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Search Source Component

Search Source is a very useful tool for joomla administrators.
Very useful to search through / inside / within the files on the server.
Search Source is a backend extension with only one text field and two checkboxes.
This extension allows to run a search within the site, both on the server files visible through an FTP client as well as on the database.
Search Source will not run a simple search based on file names but will open all the files on the server, will read their contents searching the word indicated by the administrator in the text field; this application will do the same for each field in each table of the database.
Obviously, bigger is the site, longer will be searching time but, usually, searching time is within 30 seconds also for wide sites.

But what might be useful this extension for? I often have to remove some words from components, or I must add an html element before a specified class div or an id.
With Search Source it is very easy because you only need to install it as a normal extension and then run the research stating as keyword the text that you need to delete or the html element id ; then you can choose which kind of analysis you need to run: if based on files on the server or on database, and press search. Wait a few seconds and you'll get the list of paths on the server and / or database where occurrence has been found.
At this point, simply access via ftp and navigate to the file according to the instructions of Search Source.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any issue, change or idea for improving Search Source

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Reviews: 14
This tiny extension makes finding ANYTHING on our Joomla sites a breeze. Has allowed us to locate and fix problems that would otherwise be a royal pain.

This is a MUST have for any Joomla devs out there.Great extension!
Reviews: 1
Sir or ma'am, I just want to thank you for creating this extension. It is purely awesome and so incredibly helpful. Easily one of the best extensions I've ever downloaded! Great work!
Reviews: 2
It's so fast and easy to find location of file I need to edit. I save so much time with this extension. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I installed this component. Without him I could not find a long file in the template, and then asked a search phrase in this component, and he found me all the files! He searches for the files for a given phrase! Very necessary and useful extension! Thank you very much!
Reviews: 7
Thank you very much, it´s a very useful Component. I will try it more in the near future, but i had the same problems in the past like you. Example advantages for this component: I had a new plugin, component and then i would like to change something and for this i must download all the files what is hughe for Joomla. And then i had downloaded all files and after it it was possible to search for that what i like to change. So it was very complicated. With this component it should be very very easy to find the right point.