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HD-Gfonts Plugin

HD-Gfonts is a simple plugin that allows you to replace the standard fonts of your headings with a wider range of fonts from the Google Font Directory. There are currently over 250 fonts (including italic, bold and bold-italic varioations) to choose from, including: Cantarell, Cardo, Crimson Text, Cuprum, Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono, Droid Serif, IM Fell Double Pica, Inconsolata, Josefin Sans Std Light, Lobster, Molengo, Neucha, Neuton, Nobile, OFL Sorts Mill Goudy, Old Standard TT, PT Sans, Philosopher, Reenie Beanie, Tangerine, Vollkorn and Yanone Kaffeesatz.

The Google font directory is a collection of fonts hosted on Google servers and available for use on your website under an open source license. Unlike the CSS font-face system they work on all browsers (even IE6) and unlike flash embedded systems the fonts are completely search engine friendly.

Install the zip file via the administration install manager as per any other plugin. Once it has installed go to the plugin manager and select HD-Gfonts. Enable the plugin, choose the font from the parameters list and click on apply.

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Reviews: 19
Its a good plugin. however a plugin extra will have extra load , pls try to use the googlefont directly using the code provided in the gfont site itselves. No plugins needed.
Reviews: 6
Was looking to implement Google fonts in a template and I found HD. Downloaded, installed and it was set up within minutes. In fact, extending it to include more fonts was fast and easy. Thanks for such an excellent product and for making this free! I am definitely checking out your other products.
Reviews: 3
It was easy to install, easy to configure and works perfectly. I have checked it in Chrome, IE and FF and no issues. I was trying to manhandle Google font use on my own by hacking the template and I wonder why I didn't do this earlier. Time is money - this extension would have saved me a lot of both!
Reviews: 18
Excellent plugin, simple to use with an abundant number of fonts to choose from. Documentation is easy to read with images to help. Definitely 5 stars for this little gem.
Reviews: 14
Thank you very much for this plugin. Makes my work really enjoyable. Please include more google fonts (ie. Sans) on the next release. Bravo!
Reviews: 9
One client asked me to change font style of menu at last moment. I searched for way out and find out this easy to use plugin. I believe it is wrong if I am not rating this extension excellent.
Reviews: 6
This plug in is easy, comes with clear instructions, and can be applied to any one or multiple classes of text in your site.
The downside for me is that it applies globally. i.e. Select a font for paragraph text, and the entire site changes. This is probably what a lot of people want, but for me, I'd like to see an editor button in the article editor to apply as and when. It does what it says....
Reviews: 6
What an excellent tool.

Easy to use and works like a charm.

This was my workflow.
I went into firebug.
Selected a piece of text. Copied all the classes from the firebug menu. Pasted them into the extension. And lo and behold. (Dont forget to add comma's between the different classes you want to influence.)
All my text updated without a problem.
It gave the site i am working on a completely different look.

Reviews: 4
Excellent, just installed and implemented for article body text (P) and H1 H2 etc... Unlike the review below this states, that it only works with content area, I managed to get it to change my horizontal menu fonts. Now my menu has nice font and blur effects!

Did find one bug though, and im suprised it hasnt been mentioned unless its just my install. The first Font slot works fine, but the second I couldn't get working. Thru firebug I can see that its trying to style .table for some odd reason... whilst the other slots style nothing by default.
Reviews: 2
I would review this extension as Great, but unfortunately it was written as a content plugin.

This means that you can not use it for page title and component headings, It can only display google fonts INSIDE of content items.

If this were to be rewritten as a system plugin it would be alot more useful. It is amazing that there is no good system wide google fonts plugin yet.

This plugin could be the de-facto standard like kc_cufon is for cufon - if only it worked system wide...
Reviews: 10
So easy to give a style to your website.

Better and more compatible (google translate for example) than Cufon and the others.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
This plugin works great, but only problem is it should be a system plugin, infact the code uses system plugin event but extending joomla content plugin so it doesn't work if you want to use google font for other extension (as not all joomla sites just uses com_content). while using this plugin I had to hack it a bit so it can work all over the site not just the pages which comes under content section.
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded this today. Normally I do quite a bit of research before installing an extension, but this didn't look to complicated so I went of and installed it right away.

The installation was quick and easy. Uploaded the zip, enabled the plug in and a nice back end menu to select fonts.

When I installed it and selected the fonts I noticed I didn't see them in my articles. I mailed the developer and he replied to my message in no time. It turns out I used alternative classes in my css, and by putting those classes in the menu all was fixed.

The front end results look gorgeous. I never imagined the results would be this good.

A big thank you to the developer for making this extension!!!
Reviews: 12
Congratulations. Plug and Play not Plug and pray....
Reviews: 9
After trying to hack the gantry frame work I have decided to give up and just use your excellent tools. Well done. I am sure others will find this useful.
Reviews: 3
Plug n play header font replacement. Perfect!
Reviews: 1
the best Google font solution ever... I am using it on almost all websites.. Option to choose font variants will add more flavor to this plugin
Reviews: 3
I tried different Google Fonts plugins and by far this was the most simple and effective.

As new fonts are included in Google Fonts you can include your chosen ones manualy editing the HD_Gfont.php HD_Gfont.xml

Perfect solution for my website font styles needs!
Reviews: 9
Worked like a charm. Simply install, choose one of dozens of fonts from a pulldown, and list the css code you want to change (like h1,h3). Google is rapidly adding more fonts and downloads them fast. Absolutely worth trying.
Reviews: 4
Works as advertised! Allows enhanced website presentation.

As downloaded, the font list was incomplete as Google continues to add new fonts I guess.

However, the associated files are trivial to edit to include any new Google web font that appears.

I like it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!
The latest version now includes the full Google Font Directory (including Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic variations). As it is an ongoing project it is difficult to keep bang up to date but I aim to update on a month by month basis. However if you do spot any fonts that need adding please let me know.

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