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ARTIO Booking is an universal Joomla component for online bookings and reservations. Allows bookings of one or more objects, with reservation overviews using month, week and day layouts.

The extension can be easily setuped to be used in different type of industries that have need for booking/reservation applications, such as car (or other) rentals, accomodation booking, facility (sport, recreation) reservation, conference room reservations, etc. To adapt it, no extra coding is needed, all can be configured from back-end.

new! in 2.2.x
* SMS notifications
* Google Calendar exports

Main Features:
* multi-level structure for bookable objects organization
(e.g. city → hotel → room or facility → hall → playfield)
* booking views: monthly / weekly / daily
* several booking methods (full day, hour-based, predefined time-range)
* configurable prices (different prices in different times / dates)
* object descriptions and properties, image gallery
* bookable extras and options
(e.g. navigation for car rental or set of rackets for tennis court booking)
* Google Maps integration
* PDF Invoices with customizable template/layout (requires add-on installed)

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Reviews: 5
This is a clever booking engine which was just what we needed for our website, to allow people to book three different fields at a campsite. It's quite tricky to get your head around, but the support docs are excellent and you can submit a ticket if you get stuck. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
It is two years and two different sites that I am using this component now. It is not for the faint hearted and I am using this component for industrial booking. I did try many other systems as well and I also struggled to get it to work, but once get to know it, working like a charm.
My advise is that when you want to use this component, read the docs very carefully as well as the provided videos on the setup and you will really start enjoying its full potential.
Great component.
Reviews: 1
Actually developers lies that this is free extension. Its a trick just to buy the full version. As this one which is free, is totally pointless. Whats is the point of booking system without payment options? Its pretty hard on their website to find difference. I just waste 2 days setting up this extension, and find out it has no payment gateway!
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear that, just let me react shorty:
* comparision of Booking editions available is clearly summarized at
* we think, that for private usage, many small e.g. B&B owners do not need online payments and still may have good use for a reservation component
* once the customer requires online payments, then they probably want it to run their business - in such case we think they should consider supporting the development and purchase a paid version

Reviews: 1
After wasting 2 hours of my life configuring this Component, it tells me that I can only create 2 Objects in the free Version.

I'm going to report this Extension so the creators are forced to write this limitation clearly on this site.

You can't call this Extension Non-Commercial just because it works for free if you have just TWO items to manage. This is simply fraud.

You can't even imagine how angry I am. I won't use a single Extension made from Artio ever again.
Owner's reply

Hello, you do not need to be angry. This limitation fact is published at our sire already for ages:

Reviews: 1
I just want to say is a great extension and when you need support they are always there, and im greatfull with the staff cause the help all the time when you have any issue with the extension.
Thank you
Reviews: 1
great extension for our travel agency to present our offers. we are using pro version with unlimited objects. good support on email and easy to customize design with css. very easy to translate in other languages. thank you!
Reviews: 3
I've been testing BookIt for a time and decided to use it for a customer who rents bicycles.
After upgrade to the commercial version (49 EUR [or 99 EUR with premium support] it's really worth for one year update) we had some minor problem and support helped within less than 24 hrs.
The component is useful as is, but I'd love to see it more flexible with designs and colours.
People who are only a little bit experienced with css can adapt it very easy.
Reviews: 5
I don't mean to lump on, but i want to save time for anyone that is like me and ignores bad comments.

I wasted six hours trying to make it work in test, thinking I would buy it later.

The admin interface is confusing and disjointed. There seems to be no flow in how it works. The documentation does not match the current version - it must be for an older version.

I finally got to the point of creating "objects", and every time I did the second built object, when saved, renamed the first so the both object names matched. Weird things going on with this component.
Owner's reply

Hello, it looks like you were playing with some old version? As the new 2.x for Joomla 2.5/3.0 does not use the "Object" term anymore and the GUI has been changed significantly.

We are currently migrating some of these new 2.x features to 1.6 version, that will be the last support Joomla 1.5 version, as this Joomla version is no longer supported by community.

So, please, maybe you want to give a try to version 2.x.

