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PBBooking Component

If you've been looking for an appointment booking solutution for your Joomla web site you have found it!

We looked everywhere for an appointment booking module for our clinic. There were a number of options on the internet, but none had the critical piece that we needed, synchronisation with our caledars for free / busy times.

This component may not be for everyone as it was designed with a specific goal in mind; to better manage online bookings in our massage and wellness clinic. If you're unsure whether this is for you download the source, install and test or email me.

################# is a security update that fixes a back end XSS vulnerability. This enabled uses with a login to the back end of the site to inject arbitrary javascript on an event update.

##What's New?

New features in this versions include:

* custom fields now support different field types including checkbox, radio, and select
* custom fields can be included in emails using place holders
* all appointments are now stored in the database
* publishing methods have been integrated into the product.


PBBooking Plus 2.0.6 requires:

* Joomla 2.5;
* PHP 5.3 or higher;

##Where to Get It?

Download from my website

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Reviews: 1
This extension does exactly what I need it to. It was easy to install and configure. I did only have one issue in customising the form: I'm a teacher not a therapist. Eric, however, answered my request for help promptly and in a very friendly manner. Kudos to Eric for such a wonderful job!
Reviews: 10
This is an excellent component that does exactly what it says. Easy to install and configure and it works immediately. Great thanks to the developer for brilliantly simplifying the online booking approach. A major limitation I've observed is that it has no access group permission setting.
Reviews: 3
Although PB Booking is designed to be used by salons, spas, etc., it is a VERY flexible and useful piece of software. My client runs a community center that has multiple rooms available for rent. The pricing varies, depending on the length of the booking and the type of organization (for-profit, nonprofit, etc.).

I originally installed the free version, but upgraded to the paid version, and it has been well worth it. I was able to synchronize with multiple Google Calendars, so that reservations created in PB Booking appear in the Google Calendar, and vice versa. I also created multiple custom fields, integrated PayPal for rental fees, and changed the front-end styling quite easily.

Eric, the developer, has been SUPER helpful in responding to my many questions. He has fixed bugs, integrated feature requests, and even corrected me patiently when I reported bugs that turned out to be just mistakes on my part.

Read the feature lists carefully to be sure you're getting the correct version for your needs - but don't hesitate for one minute to purchase the paid version. This is a great extension with even better support!
Reviews: 13
Had anther Appointment extension that was good, but did not go that extra mile. Purplebeanie's PBBooking ticks all the box's. I have a Dr who only wants two weeks of the year to hold appontments, I was able to block out all the unavailable days. Each day you can set up for any time increment. Emails are sent as confirmation, and my favorite which MOST other extensions do not do, easily, is to send my non computer savy client a pdf of the form filled out! Not all clients know what to do with csv files. Quick response from support to set up some out-of-the-box settings, no problems and great help. This extension does so much more and is the best appointment schedule extension out there.
Reviews: 6
This is a good light-weight booking extensions. The support is prompt and the extension is well documented.
Reviews: 2
I initially downloaded the free version and had a problem. Eric asked me to raise a support ticket and he quickly helped me fix it. I then purchased the subscription and was struggling to integrate the Google Calendar. Once again even though the issues were on my side he helped me out till I got sorted. Well worth the subscription.
Reviews: 2
I've installed free version. And found an issue, but that was my own Joomla issue. I asked to support, and even that was not there issue, but they helped me fix it out.
Excellent developer...
Love it
Reviews: 1
I started with the free version and had some changes I wanted to make out of the gate. Eric did not hesitate to give me the help I needed. So I went on with the commercial version with Google calendar integration. An even better decision. Super easy to set up and had alot more options. Had an issue, not with the extension but with Google. Again Eric walked me through want needed to be done even though it was on my end. My customers are going to be very happy people to schedule there service online and me being able to keep up with it on my own calendar. Customer Service at its best!
Reviews: 2
This extension does exactly what it says. It's really simple to install and configure, with many customizations possible. The support is totally efficient. I downloaded the subscribers version and were the best money spent for an extension.
Reviews: 8
This is the perfect solution to an online appointment booking system. It's easy to install and setup and the support from Eric is quick, responsive and friendly. I went straight for the commercial version because it is so affordable. I have no complaints or improvements, everything I needed was there and the ability to customise to suit my site also. Additionally, Eric is always improving the component with some very cool functionality.

