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Template Selector 1.8.4 Released!


It works on pages other than a top page by Chrome or other browsers.

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Reviews: 1
Extension works, but:
1) It sets a cookie chosen style for each individual path (root - / and / path / path / etc) because it is impossible to select a style for the entire site with a whole page / path / path /, and accordingly it is impossible to change the style back but to only being on this page;
2) The extension uses the default style is equal to the default settings of the CMS, because of what the alternative style will not ship its own framework, if it is not selected by default in the CMS.
Reviews: 1
We are using Joomla 3.3. This extension doesn't seem to work, even after carefully double-checking all of the options. Plugin IS activated, but when we click on any buttons in the module, nothing happens; even the browser load animation does not run.

This is precisely what we wanted to use, but we need support. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Please check v1.8.3 and it for joomla3.2.

And try my demo( is 3.3).

Reviews: 1
This is very good module. Its working perfectly. I got Phenomenal support from the module owner( Yoshiki Kozaki).

Once again thanks to him.

Reviews: 1
Works like a charm for Joomla 1.7x.

However it has some strange behaviours for 3.x. It does switch, but it will not keep the choice when selecting another page via the menu.

Overall great. I even use the "templatedirectory" selector plugin without the module on some 1.7 sites.
Reviews: 31
This Module is really helpful for sites that have more one template or theme as options for their site layout, i highly recommend this free nice simple module for any person who does want to show all his themes and let users choose between them , like black,white,red templates,,,keep it up ans thanks for this nice module :)
Reviews: 8
Works as designed.

Just a word to those that say it doesn't work. It's not entirely obvious, but this package also installs a plugin that must also be enabled before the module works.
Reviews: 1
Hey! I'm using 1.7 and the selector works perfectly there. I have one bug to report and one huge feature to suggest though.

1. The selector is not valid. However, achieving validity is quite easy, in tmpl / default.php you just have to have an action value for the form tag, which should be "#" in our case.

2. One click template change. It's possible to work out a single-click template change with template selector, but for this the users have to edit some code (hide everything in css but the next button). Would be great if you could add this feature for the next release, and then joomla users would have an easy template switcher for accessibility.

I give you four stars for the time being, but if you correct the validity and especially add the one-click template change, this plugin and module will well worth the five. Nicely done!
Reviews: 4
All I did was 'follow the install instructions' and in less than 5 minutes it worked very well with Joomla 2.5

Thank you for sharing this wonderful extension.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and worked perfectly first time on my J2.5 site...
Remember to activare the plugin or the module will only be "for show" with no function :)
Reviews: 3
After publishing the corresponding plugin, the module works fine with Joomla 2.5.4 and does what it says. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
I tried it with Joomla 2.5. It will not change the template. I believe this is a problem inside the Joomla 2.5 core included/application.php but could not fix to make this template selector work.
Reviews: 2
Hello, I tried this plug-in and module, and I was getting the same problem... But after activating the plug in. It works like a charm! Thanks for developing this excellent extension.
Reviews: 8
Sorry, but this module doesn't work in J! 1.7. I tested a lot of times in others servers but has the same error. Don't waste your time installing this module.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, easy to use and works first time. On a point of accessibility which has been noted before, is it possible to have the template options as links rather than a drop down list?

Many Thanks

Reviews: 4
The module works on my joomla 1.7 site even though that compatibility is not presented here on the JED. Do not forget to enable the plugin though:).
Reviews: 106
I love it! Worked better than I had expected. When I select a template it stays that way until I reset it, or close out of the browser. Plus the reset button and thunmnails come in handy. Thanks for creating this. I'm sure it's helpful for template developers as well.
Reviews: 1
I've installed module and plugin correctly. The module shows every available template when the combobox is clicked but then, after having clicked on Switch, the page refresh but come back to the same template.
Reviews: 1
Great product. Installs and works first time with no issues. The thumbnail feature, plus the ability to select which templates you want to show, or show all, are great. Can recommend if you're looking for a template chooser.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this work. Was very impressed for these plug-in and module. They work great.
Reviews: 1
Just downloaded the file to be unzipped and uploaded the mod and plg. Tested it and it works fine. I'm keeping this one.
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