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read less title Plugin

This plugin allows you to fully control the appearance of the titles of your articles. It is born out of read less, but set apart to provide greater flexibility and functionality while still operating lightning fast.

You can
• Limit the length of the titles. Do you have articles with titles longer than your template can cope with? Now this no longer poses a problem!
• Control the cases of your titles. Do you have authors who like to SHOUT? Now you can override their preference!
• Prefix the title with various information. Does your template get rid of all article information, but still want a minimalistic way of showing the author/article size/hit count/... ? Now you can!

The latest release is a bug fix release and is a recommended upgrade.
v3.3 brings enhancements to
• better deal with names in titles.
• better configure the contexts (where read less title may be active)

read less title only affects the title of those articles you want on those pages you configure: disable or uninstall this plugin and the original titles will be fully displayed again.

read less title provides an easy but very powerful way to configure when it may be active. Quick configurations are available which will suit most users; a precise configuration is available so you can decide on which read less title may be active: which articles from which components, in which views.


Changes in v3.3b:
• Multi byte characters could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed.
• Numbers could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed.
• Brackets could disappear under certain configurations. Fixed.
• You can now configure whether text between brackets must be suppressed.

Changes in v3.3:
• Length calculation correction: if a title is stored with multiple subsequent spaces, that whitespace is counted as one.
• More flexibility in when prefix and suffix are added.
• Enhanced contexts: you can now target all articles in a specific category (note that this is different from targeting a category view, which was already possible).
• More choice in how your title is formatted.

Changes in v3.2:
• Only minor enhancements have been made since the last Beta 2.
• This version is fully compatible with J2.5 too.

Changes in v3.2 Beta 2:
• Bug fixes, including a nasty php error when cutting off at word boundary was enabled.

Changes in v3.2 Beta:
• Fully prepared for use in J1.6 and J1.7
• All bug fixes for the general part of read less text are applied to read less title too.
• A lot more tags can be expanded as prefix and suffix.
• Discover text is much more helpful.

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Reviews: 8
Awesome plugin!! Just what I was looking for but I ran into a few issues:

1) I wanted it to not apply read more to certain categories or articles. Didn't work. Inface it got rid of the article image that was showing up.

2) I finally gave up and uninstalled the plugin. It still shows "Read more" link for one of my categories.
Reviews: 11
One of my favorite Joomla extensions. By giving you the ability to directly (and unobtrusively) control character or word count preceeding the read more button, the plug-in greatly improves organization of the category layout pages. In a nutshell, it helps you manage whitespaces you'd normally get with varying article intro lengths.

Furthermore, you can also fully customize (style and text) the "read me" button so it blends into any template.
Reviews: 1
Letters like ş or " or ' are replays by a Question mark like this ��. Will be great if it could be solved.
Thanks a lot for this excellent plug in.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, great you like it!

Via this page I can not help you with the bug you are facing. I will try and reproduce this myself, but it would be better - and speed things up - should you contact me via email (hover over my name on the page Extension Manager: Manage) or via the tracker (click on the Support button next to the Download button)

Reviews: 2
We contact to plugin owner and he inmediately found the solution. No more problems. This plugin is the best!
Reviews: 2
It seems to be what I need, but it bites out accented letters like á é ã ê and so on. It replaces them with a blank space and the underlying letter... I use joomla 2.5
Owner's reply

Another user has reported this issue to me directly, and this bug has already been resolved in v3.3b
Hopefully read less title is now usable for you again.

Please, should you find any issue, contact me through the forum or via email.

Reviews: 5
This is perfect so far. I looked everywhere but this exactly what I needed. Saved me from having to download and configure many news display modules. It is a little confusing where exactly to ask a support question, but luckily I could figure out everything I needed relatively easily by reading the tooltips within the plugin more carefully. So I can't really review the support as I didn't end up needing any....yet. :)
Reviews: 106
The support is very nice, even when I once forgot to reply saying that a problem was fixed they asked me if their solution helped fix the problem. There are some very minor things to work out in the beta version, but for the most part it is working just fine. Thanks for making this extension joomla 1.7 compatible.
Reviews: 6
Thanks for coming up with this great plugin.

I tried the v.3.1 and doesn't work for me. But I tried the older version v.3 and it's just wonderful.

Thanks for your contribution to Joomla! again, Parvus.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

v3.1 is supposed to be an enhancement. Can you contact me and tell me exactly what error(s) you experience?

You can find my email in the xml installer file, or you can post a ticket in the tracker - click on the "support" button above).

Thank you for your help,