Thanks Eric, brilliant job!
Reviews: 15
We tried multiple booking systems for our SPA. Nothing worked as promised. However, this booking system, not only does exactly what it promises, but it's also 100% free. Of course we will upgrade to the commercial version just to support the developer, although the free version covers our needs 100%.
A few details about our rating:
Installation: Piece of cake
Configuration: Straight forward and simple
Ease of use from both front end and back end: Extremely Simple
Support: AMAZING!
In total: It is far more than anyone can expect from a free extension, in any aspect!!!
Our sincere congrats to the developer!!! Really, really Great Job!!! :D
Reviews: 1
I have been using joomla for a number of years now (since version 1) and on one of my sites (joomla (3.1.5)I take online bookings for appointments.

To date this was done manually by email so I went looking for something that would take some of the work out of this for me and I decide to give PBBOOKING a try.

I installed the free version first.

The installation and configuration was very easy and it looks awesome on my site. No need to do any css changes.

I was so impressed with it that I decided to buy the commercial version after an hour of playing around with the free one.

I installed that and ran it for a few days and it worked flawlessly, and it took ALL the work away ,It now does it all , I now had a Fully Automated Booking system on my site. All I have to do is take my bookings every morning

I then decided to implement The Google Calenders Features of the Component as I wanted to be able to access the booking details on my smart phone

I understood from the documentation that the g calender feature is a work in progress by the author (I was using the beta I did run into some problems and needed to get some support.

I have to say the support I recieved goes far beyond what I expected especially considering what I paid for this component. It was prompt (despite a 10 hour time difference the author and myself) and extremely helpful .

Apologies for the long winded review but I really can not recommend this component highly enough, Its functional, Looks great and the support I received was excellent.

If you're looking for something to manage your online bookings you've just found it.

Reviews: 5
I wanted to install this as an appointment calendar for an optometry office, a fitness trainer and now a golf instructor.

The admin page does not display properly. The FRONT end is beautiful and seems to have lots of promise as an awesome extension but I won't know because I can not get a complete and correct installation.
I emailed support or their "contact" over a month ago and received not response.
Three attempted installations on different sites, one of which was a brand new install, leads me to believe that the problem is not mine.
The mixed review goes as follows: Appearance and potential if I could get it to work plus needs fulfillment - 5 out of 5. It looks great but I can't get it to install , on 3 different sites, and using a freshly downloaded file today - 1 out of 5 stars.

There is no way that I would pay for an extension whose free version, I can not get to function properly.
Reviews: 1

This plugin was just what i needed. Not to much tweaks needed and i just works as designed.
Reviews: 1
I have used the free version of this for a court booking system for a tennis club and it works a treat. Very easy to setup and use. Had a quick question re a standard word that was used on the front end ("therapist" as this was originally written for a beauty parlour I think!) to get it changed to something more appropriate for tennis courts and received a response within 1 day telling me where to change it - pretty good since I was on the free version. Have requested a new feature for the component and if they are able to do that I will happily pay for the commercial version though at the moment the free version does the job well enough.
Reviews: 12
This component is brilliant. So I bought the commercial version. It is worth far more than what the developer is charging for it. The software is awesome but the best thing is the support. Eric is on the ball and is very helpful. I had some minor problems because of my Joomla! setup and he worked them out for me in minutes.

I can't recommend this software highly enough. If you need appointment booking software for Joomla! this is it.
Reviews: 1
Installed free version, very easy to configure, ticks all the boxes.
Support is excellent, had a couple of issues and received immediate reply.
Will definataly be switching to the Pro version.
Reviews: 4
PBBooking is a great product. Even a novice like me can set it up and get it running. To top it off, customer support was excellent too. Every question I had for Eric, the developer was answered promptly and courteously. Beanie team, thank you!
Reviews: 2
The component is very easy to configure and use The front end is also very good. Support is unbeatable answers almost instant considering the time difference. Well done!
Reviews: 2
The non-commercial version is very quick to install and I got it up and working in minutes. For many applications, this would be ebough, but I needed to customise it to create a booking system for parents to book parent evening appointments.

Support and communication from Eric were first rate and he provided me with clear quidance on how to make the changes necessary.

Highly recommended.
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