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OSToolbar ComponentPlugin

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The OSToolbar is a great way to provide OSTraining Beginner videos to your customers directly within their Joomla site.

-Beginner videos
-The videos are concise. Your time is precious. Each video is only around 4 to 5 minutes and gets right to the point.
-The videos are popular. These are the same videos we use to teach 1000s of customers on
-The videos are updated. We're constantly improving the videos. You'll get instant updates.
-Frontend and Backend access
-Easy to update. It uses Joomla's built-in updater.

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Reviews: 1
Whether you're a website developer or you're new to Joomla and just working on your own website, this extension is a must have. I install this extension on all of my client's websites. It saves me countless hours of training my clients, without having to become frustrated with non-technical staff. The videos are well orchestrated, easy to use and simple to understand. Many thanks to Steve Burge and his excellent staff for putting this one out there!
Reviews: 7
This is a great addition to any Joomla or Wordpress site. If you are a developer and have a membership to OSTraining, you can provide this toolbar on your clients websites. It adds a nice little icon that is easily visible. This makes life a lot easier when your clients have access to these great videos since it helps them learn and solve problems themselves. Great work guys!
Reviews: 4
This is a fantastic component, and the support is excellent. I use the JCE editor on all my sites and asked if tutorials for JCE could be added. Nick promptly added their JCE tutorials to the toolbar. Anyone developing websites for customers needs this component!