Reviews: 2
This extension is NOT for PROs in the tourism field. I have 10 years of expertise on the Bulgarian Black Sea market - one of the biggest such venues in Europe, and will speak from the ACCOMMODATIONs point of view.
- There is a limitation for 2 apartments in FREE version. Not HOTELS - but rooms, apartments, villas.
- They are not BOOKABLE - you don't have the payment methods activated in the free version, but its fine, because it is stated beforehand for the FREE version.

GREAT CONs - any version:
- You cannot declare CHILDREN's age, not prices for them, nor prices for 2 AD + 1 CH , 2 AD + 2 CH + 1 INF, other than a currency discout. Who works this way? No percentages? No straight package price for such people?
- No differentiation of prices for different tourist groups at same time periods. Let's say, booking price for 2+2 during LOW SEASON is very hard to be made different to 3 AD in the same LOW SEASON.

Many people think it's easy to make a hotel booking component, and ask money for it. Not so!!! And just to mention - this FREE component has the full functionality of the PAID versions, but just for 2 objects. Well, as a PRO, I wouldn't pay for it.

And b the way - awful English language in the component, not friendly at all, cannot understand easily what the options are for...
Owner's reply

thanks for your feedback. I have to agree with most what you wrote.
The issue here is, that the component is meant for general bookings -- it is not specialized for hotel industry, so of course, it is not full-featured from this point of view.

It is primarily meant for what you mentioned - apartments, villas, small boarding houses, etc. where they do not need to have so detailed requirements about configuration of packages and others.
Big companies and hotels usually either use custom-made systems or specialized commercial software.
Booking component is not aimed on these.

Anyway, we certainly plan to keep enhancing the functionality, to allow even more options and possibly also packages in future.

As regards English - you are right and we are already working on improving that.

Reviews: 7
First i had a look at this extension and it looked great for my site.

I installed it and got it up and running then i hit a wall. I can only make two objects. If i want to have more than two objects i have to pay.

Why then write that it can allow booking of one or more objects.

The payment doesnt work either.
Reviews: 1
Free component, self explanatory, great functionality. Well, what else would one need ? I use it for a week now, and although I haven't used all the functionality available, it has saved me quite some time creating invoices. One of the best add-ons I have used for Joomla / Virtuemart.
Reviews: 1
- free version

- appealing gui

- expected functionality / without payment stuff (in my case: for day based booking of vacation home)

- the source code is reasonably structured and with a certain amount of programming skills many of the below mentioned issues can be fixed easily (e.g. improving message texts, removing unnecessary buttons/links, etc)

- portability issues (e.g. does not properly work when hosted on WinXP)

- functional bugs (overlapping booking is not detected; non-bookable days are not consistently displayed in certain calendar views: one view does handle it correctly the next one does not; depending on the dialog flow certain pages are displayed incorrectly - e.g. when returning from a successful booking; a customer can send an empty reservation - i.e. system allows to remove all booking items and still send the reservation, etc..)

- usability glitches: status messages displayed to user/customer are poor / much too technical; over-designed reservation forms unnecessarily confuse the user: extra buttons to cover some 5% special case (multi-reservation) are difficult to understand for 95% of the users who just want to make a reservation for one thing); modal-dialogs contain links which allow to completely mess up the reservation flow, etc..

- user support seems to be non existant for this free version (which raises the question if the commercial product has less bugs or better support...)

Summary: Recommended for programmers who can deal with the existing issues themselves.. for all the others this would likely be a frustrating experience.
Reviews: 1
We bought this component to integrate it with several other components in a new Joomla 2.5 site. This component is described as universal and easy to adapt, but this is not our experience.

First of all, we had to wait long before getting response on our service request.
Second, 'all was difficult and tailored work'.
Third, now we want to build the site further but are limited because of the functionality of this component. So the claims about the qualities of this component are not that great as promised.

Several people have made complaint about the level of service. This is indeed no unique selling point of the company. Also handling feedback is a point of improvement.
Reviews: 1
I really don't undertand the bad reviews... it is a great component, that does exactly what it claims! Also the support is great, they solved my issues quickly and profesionally!
Reviews: 2
Advertised as 'Universal', no. Awful, awkward to use and universally poor, yes.

Noticed al the other complaints are answered with a "you know nothing" attitude from the providers? They've never heard of ANY customer being right, will argure black's white, bring in non-relative points...should be politicians the way they twist & turn.

Service? NON-existent. I posted on the forum, waited, posted again, used the site email function twice (probably about as effective as the book-it extension itself), no answer.

