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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Appointment Booking Pro is the commercial, appointment focused spin-off of the Resource Booking component for Joomla. New features in the Pro version: Resource specific Time Slots - each resource (person, place or object) can have its own timeslots defined. Copy Time Slots from day to day or resource to resource. Resource specific days - each resource can specify days to allow booking. Optional auto-accept Front-end booking cancellation Front-end booking administration (admin assigns resource administrators) More..

Admin mobile web app.
Simple mobile web app, using JQuery Mobile, for resource administrators to manage daily bookings via their smart phones. Free to registered users.

Customer mobile app.
Simple mobile web app, using JQuery Mobile, for customers to make bookings. Free to registered users.

ABPro + facebook = Let your customers make appointment bookings from inside facebook.

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Reviews: 28
This component easy to use and very flexible. Have outstanding solution for bookings in time slots.
Reviews: 3
This is beyond any shadow of doubt one of the best extensions I have ever used (and I have used a lot). I'm a very demanding person and this extension really suits all my needs. The support is THE FASTEST I have ever tried. Believe me, I'm a very picky person and to come here and say all these things about an extension it is because ABPRO is really worth it. Thank you guys and keep up with the great work.
Reviews: 5
Component works perfect but we cannot have SEO FUNCTIONS ENABLED on joomla.

What kind of professional site i will create without have seo enabled??

Developer should create things correctly and not fully compatible with joomla

developer should mentions this as a warning before buy extension.
Owner's reply

ABPro is Joomla SEO compatible, built and tested with full Joomla SEO. Most of the 20+ demos on the site are running with Joomla SEO enabled. It is not tested with any 3rd party SEO plug-ins.

Reviews: 1
Before functionality, software is all about support. I have been in this business for 10 years and those people are from the few who reply to every request within less than an hour. Seriously!!

Thanks folks for the support, and for knowing your product this much. Effective, and Efficient.

As for the product, it solved my issue (booking tests online) in my case. So dynamic and so flexible that you can utilize it for any business process that requires booking.

Impressive. Best of Luck.
Reviews: 2
The component works as the owners said, but most impressive of all is his tech support, not only it is excellent, but it is really fast.

I found myself with a few issues due to the complexity of my project, I was doing something unconventional.

As soon as I reported them my issues, they responded immediately within minutes, including weekends.
Reviews: 4
After trying different appointment booking modules, I decided to use this system because, 1) it has all the features I needed for booking meetings at trade shows, 2) it has an easy and intuitive UI, and finally the support from Rob Stevens is unparalleled.

Reviews: 1
This is the first extension I have ever bought and I must admit at first I was a little bit hesitant by the price.

I'm typically someone that will try and do something and then read the manual. I've been using Joomla for several years and know a little bit of php, js etc. While I don't really understand programming in an indepth manner like an expert I was impressed with the logic of how the component is configured. While it probably could do with a bit of polishing graphically, it is clear to see how much work and thought has been put into this component. For that alone, makes this product well worth the money.

Then there is the support. I've never used support before and you always hear people complaining about support (sometimes unjustly) in other posts about other extensions and thought it's not worth buying an extension. The support for this extension is truly unbelievable.

I had a question on my first post answered, professionally and helpful in under 20 minutes.

This extension has changed my way of thinking when it comes to using a paid extension over a free extension, and certainly from this company.
Reviews: 1
Let me share my experience with this product

* very good functionality
* website is very clear for which situations it is developed, and which not...
* well documented (the component itself), so learning curve / implementation time is short.
* service is outstanding. while implementing I had some conflicts with other scripts. The developer responded very quick on forum messages and even had a quick glance at my joomla environment!

My compliments!
Reviews: 5
I am user of Appointment Booking Pro since 2010 and am amazed by the product. It is as good as any paid hosted appointment solution available on internet. I am running it for over 2 years now and it is a smooth ride. Now we upgraded to J2.5 and really delighted to see the one thing it lacked back in 2010 was SEO is now accounted for.

