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True Typography Plugin

Now with custom fonts support (Cufón) the True Typography is the one and only Joomla! CMS plug-in that indeed improves the quality of texts formatting providing automatic typography functionality. True Typography is a step to rebirth of good old typography traditions that always existed in printing but are undeservedly neglected on the web.

What does it actually do? True Typography isn't focused on inserting some weird fonts nor it is limited to the "smart quotes" thing and other simple tricks. It’s a full-featured automatic typography script that includes the following:

o Custom fonts (Cufón) with easy and clear man­age­ment (more than 30 pre-​installed fonts)
o Auto­mated hyphen­a­tion*
o Smart repla­cing of text char­ac­ters with their respect­ive HTML entit­ies: quotes* (“text sample”, „text­beis­piel”, «пример текста»), dashes (-, –, —), ellipses (…), copy­right © and trade­mark ™ sym­bols, and many others
o Hand­ling of suf­fixes, frac­tions and math expres­sions (51÷3×25=425)
o Dia­crit­ics for Eng­lish words (“ångström”)
o CSS styles for lead­ing quotes, acronyms, num­bers, guillemets
o Spa­cing con­trol: glu­ing val­ues to their units, widow pro­tec­tion, forced wrap­ping of too long URLs and email addresses
o Addi­tional options (dis­abled by default):
– Open­ing all external links in new win­dows (without using the “tar­get” tag that is not XHTML valid)
– Repla­cing cus­tom pat­terns (only text con­tent is parsed, tags are left untouched).

* Mul­tiple lan­guages are respected

And remember that details make things perfect! ;o)

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Reviews: 2
Thanks Guys! Where would Joomla be without guys like you!
Reviews: 7
Ok, I must admit - I went crazy with the possibilities of changing fonts in every div class I could think of ;-) but it is soooo easy to use and so quick to add your own stuff, how could I resist?! Anyway, after fiddling with it I had to slow down to keep the "frame" of the site and not overload it :-P Awesome job, guys! Thanks, you made my day
Reviews: 1
Nice fonts, although Cufon is slightly outdated, but I am disappointed that the template cannot be edited and there is no way to change the font size, which is annoying. You can't complain much when things are free, but at least the basics should have been offered like the chance to edit the template to fit the website requirement.
Owner's reply

Your conclusions are not correct. Sizes of the fonts can be edited and that should be done using CSS regardless of whether you're using Cufon or not. Apparently the plugin itself cannot provide any options for changing the font sizes because it's not its purpose and it's not some framework for managing themes.

Reviews: 12
Thanks to the makers of this extension. Outstanding support as well (even over the holidays!). My client wanted a specific font that was not included in the extension (there is a wide variety there already to pick from). I had to learn how to change tff to the file needed. You need to learn a bit to configure the extension but who does not like a few puzzles? If you can read and follow instructions, there is nothing to worry about. Great extension. Highly recommended. Again, thank you very much! Hope you go from strength to strength
Reviews: 1
Great plugin. It sometimes adds spaces where they don't belong, but that's minor.
Reviews: 2
With this plugin its easy to make your website more unique with your own chosen font!
Reviews: 11
Works perfectly on Joomla 3.1 and gives your site a more personalized design. Great extension! Thanks to the authors.
Reviews: 6
This is the only Joomla3 compatible plugin I saw on the list but it does everything I need it to
Reviews: 6
Works perfect it gives your site a more personal look for sure!

Font embedding is easyas well.
Great Plugin!!
Reviews: 1
I use wp-Typography from KINGdesk in all my german WordPress websites. I have enough options to manage a very good german web-typography. An excellent solution.

This plugin for Joomla is also based on the solution from KINGdesk, but the options are not sophisticated enough for a very good german typography, because you can’t turn off some automatics, which are wrong for german: hyphen, en-dash and em-dash should not be changed automatically.

So for my websites for printing-houses I must turn off the whole plugin: So they have to hyphenate the text manually – and german has many long words…
Reviews: 2
This plugin is very useful, easy to install, easy to use, easy to add new fonts whenever it needs.

I encourage you to use this plugin as well.

For future development, I think the developer can add styling like textshadow, etc. Thank you for your great contribution creating this plugin.
Reviews: 2
I mainly use this plugin because of it's hyphenation capability and the fact that it converts mathematical formulas. I've been very satisfied and con only recommend it to everyone!

one suggestion for further improvment:
Sometimes the hyphenation of certain words gets messed up in German. It would be cool, if there was an easy way to "teach" the plugin how to hyphenate certain words, that would be awesome!
Owner's reply

Thank you! If you have a bit of programming skills you can check hyphenation rules for German or any other language. All of the hyphenation files are in the lang directory. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Reviews: 4
Three BIG problems solved at once: hyphenation, letter spacing and typography.

Good boy!
Reviews: 2
Exactly what i need. It works just like it should be. Suport team is really fast and helpful.
Reviews: 7
I had an unusual problem due to unexpected line wrapping in my menu caused by this plugin, yet the author responded immediately offering to look at my site and sent a line of CSS code to fix it. Wow.
Reviews: 24
This is a plugin I have been looking for a long time! I installed and had some minor issues, I wrote the guys at GiantLeap and the assistance was quick and the problem solved. I appreciated so much the pluging and the excelent costumer care!

Keep on going like this guys!
Reviews: 5
I happen to come across this plugin in one of my many sojourns in the JED sea; and it could not have been more rewarding. This is a nice little addition to your armoury that brings a touch of finesse which I am not aware could be achieved in any other simpler way. And what more it comes for free coupled with excellent support.

Try it out and it would sure brighten your and your users day by a fantabulous extent.
Reviews: 1
The new version is really good! I like how custom fonts are assigned. Good job! I can't but agree with the previous reviewers.
Reviews: 2
Many thanks to the developers! This is Web 2.0! Having such an easy-to-apply set of features in one go is a must for any Joomla! site. As a long-time Joomla! developer I couldn't be more pleased to have it on all of my sites. So many headaches cured, it's a miracle.

With the help of this plugin the recent development emphasis on multiple platforms simultaneously is lightened so much. Oh wow, I'm running out of superlatives.

I very heartily recommend this plugin not only for what it does but for the excellent support and development too. Very nice indeed.
Reviews: 13
Admittedly, I haven't lived with this extension for very long, but this looks like a complete godsend -- something Joomla has needed for a LONG time. Thanks so much for doing this. Now my sites don't have to look like they were typeset like a church flyer.
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