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HexData is an import / export tool for your Website. It provides you a very simple and flexible way to add / update data to your Website. It also allows you to keep a backup of your website data in CSV format on your system. It's not a tool for a particular component, It can be used to add data into any of the Joomla Extension and take backup of any Joomla Extension. It can also be used to migrate your Joomla version 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5.x data to latest Joomla version 2.5.x & 3.x

- Allows you to add / update Data to any of the available Extension.
- Allows you to export Data from any of the available Extension.
- Allows you to add / update data to only a few columns, you can simply choose to skip remaining columns.
- Allows you to define the format of data for each column e.g. number, string, date etc.
- Allows you to set a default column value for all the records to be imported
- Automatically selects the CSV columns with the corresponding Database table columns
- Supports Extensions to match your very specific requirements.

HexData supports all existing Joomla Components.

Note: Please post on our support forum or email us if you need some help in setting up HexData on your site. You'll get a reply within 24 hours.

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Reviews: 5
Had a problem in the admin area with a jquery conflict. The developer was contacted and they had it fixed literally within 10 minutes from when I purchased the component. Excellent support!
Reviews: 1
I have used this extensions to migrate an joomla 2.5 site to joomla 3.3 version, it has helped so much since was a magazine website full of stuff. Very helpfull is the possibility to import joomla articles in k2 and viceversa. I had some problems with a js conflict after an update of joomla version but the WDMtech stuff have supported me to solve it immediatly.
Reviews: 1
I don't normally write reviews, but I do read them before making a purchase. I read the prior reviews and took a gamble on spending $27 for this extension. However, it was THE BEST money I could have spent! Despite a couple install issues - I did email support and they responded within 3 hours on a Saturday! - once I got this working it was amazing! I was transferring about 2400 long articles from a very old Mambo installation. I had previously been using PHPmyadmin to manually, painstakingly and monotonously export and then import small chunks of data between databases. But this HexData made it sooo easy! I transferred ALL the articles in less than an hour, once I had it working. It would have taken me days to accomplish such a task! Simply awesome!
Reviews: 1
I use this feature for update the photogallery of my factory's website! Very useful extension and staff is efficently in problem solving.
Reviews: 1
My current host only allows for Joomla 2.5. I had a lot of data to enter into the contacts area of my website. I was initially unable to get the extension to work properly after my initial download and installation. I immediately contact support at WDTech and in less than 24 hours they helped me correct the issue. I was the easily able to upload my data and begin customizing my web site. I can't thank you guys enough. As I said before, you rock Danish! Thanks again! Jon Loomis
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension from WDM and great support, saved a lot of time.
Highly Recommended
Reviews: 3
Bought the extension yesterday morning, had a problem with the functionality (fields not showing correctly), which was a problem of the server config. Support fixed the problem in no time :) The software is working now and it does what I bought it for.
Reviews: 3
This extension is a must have, when you want to migrate an existing site to Joomla or set up a Joomla site with lots of data from external sources. It even imports relations e.g. between items and authors or additional fields from CCKs like K2. The interface is self explanatory and easy to use, you can set up different profiles for needed tasks and use them to import and export data from and into Joomla.

However, the best point is the great support that is very responsive and really helpful, should you encounter any problem. Together with the very fair price this extension is a straight five star without any doubts.
Reviews: 1
Works as advertised and the support from Danish is fast and helpful!
Reviews: 2
HexData is making it so easy to import data from an Access DB I've inherited.
Reviews: 1
Fast, friendly, and helpful support. Beautiful extension.
Reviews: 2
Good tool, well supported and developed, essential for any big Joomla sites.
Reviews: 1
Uploaded it, configured it and it was ready to use in minutes. I wish all Joomla extensions were this easy!
Reviews: 1
This tool works exactly as described. I had a few hiccups at the beginning to import K2 Items but with their excellent support was able to get it working quickly, even on the weekend. Recommended!
Reviews: 2
Hexsys has provided a wonderful plugin that allows a person to easily make a decision to purchase an item. When a new customer purchases an item, it must be a linear process to making that decision to chose a product and proceed to check out. This is a streamline method that allows a person to make the choice to purchase, and this is what all business owners desire to happen when a sales person is not present.
Reviews: 2
Highly recommend everyone to pay the small fee to buy this extension! It is a great addition to Joomla frame work which does what it promises ...and more! Furthermore, the technical support is fantastic.
Reviews: 4
A very great Component to Import or Export Data to Joomla or in a CSV File or in reverse.

And the Support is absolut on High-Level and very Customer-Friendly!!!

I write a Message with a Issue and 2 Hours later the Issue is fixed!!! :-)
Thats what i called "Great Support".

Thank you very much for this Component and your great Support!

Kind Regards,
Reviews: 1
Very good plugin developed by Hexsys technologies..Its works well without any issue"
Reviews: 1
In just a few minutes this extension saved me having to do at least 40 hours of tedious repetitive work I was so avoiding facing up to and had been putting off to the last because it was mind numbingly boring data entry. Although $25 USD is more than what I expect when you cant bring yourself to do the work then you pay the price. For me I read the entire documentation before purchase so I felt I had a clear idea of the programs limitations and efficencies. However I still found I needed help and had to resort to the live help. After an intitial tussle over exactly where the boundaries of expectation lay I received truly excellent service. The live help sorted out my troubles and assisted me all the way through to completion of my task I set out to acheive. Saving me days and days of work all in a few minutes. When you get help like that you are glad to write a review for them. Anyone considering this extension should read the documentation first to grasp a clear understanding of its limitations and capabilities. What it did for me would have cost me at least a weeks wage to pay some one else to do the data entry coa I sure couldnt face up to it. This extension combined with the live help is highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
this is an amazing component that have been developed by hexsystechnologies.It solved all my upload data problem.It is very user friendly and very easly install thank hexsystechnologies to develop this amazing component
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