The calendars are a day out, the extension intrusive & conflicted terribly with the rest of my site, HALF the site went down until I gave up with it through sheer exasperation, didn't just unpublish it, deleted the unholy creation altogether...and had a shower wishing I could do the same for our poor site after it being violated in such a fashion!

The best thing about this extension? The DELETE button! These guys should be strung up for the abysmal practices & mis-direction used in their advertising.

LUCKILY we've stopped the credit-card payment. Even after a list of complaints 10x this was presented to them all replies were naught but senseless rambling argument without direction.

Their product will be fine for your website if you don't care whether you receive business or frighten your potential customers away with unbelievably convoluted direction.

I've NEVER in my 45years been conned/berated and altogether screwed over in such disgraceful fashion.
Owner's reply

there is not much to say... we have emailed you back 2 times asking about what specific error you have... you never answer that question. Your so-called list of complaints was just a general-talk about I do not like this, I do not like that. You have not reported a single bug or error or any deviation from the functionality we say the component has.
So I see no reason in continuing communication, where one party is ignoring the questions of the other.
Ok, the component seems complex to you. It might be right, as there is a lot of possible settings, because it can be used in many ways.
You had a full chance to go with the free version for a test.
But you asked no specific question and you are complaining about not getting an answer.

Reviews: 5
The component is very full, but the support is very porr, i send various problems of support , recently purchased and not received any feedback.

Other problem is not possible change the domain regitered in license,

But the trade ARTIO the components , and all joomla is very quality.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear that. We try to help as our capacity allows.
Generaly, we manage to answer the questions of customers within 1-3 business! days. (does not apply to free version)
I have not found your username in our database (maybe you are using a different one) so I cannot check this closer.

Reviews: 2
The only reason I give this extension a 'Fair' rating is because the program has serious potential if the support was better. But the support is the worst I have ever encountered. Up to 2 weeks to hear anything back & on the Paid Version. I made several complaints only to be asked if I had posted in the Paid Customer Support Forum and - yes i had, every time. I get the feeling that the developer handpicks who they offer support to by reading these other reviews because as a Paid customer I was promised a 2-3 day turnaround only for requests to be left unanswered for up to 2 weeks. Which delayed the launch of a website and my getting paid for the job also. If you have all the time in the world to wait for support then give this a try - it is the only one like it which is the only reason I perservered. But if you are a professional like me and require better support - look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

Hello, I have to disagree with you.
First, the paid version does not have 2 days guaranteed feedback time - it is Pro version.
Second, you made more than 40 posts on our support forums. Most of them have been answered in timely matter. There may be a few that took longer, but our capacity is limited.
Third, as I reviewed what you were dealing with, it were 2 most often problems, however, neither of them being a direct Booking problem: 1. JavaScript libraries (JQuery vs Mootools) conflict problem, 2. PayPal problem - caused by recent changes at PayPal side. Not mentioning, that the #1 problem is covered in our FAQs:

Reviews: 3
I agrre with those who don't understand some bad reviews here. As a beginner in using a booking system it took me a little while and just a few forum posts in the Artio support forum for purchased component to get all useful information I needed. I also got Artio to customize some additional functionality for me at a reasonable amout. They even gave me a disount on my second license as the function was a usable one for future releases. Now that is great support, I am very plaeased and give this one high five!
Reviews: 3
It is superb component and easy to install with component and module and I had read all bad comments and review related to ARTIO "booking-a-reservations" component. But Still intrested in this component because it meets my requirements what i was looking for...
Actually i m looking for Rental system I have Rental items which should be given to customers according to No. of Days and set Price accordingly.
Please let me know if any functionality didn't work, it is possible that I go for charge back.
Reviews: 1
As I read other reviews I really don't understand what the problem of other users is. The component was easily installed and even with all it's functions it was so easy to create everything I wanted. Categories, payment plugins, photos for every different stage in viewing.. And it's the only system out there with an invoice-plugin. Even the extra things I asked for were (IN FREE SUPPORT!) added and I had many mails of support and advise about this and other plugins. This component is one of the most difficult ones to write and I had years of problems with many developers. This one looks great, works great and saved me tons of work and a lot of money.

ARTIO team, thanks! You're the best!

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