excellent component, excellent support!! I can't go without it. This stands in all for the genius and creativity involved by the developer.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
This was just what I needed for my client's site I was building, simple & easy to use worked perfectly with the template switching for guests..... ^_^

chur bro.....
Reviews: 1
After days of trying to figure how to hack the core of VirtueMart (and you know that goes!) I was pointed to this product. MetaTemplate Pro did the job on my site with multiple templates and Virtuemart wanting to redriect to all the wrong pages. Overcame the limitations of the built in template assignment and worked with the native system flawlessly. Way to GO!! This and MetaMod are my new darlings!!
Reviews: 1
I needed a way to load a different template for users of IE6 (which is still unfortunately 20% of my site's visitors).

For the site I'm building, I decided to use a Yootheme template called Studio. Studio doesn't support IE6. So I wanted to load a different Yootheme template, Explorer for IE6 users.

I just purchased MetaTemplate Pro today, I watched the first tutorial video on the MetaTemplate web site, and I was able to create the rule in a matter of minutes.

It works great. I think I do need to change the names of some module positions, however, because some content is not displaying on the Explorer template. That is to be expected, and isn't a problem with MetaTemplate.

Bottom line, it worked great for me and saved me tons of time. Cheers to stephen for a great component :)
Owner's reply

Thanks slimbeck. The IE6 issue is a killer at times, and was one of the reasons for MTP. It's sometimes so much easier to find an alternative template that "just works" for IE6, then to set a different template for each browser, than it is to try and wrangle one template into working on everything... sad but true.

Reviews: 6
This provides automation that the free version does not. Very good for people that doesn't want to do programming. We tested the free version, and after that, bought the pro. Is wonderful and very functional application, that solves our multidomain-multitemplate problem.
Owner's reply

Thanks medisoft. The multi-domain handling just got better in v1.5 because you can now also set the "default" menu item for any given domain/rule, which might be useful for you. Thanks for the review :-) Cheers, Stephen

Reviews: 1
MetaModPro has let me overcome many of joomla!'s limitations. I want to hide and show modules depending on various rules, say a user is logged in. Or i want music modules to appear only when on pages that include music in the article. Metamod gives me total control over what appears where. It plays nice with all my other extensions.

Easy to install, there are recipes on the website for the more common ways the control modules, but once you get comfortable with it you'll start doing some really clever stuff.
Reviews: 9
To fine control your website, your templates, the appearance of everything, to control what you want to show to iphone owners, facebook users, registered and unregistered, this is just GREAT and plain simple.
Of course you can use the simple metatemplate, but for this very small price I must say that it has saved me hours of headache !!

And Stephen is someone very very professional and reactive !!
Just perfect soft !
Owner's reply

For the record, Alterna and I worked on making it so that his Facebook application, done in Joomla, used one template when embedded in Facebook and another when used stand-alone. It was quite complex but helped my understanding of FB and Joomla and the whole process... and the end result was good. Thanks for your patience Alterna!