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The Availability Calendar puts in an article the free/busy status of an object in a calendar format. New the Joomla 3 release and the joomla 2.5 release based on jQuery

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Reviews: 1
It doesn't work on my site either :/
I have Joomla 3.3.6 and day colors don't show up.

The name of the darkperiod (in admin) is equal to the object name in the module and in the plugin.
Owner's reply

I testen on joomla 3.3.6
Did you use {availcal=”name”}?

Reviews: 6
The extension is simple and exactly what I search for my website. The Site gives information about my holiday home.

The main problem at the beginning was the meaning of "NAME". After I understand that "NAME" means the name of the object 'availcal="name"' and not the name of the tenant it works easy.
Reviews: 4
Simple to use, exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin, does exactly what I was looking for but I have a little problem. I managed to get the calendar using the Nonumber modules anywhere plugin on a tab outside the content of the page. It does displaying ok but it cannot change month.

I can't find a way to make it work...
Owner's reply

Most likely a jquery issue. Either your template has already jquery installed and you installed jquery from within availcal or your template does not have jquery and you did not install jquery from within availcal.

Reviews: 2
Exactly what I need. Simple, enough functionality.
Everything would be good but it doesn't work on my site :/
I have Joomla 3.2.1 and day colors don't show up.
I can't find the solution.
Owner's reply

Are you sure that the name of the darkperiod (in admin) is equal to the object name in the module or in the plugin equal to xxxx of {availcal=”xxxx”}

Reviews: 1
Thank you for this practical and simple to use extension. I tried to make review and propose list of several simple improvements (practical for small renters, since I am in travel industry) but review was disapproved (reason: feature request). I would be grateful if someone can tell me how can I reach author and send him my ideas?
I would also like to send him Croatian translation I made for this module.

Owner's reply

Thanks for the compliment. You can find me at under the username Jan Maat
To see my details you need to login.

Reviews: 1
Very easy to set up and use.
It also can be used in different languages. Only issue I have now is how to add other languages
Owner's reply

For version 05_02 you find the languages files in the joomla folder languages. In version 05_05 they are stored in com/mod or plugin folder. Take a langauge as an example and add it to your installation.
More preferable send me the translated files and I will include them in the release.

Reviews: 1
Fast and easy to install. Not many functions, but it does the job perfectly if your just looking for a way to show reservation status of one or several objects. I had one small problem with the plugin, sent a mail to the author and got an response with a fix within hours. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Exactly what I was searching for, an easy and simple calendar to show busy states. No feature overkill, does exactly for what it is intended.
Also the documentation to customize and use it is very worth mentioning.
Reviews: 4
Very good extension with excellent support, even for very stupid users. :D

Thanks a lot Jan!
Reviews: 1
Good component but having some issues
Good component but i am having some issues. I use the plugin in an article to show the calendar. But the DJ-imageslider doesn't work anymore when showing the availcal. It shows just one picture and it's impossible to slide to other pictures. When disabling availcal, it works just fine.
Owner's reply

Availcal uses the built in mootools library of joomla. If DJ-imageslider uses its own version of the mootools library this may be the cause of the problem.

Reviews: 1
Installed extension on Joomla 2.5 and had a small issue with an error message in the frontend.
Send an email to developper and received answer + solution within 4 hours. Thx Jan!
Agree with review of Stefan, very easy to use and would be nice to chance or hide the fieldnames (Full/Partly).
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback.
The next release of availcal will be based on jquery to eliminate the interaction problems with mootools. In this release I also take into account the remarks in these reviews.

Reviews: 1
Installed on Joomla 2.5 site - Found the calendar module conflicts with other modules on my site, but the installation documentation warned me of this - (basically the month would not change)- got round this issue by using the component with the plugin rather than the module and that worked. 1 issue i did come across was i need to change the title "BUSY" to "BOOKED" and i wanted to remove the "PARTLY" title completly from the front end calendar, I have yet to find this in the code, any help would be grateful! There is no post installation support that i can find, but the instal documents were complete enough for me to instal without incident so as long as you dont want to change anything its all good! shame there is no support via a forum post instal. Overall, if you need a basic booking calendar for your site, then this is definatly worth a visit.
Owner's reply

By use of the custom CSS in the plugin and module the partly field(legend) can be hidden/removed. In the documentation is explained how to change the title in the langauge files.

Reviews: 1
Definite 5 stars, clean coding and easy to use calendar plugin. Ease of use is very much a pro! Only possible con perhaps is the lack of options to change the fieldnames (Full/Partly). It would also be great to have a title option (mouse-over title). CSS is also easy to alter, good clean setup.
Reviews: 10
Looked promising, but it seems there's no documentation at all to get this working. There's a component, there's a plugin, there seems to be a code to display the calendar availcal="xxxx" (this is not mentioned in the plugin, you have to look at the internet) but what to place at "xxxx" is unknown to me...
Owner's reply

You need both the plugin and the component. The component maintains a database with objects and for each object the availability status. The plugin places the availability calendar in the article (replaced for {availcal="xxxx"} ) where the xxxx is the name of one of the objects in the components database.
In due time I will extend the documentation.

Reviews: 1
is good, easy and free
there is a problem when we mark the first day of the week as Monday and displayed 6 weeks per month.

in this case the first week has 8 days and 5 weeks

For example in January 2012

I have worked to find a solution but I have not been

Owner's reply

This issue is solved. Thanks for reporting

Reviews: 3
Hello. This extensions is great! That what I was looking for, but:
I can't change month in module or when I use plugin.
Could You please help me with this? My site:
Owner's reply

When another plugin in the same article uses jquery and not the joomla's mootools library the changing of the month is corrupted.

Reviews: 1
The installation of the component and the necessary plug-in are easy and straight forward. After removing the spaces in the php command, that shall display the plug-in, everything worked fine.
Some more extensive documentation and some additional features would be great.
For my part I would wish a popup displaying the remark of a booked period and a front end editing plug-in for registered users and different calender layouts.

Overall: is is simple and it does perfectly what I was looking for :-)
Reviews: 1
It lokked promissing to me. There aren't many extensions for reservation including a calendar view. But the extension fails during installation.

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
Reviews: 2
This extension does what it says. It offers a calendar to show availability on resources like apartment rentals etc. It consists of a backend component that you can use to 'block' a resource with a specific name for a period using a start and end date. Through the front end plug in, you can then display a calendar for a named resource in an article for a configurable amount of months that gives a graphic respresentation of the availability of that resource.

The component looks to still be under development, which translates into very minimal and basic instructions and documentation. But if you are somewhat familiar with joomla and the structure of components and plugins, this is more than enough to get you going.

The current version has some very minor flaws in that the English is not flawless (but that is a matter of editing a language file in the component and plug in) and I found that the Dutch language file, though included is not installed automatically, but can be placed in "administrator/language/nl-NL/" by hand and it works.

For future versions it would be nice having the ability to style plug in output (adding custom CSS option, or adding some parameters that allow you to style the layout. Now I can only make it display a vertical calendar for example (all months underneath each other), but it would be nice to allow horizontal as well.

All in all though, the extension in its current form is definitely worth giving a try!!