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If you've been looking for an appointment booking solutution for your Joomla web site you have found it!

We looked everywhere for an appointment booking module for our clinic. There were a number of options on the internet, but none had the critical piece that we needed, synchronisation with our caledars for free / busy times.

This component may not be for everyone as it was designed with a specific goal in mind; to better manage online bookings in our massage and wellness clinic. If you're unsure whether this is for you download the source, install and test or email me.

################# is a security update that fixes a back end XSS vulnerability. This enabled uses with a login to the back end of the site to inject arbitrary javascript on an event update.

##What's New?

New features in this versions include:

* custom fields now support different field types including checkbox, radio, and select
* custom fields can be included in emails using place holders
* all appointments are now stored in the database
* publishing methods have been integrated into the product.


PBBooking Plus 2.0.6 requires:

* Joomla 2.5;
* PHP 5.3 or higher;

##Where to Get It?

Download from my website

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Reviews: 1
Imagine somebody come to your place you talk with him , he would like to come to you next day , you hold your ipad looking on calendar and there you see all bookings you made yourself and customers who book themselves on internet , ok one finger on and he's booked now and in the same moment your website block that time for others - SUPER!
Support is the best ever, don't afraid just buy it and you not going to regret your decision.
Reviews: 1
I used this software for the intranet of a company to book meetingrooms.

Its a great piece of software and the support might even be better. My knowledge about PHP is verry little to non existant yet Eric helped me out to modify the software to my requirements. This took some time emailing back and forth but the results are succesful and he showed a lot of patience.

I can fullheartedly recommend this extension to anyone.
Reviews: 4
Very good job, I make some recommendations:

1. Allow it may order the custom fields
2. When generating reports with custom fields, out in the order they are in MySQL table

These actions are done manually.

We also congratulate the Spanish translation was very good.
Owner's reply

Thank you Inocampo, I'm glad you like the extension.

I have to give credit where credit is due for the translations. I don't speak Spanish and thanks have to go to Daniel ( for the great Spanish translation!

Ordering of custom fields has been implemented in the subscriber version and will be included in the next rewrite of the free versions as well.


Reviews: 1
I've bought the commercial version because i need some tweaks.
Excellent support :)
Save my day!
Reviews: 1
The component does everything it says it will straight out of the box. I needed some extra tweaking to make it work and opened a support ticket and had the fix in less than 24 hours. Super component with exceptional support. It's the way all joomla components should work and be supported. Thanks Eric.
Reviews: 1
Great tool! I installed it and it exploded into action! :) It took on the CSS of the site matched the colors and look. The only thing that would have been helpful to me is the ability to not use military time. thank you for all your hard work!
Reviews: 1
Awesome component.Thanks. Kindly let me know how to edit/remove the service/booking type "Therapist" which is there by default
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Matarbus,

You will find the string for Therapist located in the language file. By default this is installed to language/en-GB/en-GB.com_pbbooking.ini.

The key you are looking for is:


Just change this to the preferred string. If you are still having problems raise a support ticket at and I will be able to assist.


Reviews: 2
I think this is one of best extensions ever, but it has one problem ... i am not able to create any callendar or even edit the exsisting one. All the time i recive a "You have entered an invalid calendar path" message. But i still think it's worth of installing and using.
Reviews: 18
After checking out the free version I bought the commercial one. No matter which one you choose you are in for a pleasant experience. Easy to set up and use, good documentation and perfect for any type of booking system.
Reviews: 2
I wanted a booking system where clients could choose free slots and book online. This was perfect! There was a small bug (block same day needs to be UNchecked to avoid day duplication) and its a shame that you can't block certain dates (xmas/new yrs!) but the rest is so good it still deserved 5 stars. Support was quick too.
Reviews: 3
Excellent! The best booking-component I've ever tried! Really good support!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension which is easy to use. Had a few questions which were answered promptly and sorted out any issues I thought I had.
If you're looking for a way which allows clients to book appointments via your website, this is definitely a very good one to consider. Thanks for a great product Eric!!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, we are using first version with some PHP coding for more then year in our company as an order system and it is very intuitiv and easy to use, wery helpfull to have access to order system from anywhere.
Reviews: 8
This is the first one I marked with Excellent support.

Its very simple interface got me excited on this extension and so easy to configure. Simple, Easy and uncomplicated for both users and admin.

For $10, for a full version and support, what more can you ask for. This is a great almost free bee I think compared to most rip offs in you where they are. Its a good program and has excellent potential. Eric is so great and very responsive. Hopefully, we can expand on this extension to be a major force in booking system. I'd say, move over guys ... !

A few modules are probably required to make it friendlier for the front end users.
Reviews: 11
It does take a minute to get the scheduling heirarchy figured out. After that it is great. The coding is clear enough to make it easy to customize to your needs.

Support for this component is good as well. However -


The language file does not allow exclamation marks (!).

The removal of jobs leaves entries in your database that can show up in the frontend (duplicates).
Reviews: 2
This is amazing piece of software. I personally had some issues providing adding more calendars, but this was due to my own lack of knowledge. After sending an email to the developer Eric, I got feedback within two hours, and everything could be sorted out.

I can just highly recommend it, it does what it says on the tin!
Reviews: 1
I recommend this extension (component) 110%. I needed to set up a tool that allowed visitors to a Spa website to be able to choose from a list of services, day of the month and time slot.

Its easy to Understand with an array of options.
With the Plus version CUSTOMER SUPPORT is worth a million bucks for the small price that is paid.
Reviews: 2
This is an really great component for apointment booking.
Easy to install, setup and costumize for your needs.
I had some small issues with setting up language outside the language files.But Eric has an excellent support and help me with this very fast en imformative!
Thanks alot for this awsome component.
Good luck Eric whish you the best!
Reviews: 4
This is a awesome component for bookings. Working well, but i am confused at one point though.

When a user has booked and confirmed a slot on a calendar date, and the admin clicks the Manage Diaries and selects that timeslot for the calendar date, the resulting page must have shown the user details. But currently it is showing a form to add the user details.

In other words, how can the admin see the user details who have booked the timeslots?
Owner's reply

Hi Dskanth,

Thanks for the review.

The user appointment details that match a given timeslot and date are generally displayed in the admin calendar. The main reason they aren't is usually to do with timezone problems.

There are two places you need to make sure the timezone is set and they need to match for correct operation in the back end:

1) In the PBBooking Configuration to a supported PHP timezone - see the list here....
2) In the Joomla Configuration to a supported UTC offset.

Eg. for me in Australia my PBBooking config has timezone Australia/Brisbane and my Joomla config is UTC+10.

If you are still having a problem with this raise a support ticket at:

and I will see if I can get it sorted out for you.


Reviews: 5
I was looking for a booking component that would allow customers to book massages online and that is exactly what this component does! Provides enough customization that I needed to make it work for me!

Look forward to seeing it improve.

I think if I had to say anything bad about the component, it would be that it doesn't seem to center in the area where it displays the calendar and days and that there isn't a clickable link to go "back" after clicking on a date to see if something is available on the schedule. User has to use the back button on the web browser.

Those little things though are just cosmetic and the component functions great.
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