As good the component is the support is even ahead of it. I felt very guilty of writing number of emails to support but Rob Stevens was very supportive and accommodating. Never came across such a level of commitment from any vendor. Thank you for all the good work!
Reviews: 1
I'm a psychotherapist with limited resources to manage my appointments. The product and support are amazing. I was able to install it easily and the 2 issues I had with it (admittedly my problem not product), support quickly resolved. This product has taken a huge load off my back. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Very Easy to configure and install- awesome function ability!

The support team is super fast to respond. Awesome product for the Value! Works well on Joomla 2.5 - I am glad they worked out the SEO conflicts that I read about on early versions. If you are looking for a front end appointment solution -- look no further!
Reviews: 3
I researched A LOT of appointment booking options. I'm so glad I chose AB Pro. It is easy to install and configure and loaded with little gems that I didn't even know were there until I started configuring it. The support is responsive and honest. The documentation is the best I've seen. A BIG THANK YOU to Soft Ventures, Inc.
Reviews: 14
I can only second previous reviews. This one of those excellent additions that brings a competitive edge to Joomla. It is rock solid, easy-to-use and superbly designed to provide professional functionality to any business site. I have it installed on a client site, working together with GCalendar (Google Calendar for Joomla). Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Well-documented extension.We had it running and being configured by a new Joomla user with only 3 hours experience under their belt! As registered users the first issue we had was solved by a lightening-fast response from the author, and we can't recommend it highly enough.
Reviews: 1
This is great extension. Does everything it needs to do and has a very professional look and feel. On top of that, support is swift and accurate. Well done!
Reviews: 1
Perfect joomla extension if you are looking for a powerful scheduling system for your salon or rental company. Very configurable and I love the integration with Google Calendar. Two thumbs up!

Reviews: 25
I cannot emphasis the quality of this product enough. The more I dig around in the Admin area the more I realise that the developers have really created something that not only does the job but it can be configured very easily to display exactly as you need.

Not only can you get the booking to show different categories, resources and services as well as user defined fields, but you can change the labels of these via the Admin panel. e.g. instead of calling the Resources that you can change them to be Venues or Facilities or whatever you need. Extremely flexible.

Thank you for this. I will certainly be using it often as I can see that I can integrate it into many of my sites. Hullo new revenue stream!!!
Reviews: 13
I only wish I could give this component 10 stars.

I have looked at some of the other booking components on Joomla extensions, and they don't even come close to Abpro.

I rate my competency level using Joomla as intermediate. You do not need to be an expert to use ABpro.

I have been testing and configuring Abpro for the last 6 month before my website went live, but this component can be used straight out of the box. I just prefered to have everything perfect in the way of customisation, css etc.. before launch.

I have configured abpro to fit exactly around our service industry business and have to say works flawlessly.

Rob Stevens the developer has given me first class support via their forum. I started 28 different threads on their forum with configuration questions etc.. and all 28 were answered and resolved withing 24 hours.

Rob surely does know this component inside out, I'm sure he doesn't sleep.

The component is very easy to use and very intuitive, this is a must if your business require's online booking and I can't think of a business this couldnt be used for.

When my support and update subscription runs out I will surley be renewing to keep up with the new additions Rob has planned for this component.

Bravo Rob, This component can only get better.

I anticipation of the next release.


Reviews: 4
I love the flow of this program and how it works. It's a very easy to use solution and infinitely configurable. HOWEVER.....

I had a validation error where the bottom portion of my template was breaking by an extra closing div tag. Ran the site through the HTML validator and the software showed 94 errors.

Posted this onto the forum and was given a very terse reply of "This software works fine and there will be no changes made. The problem is within your template I will arrange a refund for you". ????

I was not looking for a refund, but an answer how to fix the problem. (Isn't that what a support forum is for?)

For the record, with rhuk_milkyway as the active template, the software threw 97 errors.

As I said, great piece of software. Perhaps the dev can get a better attitude towards those who spend money with him.
Reviews: 3
The power of ABPro will blow you away! Extremely flexible and I have found very little that it can't do when it comes to appointment bookings. I use it for my Home Inspection business and I couldn't imagine operating without it. Rob is dedicated to enhancing his products and his support is outstanding. Do yourself a favor and pay for the lifetime access because you will continue to use this application for a very long time.
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