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Rentalot Plus is a complete rental management system. You manage the business in the back end, and Rentalot Plus takes care of all the pages, forms, and tables in the front end.

* Online availability and enquiries
* Online booking with payment via PayPal, Skrill, or PayPlug
* Search on availability, occupancy or feature
* Choice of displays including clickable Daily Calendar View
* Full back end administration system with reports and charts
* Any number of properties
* Multi-currency with any number of currencies
* Flexible pricing - every day can have a different price
* Flexible discounting for multi-period and/or early bookings
* Flexible payment scheduling
* Automatic exchange rate updates
* Automatic payment due reminder emails
* Highly configurable
* Multi-language with full JoomFish and FaLang support
* Detailed PDF User Guide

Rentalot Plus builds on our popular free Rentalot system to deliver a full-featured self-booking property rental system.

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Reviews: 2
My webmaster informed me Rentalot Plus was the booking service I required for my tour company. It turns out I was misinformed, which I realised the moment I read the FIRST paragraph of description on their site.
I emailed them to enquire if there was any way the hurdles could be overcome, same day received a very courteous, professional and also friendly reply; after VISITING our site & evaluating our product range I was correct, it wasn't the service for our business at all...and offered a more than satisfactory solution at the same time.

Marvellous service, even though they had nothing to gain out of the deal, I wouldn't hesitate recommending LesArbres to anybody.

Thanks again!

Reviews: 1
Have been using this for just over a year now to run a holiday chalet site and found it to be an excellent product and backed up with amazing customer support.
Reviews: 1
Recently downloaded Rentalot for a B&B site I'm working on. Was torn between IceBooking and Rentalot, but plumped for Rentalot and am very glad I did. Was very easy to install, very customisable, and upon raising a support request (which transpired to be my mistake, rather than a bug with rentalot), the issue was resolved within a couple of hours thanks to a speedy and friendly support team. Would highly recommend!
Reviews: 6
I've reviewed many tools and RentALot gets my business because of the documentation and quick support.

My client needs a simple easy to manage solution. I need an easy to install solution with good documentation and good support. I had a question about configuration and it was answered quickly and politely.

I'm happy to submit an excellent review for an excellent product.

Reviews: 71
I needed a reservation system for a B&B client and, after testing demos for a half a dozen components, settled on Rentalot Plus. I'm happy that I did - I had the entire reservation section of the site complete in no time. I only wish they had a forum since I wanted to run a few ideas past other users. Apparently the developers took it down due to spam, but perhaps they'll consider opening it up again to members-only.
Reviews: 1
I found this extension and after reading positive reviews, decided to buy the Plus version, as I wanted to have an online booking system.
It works great and the PDF instructions are very concise and clear.
The support is top level: I had a question and they answered right away (although I bought the basic version). For now, I don't have any problems and it's all working perfectly.

I am using the extension on a website for a language school, i.e. for clients to book courses.
Reviews: 43
I installed and configured Rentalot Plus today and am very impressed with the clear and concise documentation and ease of set up. One question I had was answered very promptly by the developer and overall I am very happy with my purchase.

If you're not sure if this product is right for you, I suggest you check the quality and content of the User's Guide which is a free download.

Specifying different pricing for each day of the week can be tedious but I was able to create daily prices to the end of the year, export the pricing table using phpMyAdmin, quickly make the required changes and then import the data back into the table without too much fuss. Ideally, a pricing CSV import feature would be ideal but not a show stopper for me.
Owner's reply

CSV import/export of prices was added in version 5.0 and certainly does make life easier for people with daily prices or multiple units.

Reviews: 4
I stumbled upon this component looking for a booking tool which is configurable to my needs. Rentalot Plus has everything and a lot more. Very Easy to understand.

Recommended a lot. And the support is just wonderful!
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic booking system.
I am the owner of a resort and after being badly let down by a web designer decided to built my own website in Joomla. I had never done this before and so it was a steep learning curve. The site had to have an online booking system as this is how we get 95% of our business. I decided to use Rentalot Plus and I am so glad that I did. The PDF which comes with it is very comprehensive but on the occasions when I got stuck the support was just brilliant. I'm sure some of my questions were a bit dumb due to my lack of knowledge in building a site but they had endless patience and led me by the hand through the bits I didn't understand.
A big thanks to the Rentalot team. I highly recommend them.
Reviews: 2
This is a versatile component and is excellent value for money. Though I hit the buffers with a time zone error, the speed of response from Rentalot support (and resolution of my problem) was amazingly quick.
Reviews: 5
I have just built my first website from scratch to advertise holiday homes and I could never have done it so easily without this. It is simply the best rental extension you will find....end of! The availability calendar is superb, the configuration is a breeze, customisation is straightforward and the documentation is as thorough as you could wish for - no stone left unturned. The online booking function is superb. Rentalot Plus has taken the hard work out of creating a fully working site and has done it with style. I have needed support on a few occasions and the developer has replied immediately with very helpful responses. As it turns out, the errors were down to me! I can't recommend this highly enough and am confident it will prove an absolute godsend. If you advertise homes for need's as simple as that.
Reviews: 1
best support I have ever seen!
Thanks a lot!

