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Rentalot Plus is a complete rental management system. You manage the business in the back end, and Rentalot Plus takes care of all the pages, forms, and tables in the front end.

* Online availability and enquiries
* Online booking with payment via PayPal, Skrill, or PayPlug
* Search on availability, occupancy or feature
* Choice of displays including clickable Daily Calendar View
* Full back end administration system with reports and charts
* Any number of properties
* Multi-currency with any number of currencies
* Flexible pricing - every day can have a different price
* Flexible discounting for multi-period and/or early bookings
* Flexible payment scheduling
* Automatic exchange rate updates
* Automatic payment due reminder emails
* Highly configurable
* Multi-language with full JoomFish and FaLang support
* Detailed PDF User Guide

Rentalot Plus builds on our popular free Rentalot system to deliver a full-featured self-booking property rental system.

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Reviews: 2
After looking and testing about 3 different booking extension for apartment complex, this is the one we decided to go with as it is easy to use, provides everything it promised to do and offers the most comprehensive and easy to follow installation and user Guide.
Reviews: 2
It's only my first day playing with this but I have to compliment the developer on the power and functionality.

You could possibly be up and running in a little over an hour but I would spend time reading the comprehensive manual first or you'll miss a lot of useful stuff.

Good enquiry form, booking form, a number of ways to display availability, powerful backend features including financial reporting - the list is huge.

I have not yet had any need for support but, reading the comments below, I would not be worried.

Although it is not yet on a production site, all tests so far have sailed through without errors.

The extension is only being used for one rental on our site but it would be a snip to add others.

Not often (if ever) I write a review but this is just so well thought out - good work!
Reviews: 1
Using this extension for renting apartments in a holiday complex and it is absolutely superb. Cannot speak too highly of the support. Had a minor problem over the weekend and the team were working Sunday! Fixed in no time.
Reviews: 1
Currently using Rentalot Plus for chalet accommodation and it's perfect for it. We didn't require a hugely elaborate booking system but still needed booking to be fairly decent and professional looking and Rentalot Plus nails it! It has plenty of useful functionalities at a really reasonable cost. Definitely recommended.

Support is also second to none, my queries were answered almost immediately and in a really friendly and helpful way. Absolute thumbs up on that, it's rare.

Documentation is brilliant, all you need to know is provided and in a really simple way that anyone could follow.

Highly recommended all round.
Reviews: 3
This, Rentalot Plus extension one of the best extension i've used till now. Its really so easy to setup. I am using it for over 1 and a half year. Every time i faced and contact with support team, got response within few hours max with a solution. So, i just want to recommend it anybody who want to use the best extension for booking system
Reviews: 1
I've searched for a booking component and the one that match completely my needs is this one. Simple, easy to use and understant, a best choice.
Reviews: 5
I have used other booking component on another project of mine and I can say that this one is considerably better when you get into using it.

I have now used it for couple of months and it is going well now.
There are minor things that you need to get used to as is typical with "pre tailored" components, but now me and my colleugues have worked out our working proceedure to fit the component, maybe not the best way but it works for us.
It took me quite some time to set the component up, which I was not suspecting from all the statements made in previous reviews. But once that is done things run more or less as expected.

The support is decent as stated in other reviews.
Owner's reply

Unless you are willing to spend tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars on a fully customised system, your business will always have to adapt to the way the software works. However, we are always interested to hear feedback about people's needs and wishes. We can't always oblige but we do carefully consider every suggestion. It is unfair to give such a poor rating without giving us the feedback we need to understand your issues. I see that you have given similar treatment to other extensions in this category and I do have to question your motives. I hope that future reviewers will be more considerate.

Reviews: 1
Not only does this extension work well from a practical viewpoint, it is also well thought out from a business viewpoint.

There are plenty of regular releases to add new features and fix the occasional bug.

The support is first class - the couple of minor issues I have had have been dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a friendly way.

This extension is highly recommended.

