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Fast Font Module

Fast Font is a javascript font sizer. What makes it different from others is its ability to be customized. There are three button sizes and UNLIMITED colors choices. You can also choose to add a gradient overlay and a border. There is also a text only mode.

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Reviews: 2
I've been pulling my hairs trying to understand why some of the similar module just good looking but didnt work, thanks to some of the review I got what happened. Because the module works in percentage, we need to change the font-size CSS to % too. Thanks guys...
Reviews: 2
Like most great extensions it works as promised provided you follow the instructions (be sure to use % for font size).

Forum support was quick and accurate.

We use this extension on the many health care sites we build. Many of which are visited by the elderly or others with vision handicaps.

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 4
I tried this extension with an Artisteer generated templae and Joomla 2.5. Int installed correctly and shows up on the website, but the font will not change. Tried it with IE9, Chrome and Firefox.
Owner's reply

It will work with artisteer and other templates, but it takes some configuration/code edits. If your template declares font size in pixel, it will not work. You would need to change pixels to percentage in the CSS. It is quite simple and with a search of our forum or a support ticket, you could have solved your problem and not left us a bad review :(

Reviews: 2
Hi! Since a few week I was looking for a module that resizes the font. I've found some plugins for the articles, and also some modules, that where unfortunately very bad. This extension is exactly what I'm looking for! Just great and very easy to install and use! I recommend it! :-)

Greetings, UST711
Reviews: 3
The extension simply does what it tells, it works in 5 minutes, just a couple of minutes to change - if necessary - px to % in CSSs of site.
I'm not a pro, and I've found it useful.
Reviews: 1
I like the simplicity of this extension and its flexibility of colors. Two concerns. One is that the increase/decrease icons looked different yesterday when I installed the extension (plus and minus symbols); now they are the same as their demo page (up and down arrows), although I don't think I changed anything today that would affect this. Does this mean they could change back and forth? I hope not.

My other concern is that it's only awkwardly compatible with Artisteer templates. Artisteer seems to use values in px, which doesn't adjust unless I manually edit their CSS to change to 100%; then it works fine for the text. However, this seems to be more of an Artisteer issue, since I couldn't get any other font-sizer extension to work with the px either.

Hello, I had sent a second comment about my review (above), saying that I found a work-around for the Artisteer compatibility. In order to be fair to both Fast Font and Artisteer, please add the following comment to my review:

After I posted this review, I discovered a way to make Fast Font compatible with Artisteer. In Artisteer, set the article text font size to "default" and the text will resize in Fast Font. Unfortunately this doesn't work for the headings, but at least the text will respond to Fast Font adjustments.