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Rentalot Plus is a complete rental management system. You manage the business in the back end, and Rentalot Plus takes care of all the pages, forms, and tables in the front end.

* Online availability and enquiries
* Online booking with payment via PayPal, Skrill, or PayPlug
* Search on availability, occupancy or feature
* Choice of displays including clickable Daily Calendar View
* Full back end administration system with reports and charts
* Any number of properties
* Multi-currency with any number of currencies
* Flexible pricing - every day can have a different price
* Flexible discounting for multi-period and/or early bookings
* Flexible payment scheduling
* Automatic exchange rate updates
* Automatic payment due reminder emails
* Highly configurable
* Multi-language with full JoomFish and FaLang support
* Detailed PDF User Guide

Rentalot Plus builds on our popular free Rentalot system to deliver a full-featured self-booking property rental system.

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Reviews: 4
This is a superb extension. Installs flawlessly on Joomla 1.6. Communication with the developers is great, questions are answered very fast.

The extension is very easy to configure en looks great in front- and backend. The only thing (for me) that is missing is the ability to set up multiple booking periods (week, weekend, midweek) but this also has the developers attention.

I am looking forward to new versions.

Reviews: 1
I had been looking for an extension to provide online booking for my holiday apartments. Most were way too complicated or far too simple.

This provides the perfect balance. You can use multiple currencies, have fully flexible renting periods. You can have calendar views or table views of your availability with or without prices.

You can define extras, e.g. towel packs, extra beds and price them each, by week etc.

You can set discounts for multiple booking periods, and setup a payment schedule (e.g. 30% on booking, balance 4 weeks before etc.)

You can choose to show booked periods or not, show unit descriptions or not, provide text before and after the calendar/table.

It has flexible forms built in to capture enquiry/booking details, flexible email options.

There are a few reports available too, though I haven't used these yet.

You can enable online payments through Paypal/moneybookers or the system is very useful even without this.

It also comes with the most important thing - good documentation and a developer who takes pride in his work, and fixes bugs quickly.

Rentalot Plus is incredible value too.

Can't recommend this highly enough. Thanks Chris.
Reviews: 1
Hi guys, this extensions absolutely delivers what promised and even more. Clear and complete documentation, smooth installation, easy deployment on any joomla website. I used it on a client website - a very demanding client - which was really satisfied. Bookings flowed in immediately! It is the number one choice to add booking functionality to any rental website and increase its value. Outstanding and at a very very reasonable cost. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
For this extension I will give 7* rating
(As there are spa hotels with 7*, why not to give it to an outstanding extension)

It offers more than relaxing massage, jacuzzi and big swimming pool below palm trees. Much more I will say.

Working straight 12 hours on implementing Rentalot Plus on my site (ok, I admit, I had some brake time), and it is done, I mean d.o.n.e. Perfect, works like a charm, intuitive, well documented, and what is the best thing I have 3 apartments live one site, ready to be booked.

Tested all I can think of, and it is not showing me any errors. Now, I can go to sleep, and I will not be surprised if I get some apartment booked, and what is the best, system email send is personalized so well, that customer will have a great feeling of fast response.

What should be added to Rentalot Plus. I cannot think of it right now, as for 35 EUR you cannot ask for more.

Great job, best extension I have ever purchased.

I am using Joomla 1.6 since January this year, love it, and 'am planning to move all my other websites to it soon (just about 10 other sites :)

Cheers to Joomla 1.6 and Rentalot Plus
You made my day easy and busy
Reviews: 1
I had a client that wanted to manage their B&B rentals themselves via Joomla. I tried a long list of components before finding Rentalot Plus. After reading the reviews and looking at the demo I was convinced it would work nicely for my client. I provide my clients with two host systems, one in the US and one in the UK, for redundancy in case of outages. After paying for the component and downloading it I attempted to install it on both of the host accounts. One account installed flawlessly and I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Everything went exactly as described. On the second host the outcome was different. I could not get past the initial install screen. Now I needed support. I contacted the folks at Les Arbres Design and even though I was in a different time zone (continent) I received a quick reply. I explained my situation and provided them a login to the Joomla site and waited for a reply. Almost immediately I received a replay explaining in clear terms what they suspected the problem was. It was host related, not anything wrong with the component. The support staff suggested that I perform a particular test on the server side to isolate the suspected problem and the result was positive. In a short while I received another email with version 3.20 attached (which wasn't released at the time) that had a fix for my particular problem. I couldn't ask for better or more professional support or a better functioning component. I have been a software developer for over 30 years and have worked with Joomla from "day 1" and I can say without hesitation that the folks at Les Arbres Design rank at the top of the list of Joomla developers. Keep up the good work!

Jim Alexander
Reviews: 3
This Component is excellent. I went ahead and bought the full version on the basis of the reviews, and after having read all I could about it... I was not dissappointed. I have used this on a client website so that customers could view the caravans for hire, and see the pricing and even book the van and make payment directly via the website.
If you are planning on renting out properties or rooms etc, then I really do recommend this component...And I've not even needed to use support yet as the 70 manual is so well written! Well Done.
Reviews: 4
I've bought this extension and didn't get any suggestions or supports. He will help only "commercial support" no free in anyway Although you've just bought the software 1 day. no support forum. no user to user support. Please be aware of buying this extension.
Owner's reply

We take great pride in our software and in the support we provide. If you encounter a bug or a problem in any of our software, we will fix it. If you encounter a usage difficulty or ambiguity, we will help you, and we then amend our documentation to provide the same help to all our users.

This user did not report any kind of bug or problem, he wanted help to implement a complex new feature. In this case we felt that this went far beyond the remit of normal support, and we declined. We do have to draw a line between support and consultancy, and we are happy that we made the right decision in this case.

Reviews: 5
I tried nearly all components availabale for the purpose of renting holiday-apartments and think, Rentalot Plus is in many ways the best: Complete functionality, easy to learn and can be used in all possible configurations of your rental-service, what not has to be necessarily renting of rooms. The component is very flexible and tweakable.
The price is more than worth the results you will have.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the most useful and extensible extensions I have met. It is very flexible and very well documented.
It needs good documentation to enable it to be set-up to fit your personal requirements.
Well Recommended
Reviews: 1
Rentalot Plus definitely works straight out of the box, however to get the full benefits of this extension, you must be prepared to follow the user manual, this is no 5 minute job. Having set everything up to your requirements, you then discover why this is the PLUS version and the time you have taken to set it fully up now begins to pay dividends.

Chris has been very helpful modifying code to suit my server host and more importantly very quick at doing so.

If you need a booking extension look no further!
Reviews: 1
This extension is easy to use and does everything I need. It worked straight out of the box, then I discovered all the options you can tweak! Good job!
Reviews: 1
I can really recommend this component. I use the daily availability view with extras and it's great that clients can select and book accommodation and extras online in a choice of currencies. I also find the reports in the back end perfect for my needs. I also like that it comes with a very thorough manual.
Reviews: 2
I have been working on a long project and needed an extension that would handle both availability of holiday cottages and add either enquiry or booking functionality. The problems with other components was that they were far too complicated, expensive and left my client bewildered by all the management she would have to do to gain little in the way of advantage for her company.

(Note to all devs - if you have masses of features in your extensions, you may be making the user's life worse, not better, by taking up too much of their time!)

This component will do the job nicely, however!

What is more, because I am an idiot and get fussy over all kinds of things, the developer has been very receptive to ideas and I have watched the development go from strength to strength.

Thanks guys.
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