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IceBooking is a simple but powerful reservation system. Use IceBooking to accept and manage your reservations online. Set daily prices and discounts based on number of nights stayed. IceBooking comes with built-in PayPal support, booking status gets updated automatically once payment has been completed or refunded.

Highlights of IceBooking:

You can among other things:
- Book by night or day
- Pricing by guest count
- Easily manage prices based on week,midweek, weekend and long-weekend.
- Set min/max booking days
- Set max date bookable in future
- Set initial/security deposit per bookable item
- Set daily prices with easy to use interface, each item can be associated with different price category
- Full PayPal integration, updates booking status upon payment completion, refunds or when payment needs to be accepted manually on PayPal.
- Advanced discount rules can be set, each rule can have starting and expiration date.
- Multi language support, makes it super easy for you to accept reservations in a multi language website, you can customise all texts from within the component including the booking item names and email receipts! Works great with Joom!Fish.
- Customisable receipts based on parameters from the booking.
- Customers can see other available items for the selected dates
- Show availability on the frontend where customer can easily see which dates are available and which ones are cheapest.
- Special view and module for those who rent on Weekly/Midweek/Weekend etc basis.

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Reviews: 7
As you can see by all the other reviews this product is well worth downloading. The product itself is very good and Hordur the developer is excellent. He responds very quickly to all questions and provides the best support i have experienced to date. Well done IceJoomla.
Reviews: 1
Very good component, really good quality for that price compared to other joomla booking solutions.

And most of all, very reactive support. The code is well writen and they can easily guide you trough the process of modifying it.

I recomend it heartfully !
Reviews: 10
IF there was a higher rating I would give it.
Super easy to use, looks great the support is promt, and excellent.

Way to go!!!
Reviews: 1
Works perfectly, super support, one of the best extension for Joomla
Reviews: 3
I had been looking for a booking system for hotels and I purchased IceBooking. It is very easy to use and has a large scope in the front- and Backend. For users, the system is very easy to use and intuitive and has a good workflow. It also produces - and that was important to me as a web developer - a clear HTML code. The price performance ratio is excellent - 5 stars - great deal. Another 5 stars for the first-class support of the author.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Affordable price
Easy to install and use
Easy to translate
Excellent support
Reviews: 1
As a fishing guide my insight on programing and web site development is limited, but still determined to build my own website I needed a booking solution. Being an outfitter my needs is slightly different than a hotel or apartment rental, it was hard to find a system that I felt was flexible enough. After buying Icebooking and testing it for a while I found some things I would like to change. Expecting that my money was wasted, I still contacted the developer with my problems.
The reception and understanding I got was beyond all expectations! Hordur helped me configure everything to my liking, and where willing to look in to all my special demands.
Icebooking delivers all you can expect both in quality and service. It still have some fine tuning before it’s 100% perfect, but with the customer satisfaction and service policy they show it’s the booking solution of my choice.
Reviews: 1
Just wanted to share my review about this great component and also want to give compliments to Hordur for the very quick response and extra features that were implemented..

I bought this component/module after searching and trying the rest. Trust me, there is no need for that anymore. Because I was one of the first to buy it (when it was just released) I ran into some issues, but when I mailed Hordur with some suggestions he used them all. And he fixed all the issues that come with new components.

It's a very powerful piece of software that really has some key benefits over the competition. It's fast, smart and has enough options to customize it. It comes with color templates, week numbers in calendar view, min-max days, eye-candy contact form and dynamic calendar AJAX-based, Pay-pall integration and much much more.

I'm using the component for a rental house in France, and it looks pro on the front- and backend so it gives that little extra to your website that says "trustworthy".

Trust me when I'm saying you will see this component in the top3 booking components in no time... Great component and great support.
Reviews: 1
I don't like writing reviews, but this time I feel I must. I've purchased this extension and I can say that it's really easy and intuitive to manage. At the same time it's very powerful and complete. Customer service is excellent and the admin has done all my requests extremely fast a no extra cost.
If you're looking a booking module this is certainly the best solution.
Reviews: 1
As a part-time web developer I take on new challenges from time to time - a client wanted a website to advertise their holiday apartment and allow for boookings. After months of searching I found IceBooking - exactly what I needed (with Paypal integration) at a great price.

I quickly purchased, downloaded and installed IceBooking yesterday. Simple to use, elegantly executed. This extension is perfect for any user. A few minor bugs to get everything going on my server - but the support is efficient and excellent. A real sense of customer service from the developer to get everything running smoothly for me.

A truly excellent extension.
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