Reviews: 2
Very good and convenient component.
Support magnificent!
Many thanks to authors.
Reviews: 1
Rentalot Plus is the most important component on my website and it is the reason why we can accept online bookings. It has a very well organized back-end, easy to customize emails that you can send to clients automatically after they book.
And best of all (something that no other joomla extension of this type offers) when a client searches for certain dates, it gives back an already calculated price, so the client can see it immediately.
The support just couldn't be better - whenever you write, they reply in 5 minutes. Just great!!
Reviews: 2
In most cases extensions require additional customization before i can start to use it. With Rentalot i just setup it and it's start working right out from the box.
It's really fantastic component! Support is great and i love they documentation. So it's 100 points by 100 point scale!
Reviews: 10
I had struggled for over two weeks trying to get other apparently more reputable extensions to work with no avail. Rentalot Plus is Excellent in every regard. The component just works, is easy to configure and setup and I had no problems, in fact it only took one mornings work to have a working site up and running. The support from the developer is top class also. Go for the full support you won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 2
If you are searching for an extension to help you with online bookings of apartments, look no further.

The extension has anything you will ever need plus the support is terrific.

I even had some pre sales questions that where answered in 30 minutes.

For the price you can get this it’s really a steal

Thank you for making my life easier :)
Reviews: 8
A very useful extension with excellent documentation and helpful support.

I had an issue that I contacted support about and they figured out the problem and responded to me quickly. The problem was occurring due to another script, not Rentalot Plus, and the fix was easy - just removing a reference to a a js file which it turned out I didn't need.

Well worth the price.
Reviews: 2
I am using the Rentalot Plus more than two years!!! The extention is amazing and really helpfull. But the best thing i like about this, is the P E R F E C T support of the guys from Les Arbres Design!!!
2 years with special upgrades and very good documentation. Really professionals!!
Thank you all of you!
Reviews: 8
I have been making Joomla sites for a few years now and my best customer runs holiday home rental sites in 3 countries. He recently asked for a good search engine to make the user experience better so I said try Rentalot. SO having downloaded and set up a trail site there were a few issues, but with the excellent support usually same or next day replies we have got it working the way we want it. I even noticed a problem with the pagination not working properly which resulted in a version update 2 days later so full marks for a fully customisable component with lots of user control. Thanks Rentalot
Reviews: 3
I wanted availability charts for more than one unit and found it in Rentalot Plus. Needed a little support ensuring the product would meet my needs but after that really good documentation and an intuitive build, made it an easy extension to use and adapt for my website.

Thanks a lot....
Reviews: 6
I bought Rentalot Plus based upon the reviews I had read here. I had looked at other extensions but decided to go for Rentalot Plus. For me it has been an excellent choice.

I had a couple of minor problems that turned out to be issues with my own website and not Rentalot Plus.

I contacted Les Arbes who came back to me within a very short time. They pinpointed the problem with my website. I had read the comments about their support and my experience was the same...the support is excellent!!

The user guide for Rentalot Plus is comprehensive. The extension is very flexible and you can customise it to suit your requirements. It is fast and looks very professional. I have asked for comments from prospective clients and friends and their response was the same... It was easy to use on the front end.

If you are debating which booking module to use for your site I can thoroughly recommend Rentalot Plus... it is worth far more than the 50 Euros I paid for it.

Thank you Les Arbes Design!!
Reviews: 2
I've been looking for a good product in order to manage the activities I'm running in a big touristic place in France and I had 5 important points I was taking a lot of care about...
I needed :
1 - a product with a wide range of configurable options which I could use for different kind of activities (accomodations, seminar rooms, sport activities...)
2 - a product with a very good UserGuide in order to be able to work with it fast and easy
3 - a product with a reasonnable price
4 - a product with full language support in order to build multi language websites
5 - a product developped by a team which offers a full support in case there would be any problem.

I looked around for a long time and tried different extensions, and I really thought I would never find something to suit all my requirements... until I found RENTALOT PLUS. I read all the nice reviews for this extension and I decided to trust everyone and tried it myself...

I can tell you I'm just really amazed ! The product forfill absolutely all my requirements and kept even more possibilities open ! It is super flexible, userfriendly, with a super good userguide and an amazing quick, honest, helpfull and friendly support !

Once again, thank you to LesArbresDesign for this GREAT JOB and keep up developping !

If you still hesitate to try it, please stop thinking and just TRY IT, you'll be satisfied right away !
Reviews: 2
My webmaster informed me Rentalot Plus was the booking service I required for my tour company. It turns out I was misinformed, which I realised the moment I read the FIRST paragraph of description on their site.
I emailed them to enquire if there was any way the hurdles could be overcome, same day received a very courteous, professional and also friendly reply; after VISITING our site & evaluating our product range I was correct, it wasn't the service for our business at all...and offered a more than satisfactory solution at the same time.

Marvellous service, even though they had nothing to gain out of the deal, I wouldn't hesitate recommending LesArbres to anybody.

Thanks again!

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