- Fast updates,
- easy to configure
- helpful hints!

Great component! 6 stars and more!
Reviews: 5
I have this extension for less then a week now.
They developed new function for me when I ask for something that they think other can have use of.

This extension fill my need and more then that to.

Chris on Rentalot is 7 star.
Reviews: 5
I admit that I'm code-challenged and before purchasing I red the whole manual and contacted the developers. Made a few inquiries and only then I decided to buy even thou not all answered were favorable; but this way I got an understanding of who I'm dealing with and I'm happy to report that:

The support was first class even BEFORE I purchased the extension.
As it is not doing exactly what I wanted, they even offer an immediate refund (no I rather stay with them and wait for the next release)
The extension is really simple to understand, install and configure.

but as I'm a perfectionist, I have to say that it lacks a little in the GUY. Please note that I'm not talking about the usability! No, no ... that's excellent, I'm talking about the graphics.

In Summary:
RentalotPLUS does what it say;usage is very simple; the documentation is CLEAR and COMPLETE; the support is stellar; and I'm happy with it.
Owner's reply

Thanks! The graphics we include with the product are really samples to give you ideas and help you get up and running quickly. We expect that you will want to find your own graphics to suit your template and site theme. Having said that, a lot of people do seem to use the free graphics that we include.

Reviews: 1
Fantastic component, it does everthing we need it to do, takes all the bookings and enquiries online and also takes out all the hassle of remebering stage payments and even keeps a record of all client details.
The help I received solving teething problems was second to none and I cannot thank them enough. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
Reviews: 4
First of all, support for this paid extension is really, really good. If you got some special request, they are willing to implement it into the next release (within reasons of course). The guys who develop this component are very nice too, and I think they are deeply committed to this project and are willing to develop it long-term.

I used this component to build a simple website for rental of an apartment (short stay). You could take a peek at It is build on Joomla 1.6. I chose RentaLot Plus at first, because it is Joomla 1.6 compatible. My experience level for Joomla: 4 1/2 years. I used the standard Atomic template with RentaLot Plus to build the website.

- Price (build this thing yourself for €35,- don't think so..), competing compon. are also a bit more expensive (around €50,-)
- Support A+++, and quick responses
- Very flexible
- Fast updates
- No impact on loading time of website and performance.
- Straightforward administration of bookings, and payment accounts.
- Cross-browser compatible
- It is easy to set this thing up, and customize it.

- Text translation of the front-end of the component is a bit scattered in the backend of the component and in the language files. I personally prefer to have this in one place (in language file or in the backend). But you could differ in opinion on this matter.
- All styling of the component in .css files, and classes or id's for the different elements(BUT e-mailed a support request about where I could find the styling of buttons in the code and the "yes those dates are available" and the "sorry those dates are not available" text when doing an availability search. Next day they updated the component with these features and lengthened my download subscription with a month for free... Woooow, how's that for support!)
- Can't think of anything else.

I can really recommend RentaLot Plus as a booking component!! I used it for a simple one-apartment booking component, and it works like a charm. No regrets at all, think the client will be happy with it too.
Reviews: 1
This component is well done. It is very easy to use and highly comprehensive. It has just about everything you will need for a booking system. The design is also good with lots of options for customization. The calendar and form fit right into the design of my Web site.

Customer support is also outstanding. My questions were all answered and problems taken care of in a timely manner.

You will not be disappointed! This component is genius.
Reviews: 5
Having used Resmania and BookIT Gold prior to trying this component, I was having many issues with performance, customisation issues and useability. I have downloaded, installed, configured, tested and okayed this product in less than 2 hours! It is truly a very awesome generic component for rental management in Joomla. 10 out of 5.
Reviews: 1
At first I had some difficulties, but was not due to Rentalot ...

However, I received good support from the team:

- I received a response immediately
- was done carefully controlling the problem
- I received clear instructions on how to proceed ...

Rentalot I think is a great product, and support is very professional


Reviews: 1
This is exactly what we were looking for:
- great functionality
- easy to configure
- easy to use
- excellent support
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