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Appointment Book Manager Component

The Appointment Book Manager component is an easy-to-use tool to create and administer appointment requests for one or multiple calendars.

* Unlimited calendars with independent configuration
* Selectable days of the week for appointments, including weekends
* Optionally assign existing Joomla! users as Calendar owners
* Use joomla! user address or an alternate email address for optional appointment notifications
* Configurable start and end times for daily schedules
* Variable appointment durations in 5 minute increments
* Appointment Subject and up to 10 custom fields available to register booking information
* Custom field types such as plain text, multiple-line, radio selectors, drop-down selector or multiple selection inputs, each having their own set of unlimited options and 'required' attributes
* Completely editable profile information for each calendar, including full support of images, HTML and CSS
* Display one or more calendar profiles in the front page or as a menu option with optional link for their own booking form
* Unlimited appointments per calendar
* AJAX-based unlimited calendar picker displays what days and time slots are available, partially booked or fully booked at any given month
* Administrators can use four different views of appointment information: by Day, by Week, by Month or List mode and create new appointments at any time
* Selectable filters on each view ease the management and location of appointments
* Organize your time schedules by day, week or month with complete appointment information on tooltips and editable 1-click away
* Display full daily schedules or just "busy hours" for easier management
* Enable or cancel appointments with automatic notification emails sent to both calendar owner and appointment author
* Front page booking form can be shown in the same browser window, a pop-up window or Modal screen
* Fully customizable text or HTML Button for appointment booking
* Selectable display formats for time and date information
* Custom front-end themes
* Edit custom text to be shown on booking form including full HTML/CSS support
* Set custom Width and Height for pop-up or modal booking forms
* Fully editable email templates for both calendar owners and appointment authors, including over 18 custom tags to display specific information
* Email profile test option lets you review how emails will look before being sent
* Maintain your database at optimal size by purging any range of appointments from the system.
* Export any calendar in iCalendar format for compatibility with Google Calendar, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Calendar, Thunderbird and dozens more!
* Export any calendar in CSV format and load it on any spreadsheet application such as Mic

Change Log:

2012/04/18 Version 1.2.2

* Now is not possible make appointments on past day

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Reviews: 13
I looked at many appointment Schedule extensions and kept coming back to Appointment Book. It did most of what my client wanted. I asked support if they could change a few 'out of software' changes and Raul did the modifications quite quickly. So impressed that I took advantage of an offer and brought a lifetime access to all joomlaxtc's which was at a very good price.
Thanks Raul for changing the software, hopefully with a few more admin control changes this appointment book will blow the rest out of the water.
Reviews: 1
This extension is now perfect for my needs. I did need some tweeks, but the support helping me with this was really outstanding.
Reviews: 4
This is probably an excellent booking calendar for someone who has a regular schedule, however, if the following applies, you may want to reconsider.

1. If you need variable times such as morning slots and then evening slots. The only way to do this is by creating two calendars. One would be the morning calendar and the other the evening calendar. Your customers would then have to go to 2 separate calendars.
2.If you need to customize the email per calendar. Only one email template for all of your calendars.
3. If you take vacations or need to block off certain days or times. There is not a way to block off times.
4. If you want to put all of your services on one calendar and have the time slots adjusted by time. To be fair, I am not sure there is any calendar on joomla that does that. If you have variable times for services, you would have to create a different calendar for each.

I love the interface and several other features, however, I am hoping that they will add more features in the next version to make the calendar more useful for me. I hope this was useful for someone :-)
Reviews: 1
Good component, he give me what i want. I used it for client's site and she is happy :) and i happy too!
This is realy useful component!
Reviews: 3
It's a very good component they give me what i want. I install and use it for hotel site, client is happy :)
Awesome useful component!
Reviews: 9
For what I wanted to do, this looked like the right app to purchase so I did. I have to admit, this is a very slick setup and is great for what I needed; to be able to set up appointments in 10 minute increments.
Much to my chagrin, though, to set up 10 minute appointments for one event on one Saturday is possible, but to block out other Saturdays, the admin would have to go through all those 10 minute appoints (45 of them in a day in my case) on all the other Saturdays to keep people from signing up for times you are not available. And there is not a way to wholesale block them out by an admin.
Also that there is not a way to change the bookings to check boxes for multiple people in a group, which is another function I would need.
The perfect scenario would be if this was adjustable by DATE not by day of the week. I give it 4 stars because it is almost there and I am very impressed, just disappointed I cannot use it as I had hoped.
Reviews: 1
I am not the best with any of this stuff, but this was quite honestly the easiest most usefull appointment component I have tried yet.
Very simple to customize and works great.

With some code knowledge you can customize it to your needs.
Works perfectly for my 78 employees each having their own independent calendars.
Reviews: 2
My review is for support only at this stage.
Because this was a new component I couldn't find any reviews. I always like some real user reviews and some response to those reviews, and an indication of support before I purchase anything. I contacted JoomlaXTC for some more info but unfortunately I didn't receive a reply.

I've seen poor reviews in this forum before that have been responded to by the software maker. My preference though is that I receive a direct reply to instill some confidence in support.
Owner's reply

Support is not done by email -> but through our support ticket system:

Reviews: 1
Fantastic, works perfect!
I was looking for a reservation component and finally I found this one.
Easy to install and easy to setup.

Thanks for this very nice component!