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CSS by itemid and random CSS Plugin

"CSS by Itemid and random CSS" is a simple plugin that allows you to add CSS to your template, itemiddepending on where you are, or include a random stylesheet.

This is not a plugin to change the template depending on a menu item (this option already exists in Joomla). It is a plugin that allows you to add a CSS stylesheet to your template.

Installation and configuration is very simple. parameters:

* Itemid list: comma-separated, we will introduce itemid numbers for those who want to have a custom style sheet (eg 1,3,45,34,22).
* Default stylesheet: if itemid does not exist or does not correspond to the numbers above, include a CSS style sheet by default. (only in 1.7/2.5)
* Name of the default style sheet. (only in 1.7/2.5)
Random CSS: If this option is checked the plugin will add a random style sheet(random_1.css, random_3.css) ...
* Maximum random number: maximum number of random range display. (only in 1.7/2.5)

All style sheets will have to go to the /plugins/system/cssbyitemid/cssbyitemid/ folder

Style sheets type by itemid will have to be like itemid_1.css, itemid_44.css ...

Random style sheets will have to be like random_1.css random, random_2.css ..

New 1.0.1 version with some fixed bugs

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Reviews: 1
Could not deal with the recalcitrant component, tried everything that we can, including the rewriting of code. And lo and behold! because of this plugin, I solved the problem, which is a few days would not let me rest. Thank you)
Reviews: 2
I needed to change the color of my menu for each article, now it works, thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
This is one great plugin and it has everything it needs, someone here mentioned that it has no default.css, yes it doesn't but you don't need it. Just put "important!" in your css and it do its thing :) So really thumbs up. Thanks, good job
Reviews: 1
I was already using a different technique for my site till I found this plugin that works perfectly to set a background or CSS style for each section of my site. You may need a bit of documentation for its implementation, but otherwise is a very good extension.
Reviews: 1
I'm loving it. Thank you for that wonderfull tool.

Changing background images in a second.

Upload css files like


with changing images:

background-image: url('/templates/mb/images/one.jpg');

background-image: url('/templates/mb/images/two.jpg');


Name it in the plug-in


Reviews: 2
Thx for this usefull extension. Normally I would do this with PHP in the template index. This is a nice way to easely get different styles on each itemid.
New users: upload css as follow: itemid1.css, itemid2.css et cetera..
Reviews: 10
This plugin is great and just what I wanted, but it needs to have a default css for when you do not have a menu id to attach a css too. For instance I have a latest news module on my site, but it does not have a menu item and when I view the news article some of the css is missing.