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Web Fonts is a component and plugin that enables Joomla! web designers to easily integrate pretty fonts in their template. The extension browses, selects, imports, and assigns selectors to fonts provided by third party services.

See it in action on YouTube:

Currently, both the Google Web Fonts service and the service are integrated (over 16,800 free and commercial fonts).

If you like the extension, please write a review and help spread the word! The more support the project receives the more likely it will be developed further to include other services (Typekit, Myfonts, etc.)

The extension is language ready, but currently only has English translations. However the fonts available are for a wide variety of character sets (Khmer, Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, etc. etc.)

**Important: Both the component and plugin must be installed and enabled. The extension's interface on the admin side supports IE9 and IE8 and current versions of FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The fonts are all managed through the component interface, however users must at least have a base understanding of CSS rules.

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Reviews: 11
Ridiculously easy to setup and use, compatible with Google's WF and Best of all, not Cuffon.
Cudos to the developer, great extension. Hoping to see a J3.X version soon.
Reviews: 11
I was using Google fonts the traditional way - taking the link from Google and adding to my but the weight does not display correctly in FF and IE - only Google's own Chrome. This extension solves the problem. Very easy to use and by using Inspect Element non CSS geeks can easily find the selector to add the font to.
Reviews: 5
It's a great idea on paper, but it doesn't support 3.x Joomla and when you go to the website, they make a big deal about saying they will NOT support it and they will ignore your emails. I'm really bummed. It seems like it could really be one of my all time favorite plugins.
Owner's reply

You make a good point: the extension is provided *free-of-charge*, but no support is offered. We would love to provide support, but don't currently have the resources to do so. If you require support: please don't download it.

Reviews: 7
Fantastic component and so simple to use. Hope to see it available for Joomla! 3.x.
This one is worth the cost!
Reviews: 2
This is the tool for all your font poking. Easy to set up and easy to use! Well done :)
Reviews: 14
I'm kind of a font geek, and very much a CSS geek, but I've had the hardest time getting web fonts to work in my templates, if the template isn't already setup to use them -- but this extension -- component + plugin -- makes it a snap! The other one I tried first, didn't even have the "Paprika" web font, and I KNOW darn well that's a Google font, that's where I first found it! So thank you for CORRECTLY implementing ACTUAL web fonts! Both thumbs up!
Reviews: 3
Not having a long experience with css, I have managed to use this extension very easily, but I also saw a small problem. Wanting to use Google Web Fonts in Greek, the component was not showing the characters preview correctly and I had to see the fonts previews directly from the Google Web Fonts site, in order to decide what font to install. I tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Camino, Opera & Safari, all showing the same. This is the only reason for my rating as "Good" and not "Excellent". Kepp up the good work!
Reviews: 7
Outstanding component! I have updated it to Fontawesome 3.0 on my own and it works like a charm! Thank you for that nice tutorial also!
Reviews: 14
Installation was so easy, this was my first time to use an extension for webfonts but with the video tutorial it was very easy to set up and it works like a charm, also on mobile devices! Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
Hi, this is very good component for me to use. it reduces my workload to put css code into my joomla file. but it work well on one language website. I wish add feature to support multilingual website in the future
Reviews: 1
Simple and does what it says. The video tutorial on youtube was fast and simple and much easier than reading long read me files and instructions. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Without a doubt the best Joomla web fonts component available on JED! Installs within minutes with tons of fonts at your disposal. Tip: Use Stylebot for Chrome or Firebug for Firefox to quickly find your selectors. Simple!
Reviews: 3
Very Easy to use.

Reviews: 3
I don't rate many extensions but I go out of my way to tell you all that this is just so simple it is crazy that Joomla don't incorporate this into their next release!
Web Fonts - Amazing and the link to youtube video clip brought it all home to me and I am not a coder!

10 out of 10 to Web Fonts
Reviews: 1
For me that old graphic designer who love fonts and good typpgrafi is what I have been given fresh impetus - many thanks for this extension. Hope you can continue to develop this.
Reviews: 1
Webfonts are so important to the look of a website - I have manually installed webfonts in CSS several times and this extension makes the process much more convenient, especially for testing different web fonts. 5 stars.
Reviews: 41
In about 5 minutes, I'd installed the component/plugin, chosen the font and selector (yes, you have to know a bit of CSS and Firefox/Firebug are a great help) and had a very happy client.

This is a classy piece of code and thanks for releasing it to the community for free.

Reviews: 31
This is a life-saving beauty of an extension. Adding a custom font into a Joomla template is difficult and a hassle, but with Web Fonts, it's simply a matter of browisng through the huge range of fonts, selecting what you need, and applying it where you need it. Neatly done. Props to the developers on this, and a huge thank you.
Reviews: 70
All I can say is, "wow"! I can't believe (a) how powerful Web Fonts is, and (b) how easy it is to use. I've had a few clients lately ask about using non-standard fonts, and today I was determined to find a solution. Within minutes, I was experimenting with free Google web fonts using this component. I'll be using it on many future sites... Highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
set this up in a few minutes, works brilliantly! thanks much!!
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