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Hbooking ComponentModuleExtension Specific Addon

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100% MVC structure follow. You can add the n-Level Hotel. User can easily book the hotel.That package includes the 7 modules and component. Now that package working fine with Joomfish. Support the Multiple language. We are send you Joomfish package with that.
1. User can see all Listing Hotels and Details inserted by agent.
2. Google map shows the exact location of each hotel.
3. User can feel free to choose his/her preferential hotel. Filter search helps to make more convenience to search hotels pricewise and rank wise.
4. User can see details of hotel such as: location, rank, room wise tariff rate, Images, rate given by hotel’s valuable customer without Login.
5. Registration and Login forms for user and agent.
6. We are adding the PayPal method for the payment option.
7. Hotel details add by authorized Agent.
8. User Average Review also to be displayed.
9. Hotel listing consist Pagination that makes efficient view of site.
10. Booking room display in calendar
11. Now Hostel also add from the front-end and mange that hostel also
12. Hostel add, update delete from the back-end and front-end.
13. Hostel listing pages in front-end side same as hostel
1. Admin can see all hotel/hostel detail added by agent and published to view hotel/hostel on site. Admin can also unpublish the hotel. Admin can add states and country.
2. Admin set the payment options.
3. Admin can manage users and agents.
4. Admin can change image size, view of site. Currency approach dynamically using Configuration.
5. Admin can add Dynamic Fields for Respective Form.
6. Admin also see the Reports.
7. Admin can book the room from the back-end.
8. Admin see the booked room in ajax calendar.
1. Hbooking:- This module present the Searching hotel facilities: country wise, state wise, city wise, Select rooms, room persons that expertly made by AJAX.
2. JElogin :- This module present the login facility for user and agent.
3. Hotel Filter Search:- Search by price and ratting using Ajax slider.
4. Latest Hotel :- Latest hotels display in that module. That module display the hotel review, ratting, hotel image, hotel name. Module css change from the back-end.
5. Latest Hostel :- Latest hostels display in that module. That module displays the hostel image, hostel name. Module css change from the back-end.
6. Hotel Rank :- Rank wise search hotel. Ajax rank search module.
7. Top Rate hotel :- Top rated hotel listed in that module.
Features: -
1. Many of this functionality are done by AJAX and JavaScript, so its very user friendly.
2. Hbooking makes easy and convenient way to book hotel room.
3. Including CSS that makes this component very attractive.
4. 100% Built in SEO/SEF control
5. Category wise hotel listing made in new version (1.9.2).

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Reviews: 2
I did buy this component to a site for a client, but the component just dosent work, i did ask for support, but they never did answer my questions, now i need to use/buy another component and i lose the money i did pay for this componente because they just dont give me support and the component dosent work.
Reviews: 1
Nice component and great assistance, I was assisted step by step on setting up the component, the technical team also have done an excellent job on customizing the component for my needs!
Reviews: 1
This component does exactly what it says! Also support is great and fast. I have asked extended custom work on this component and developers have made it without any problem and at very good rates :)
Reviews: 1
The support for this component are excellent. They response very fast and they will guide through the project all the way.

As per the component and modules, It is a user friendly and it will give you a lot of option on how you will showcase your content. Keep it up..
Reviews: 1
The extension is still immature.

It's been a couple of months I've been using this extension, have uploaded 30 hotels and almost 80 rooms.

Pros: Support is absolutely great, very fast and reliable. (even though their level of English is not always good)

Cons: So many bugs!!! To be honest I don't think this extension is ready to go live. Never had to raise so many support tickets. There are bugs every where, as soon as you think you saw the last one there comes another.
I would say that it lacks in many functionalities and little practical features that make the difference but what bother me the most are the bugs.

100% Pure MVC ? Might be, but they still generate so many tables that don't have no ID or class name, mixed with divs in a very strange way, which makes it very difficult to CSS.

As conclusion, this extension has all the possibilities to be one of the best, but it still has a long way to mature.
If I wouldn't have already spent a lot of money on this one, I would have changed it immediately.

Lets see how they can improve in the future.
Reviews: 2
I am using this extension for my online hotel booking website and i have tested this extension thoroughly. This extension is working good for me but i would like to point out some missing functions like when an agent deletes a booking admin doesn't get to know about it. There should be reports of bookings and cancelled rooms no report section is present except the booking list. At the booking time Lead Customer Name and age have to be mentioned for identification at Hotel but this name is not mentioned on the itinerary its the profile name mentioned on it. I am pretty impressed with their support. Hope these suggestions will be considered for implementation.
Reviews: 1
This component has worked well in my case.
I was looking for something that will be provided a full-service hotel booking.
The big advantage of this component is the ease in making changes in the details views templates and management of frontend and backend levels.

An additional plus for quick help in case of problems.
Reviews: 1
first of all i would like to advice all people who look for booking system to go for this component as they have full capacty to support and maintince everythings regarding it
i'm really luck that i used it on my site
and really thanks them deeply
Reviews: 5
I bought this component, I had a few questions and got very quick response.
I stared to do some changes to the component, I received excellent service and quick response.
Reviews: 4
this is a great module. Hardik has been brilliant in doing some additional development work for me. I am using hbooking on a site for a single hotel and it is working brilliantly.

if only all developers were this helpful!

highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Good work

I have juste begin to test this ext. and it look interesting

at this date is a beta version but exiting to test it on final version

good luck for it