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WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar Plugin

The WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar enables you receive online reservations directly from your webpage. The Joomla plugin allows you to easily integrate WebReserv booking calendar into any Joomla Article.
WebReserv is a cloud-based booking system. It's easy to set up and use. With WebReserv, you can take bookings 24/7 and the system can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. WebReserv works with small and medium businesses of almost any industry.

* Works great with nearly any industry.
* Supports several calendar formats: Hourly, daily, nightly, and schedules.
* Automatic emails notifications to the business when bookings are made.
* Automatic and configurable pending and confirmed emails to your customers.
* Real time inventory management - when something is booked, it is marked as unavailable.
* Ability to take reservations for walk-ins/phone/email inquiries.
* Convenient all-in-one online reservation management system.
* Multiple reports that can be printed or downloaded (availability, revenue, reservation, in-out, etc.)
* Support for seasonal products and rates.
* Ability to set up discount codes.
* Sell gift cards.
* Offer additional services or add ons using custom fields.
* Booking component can be embedded directly on a webpage
* Handles several payment methods:
- Cash/Check
- Credit Card Capture
- Processing Gateways
- PayPal

For a complete list of WebReserv features see

1. Click “Download” to download the WebReserv plugin and see the setup instructions.
2. Login to your Joomla account and click “Extensions” - “Install/Uninstall” to upload the plugin
3. Go to “Extension” - “plugin manager” and search for “Content - WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar”
4. Open it and follow the instructions to install the plugin and use the booking system

If you need more information about WebReserv, click “Documentation”.
If you need to contact the WebReserv team, click “Support”.

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Reviews: 12
WebReserv is truly an exceptional web based reservation system, of any kind.
My client needed to rent clothing and there were very few choices available that were flexible enough for my client.

WebReserv handled every single option they needed and more. Their support is exceptional and it was so easy to modify and use that I didn't need support much at all. Their documentation is perfectly detailed and searchable.

If you need to create online bookings then you should really take a look at them! I'm extremely pleased I did.
Reviews: 1
This a truly excellent extension - and the support was wonderful - a member of staff talked me through configuring the booking system and explained all the options. A few little issues I did not understand were swiftly rectified and the system is now fully intergrated on the community web site. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.
Reviews: 1
I own a small B&B in Paris and I am using Webreserv on my website. It is a good solution. I first created an account on their web, then I easily setup my rooms and availability and I finally download the plugin to put the calendar on Joomla. It is easy to use and they now give a good support. Thanks for this nice and easy solution.
Reviews: 5
After all kinds of registration and lots of input and settings, I see no input for actual time slot reservations at all on the free option. Also there is no linkt to any support contact at all not even a forum.
Reviews: 1
I have used the WebReserv widget for many websites I have made in other cms systems, and was asked by them to come with a review for their new joomla plugin.
Your products are configured in their backoffice, and though somewhat complex to get through at the start, it is rock solid in features and stability as they host the system, and all you insert on your website is the online booking plugin.
The backoffice is comprehensive, and lets you configure nearly any type of business.

The system can be used free of charge for some small businesses with few products and one rate period for the whole year, otherwise you will need to upgrade to a paid version.