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Web Fonts ComponentPlugin

Web Fonts is a component and plugin that enables Joomla! web designers to easily integrate pretty fonts in their template. The extension browses, selects, imports, and assigns selectors to fonts provided by third party services.

See it in action on YouTube:

Currently, both the Google Web Fonts service and the service are integrated (over 16,800 free and commercial fonts).

If you like the extension, please write a review and help spread the word! The more support the project receives the more likely it will be developed further to include other services (Typekit, Myfonts, etc.)

The extension is language ready, but currently only has English translations. However the fonts available are for a wide variety of character sets (Khmer, Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, etc. etc.)

**Important: Both the component and plugin must be installed and enabled. The extension's interface on the admin side supports IE9 and IE8 and current versions of FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The fonts are all managed through the component interface, however users must at least have a base understanding of CSS rules.

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Reviews: 1

- Makes adding subsets of Web Fonts from Google very easy
- Fine control over which elements are affected by the Web Font


- Flags errors in (mainly due to use of "&" instead of "&").
- When searching for fonts to import, the search doesn't always pick up the selection. For example, typing in "Source Sans Pro" returns no results, but if you browse through all the pages / view all (very slow to load), it appears.

Barring those two things... perfect extension. Any plans to be W3 compliant in the next version?
Owner's reply

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your review. The current version is W3C compliant.

Thanks for pointing it out. :)


Reviews: 24
It´s EASY, fast, with NO fuss, works on IE8, flexible, nice, and... I love it!

Thank you for this extension!
Reviews: 24
Simple and powerful, brilliant.
Add your own custom css easily. Really responsive support. GREAT!
Reviews: 14
First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate the author of the plugin. It makes my life easier. If you can incorporate Google Web Fonts on the next release, that would even be better. Thanks.
Reviews: 6
This is a great way to use custom fonts. I wanted to write a review after the first install to ensure that my initial thoughts were expressed before I've used this extension a few hundred times.

I knew from the video that I may have to wait a few minutes for the font to load, but I couldn't get the font to load on my front page for a while after I could see it in the backend. I am not sure if I may have cause this myself because I wanted to call font on demand using css wordage when I added the font I wanted to my template css and added a height parameter. Like I said I'm not sure if this helped, or if the font was loading for the front end.

It is pretty easy to use if you want to make changes to etc.

The connection is awesome and they have a great selection of fonts.

I would suggest this extension to anyone that wants to change fonts on their site from noob-the experienced.
Reviews: 3
This is truly brilliant component. Makes my life easier. It even allows you to add font not only for special selectors, but for class also. Very useful for editing existing template. Nice way to customize a template.
Installation and using is piece of cake thanks to youtube video.

Mr. Developer - You made my day. Thank you very much!!
Owner's reply

Thank-you for your review! Thank-you also to the other folks here who took the time to submit a review. The more used and reviewed this extension is, the better its chances of being expanded to other services. - John

Reviews: 6
Exactly what I was looking for! If you know your CSS selectors then this component will do the job admirably.

Give it a crack people!!!
Reviews: 1
Just brilliant - install it, choose your fonts, assign it to various styles, change the look of your site in minutes without editing templates or CSS.
Reviews: 5
Reviews: 14
Due to security reasons, I don't usually install newly released and untested extensions. This one, however, I had to take a chance with and try out. And it turned out to be the very best typography extension I ever tested, making it easy for us designers to take better control over yet another important design field. It does what it claims with great ease, and thereby opens up new possibilities for joomla styling. Thank you very much for this excellent extension!
Reviews: 1
This extension works great. I had google fonts working on my site in less than 5 minutes.
Reviews: 1
Very smart component, does excactly what it promises and easy to use (but just online, not on your local disk, at least the Google Web Fonts). Good way to declare the according textformats over css separators. One thing i am missing is no way to define the font sizes. If somebody has a hint for that would be nice.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, Markkus- I'm glad you like the extension! It does not allow for making font sizes changes and just focuses on making the fonts available for use and assigning them. The best way to do this would be through the template's stylesheet directly.

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