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ARTIO Booking is an universal Joomla component for online bookings and reservations. Allows bookings of one or more objects, with reservation overviews using month, week and day layouts.

The extension can be easily setuped to be used in different type of industries that have need for booking/reservation applications, such as car (or other) rentals, accomodation booking, facility (sport, recreation) reservation, conference room reservations, etc. To adapt it, no extra coding is needed, all can be configured from back-end.

new! in 2.2.x
* SMS notifications
* Google Calendar exports

Main Features:
* multi-level structure for bookable objects organization
(e.g. city → hotel → room or facility → hall → playfield)
* booking views: monthly / weekly / daily
* several booking methods (full day, hour-based, predefined time-range)
* configurable prices (different prices in different times / dates)
* object descriptions and properties, image gallery
* bookable extras and options
(e.g. navigation for car rental or set of rackets for tennis court booking)
* Google Maps integration
* PDF Invoices with customizable template/layout (requires add-on installed)

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Reviews: 1
At the beginning I had some problems to include into my website, but thanks to their help I have gotten it to work perfectly.

I recommend it for its simplicity and adaptability to various markets, in my house to reserve sports fields.
Reviews: 1
At first this seemed a great extension. I quickly installed the demo. the are a lot of functionalities.

But then i found out it takes a lot of time to configure the extension.
And there were still so much problems within the extension, that i decided to stop. I hope other people have more luck with this extension than me.
Reviews: 1
Bought the component and it works fine.
Emails sent and thread created on the support page of Artio about how to get or set-up a search-by-date module. No responce from the Artio team.

I quess after got the money they don't care about their client. Very very poor supprt. If you plan buy it don't expect any support or answer or your questions.
Owner's reply

Hello, did you post to paying customers support thread? As that is followed regurarily and answered within at most a few days usually.

Reviews: 2
There is no support at all! I'm very disappointed, i lost many hours tryin to install, what seems to be a good system, the manuals are useless and there is no chance to get any help. Neither from forum nor from customer support, there is no interest to help or solve even porgram failures.
Owner's reply

we respect your opinion and we already took some steps to improve the level of support and we are still improving it.
We understand this is quite complex booking component with many options, so it may be confusion for users who start to use it.
The customer support requests are usually reponded within a day in our support forums.

Reviews: 2
This module kinda does what it is supposed to do but it has issues that effects it's function. The manual is basically useless as the English is so bad that you can not understand what it means. So I paid for support and after a week (they are supposed to address my request in 5 days per the website) and I have not heard anything from them. Call them on the phone from the US and spoke to a gentleman there and he assured me that he would answer my question. I have not heard back from him. I have posted on their forum 3 or 4 times and have sent numerous emails and still have not gotten an answer from them. All I want to do is to change the time format from 48 hours to 12 hours. The person I spoke to said that it can be done. I am posting here as this seems to be the only place they respond and to let all that are thinking about purchasing this module to think twice!
Owner's reply

we are really sorry you have this experience. Sometimes, we quite many support inquiries and it takes longer to answer them. Currently we took steps to be able to handle these better and be able to reply faster.
As regards the way of switching between 12h and 24h that is well possible through language settings.

Reviews: 1
You will be aware that this developer keep mentioning that this booking component is very flexible and can meet any booking requirement... Actually IT IS NOT! NOT AT ALL... IT CAN EVEN MEET A VERY BASIC REQUIREMENT...

Why? I'll explain here:

1. You can't allow booking for more than 1 item/quantity. For example, you are in Car Rental business and you have 5 of the same model for rent and your customer would like to book 2 of them, they cant book 2 in a single. They have to make 2 booking separately. Does this make any sense?

If you're in hotel/hostel business, you have 5 Deluxe room and 5 Family room. Your customers would like to make a booking of 2 Deluxe room and 1 Family room for a family holiday trip. They can't, they cannot make the booking of 2 room type in a single booking. Does this make sense?

2. They don't collect all user data. For example: You're in Travel business and you would like to offer booking of travel package online. A customer would like to make a booking for his/her family and expect to submit all the family member details for the booking registration, they can't, means you as the business owner, can't collect customer's details, actually, they can't even set booking for X number of person. If their family member have 5 person would like to join this travel package, each of the family have to make each booking separately. Make any sense?

3. Event Booking, don't event think about it.

4. Customer Support, pre-sales questions, prompt reply. After sales support, sucks... They mentioned to post the order ID at the support forum before the support topic subject, so they can recognise paid customer and free version customer, fair enough. But after 1 day, I get no so-called priority support, no reply at all. Then I email them and ask why no reply, they replied me and said "Are you really mean it? Its just 1 day after you post the support question, your license support respond time is 2 days". See what I mean? They are free to reply my mail but don't bother to answer my support questions. Don't believe me? Just go into their support forum and see by yourself, see how much support questions is pending there with no reply.

My last email to them is asking for refund cause this component is useless. They IGNORE my mail.

CONCLUSION: Don't get near to this add-on. I burnt my money on this script. Its fine, I can afford that. But I just wish there will be no others will get their money burn.

For my money, I'll just take it as a donation to some begger on the street...
Owner's reply

I am not going to post our whole correspondence here, just to sum a few facts:
1. we have exchanged maybe 8 emails, we have honestly answered all your questions about functionality
2. you were reffered to try the free version and checkout the demo
3. there is manual and other infromation sources available

You were not happy that the component does not do all you want it to do. But we never claimed that.

And yes, you are right, currently, the component does not support multiple reservations. Each reservation must be done separatelly. This will be added in one of the next releases. It is not possible to develop a component matching 100% to everyone.
The point is, we have not claimed that, you had change to see this in demo and now you are complaining about this.

Reviews: 5
This is a promising extension but quite a few issues:
- the support forum is not very active and so don't expect responses.
- Unfortunately this extension isn't 100% stable yet so support is still
- no changelog for new versions
- no notification of new versions
- you pay for the commercial version but you still get very limited support

Overall, very frustrating to use this extension purely because the developer has not got good support and this is needed to help iron out the little issues remaining in the extension. However the overall concept of the extension is good and if the developer keeps developing and provides better support good be superb.
Owner's reply

I have to disagree slighly.
We try to answer the questions in forums as fast as we can.
As regards new version notifications, there is a version checker integrated and it shows what is your current and latest available version directly at Control Panel.
As regards the Changelog, we will work on that. I believe there is one, but maybe not publicly available.

Reviews: 2
This might be a good component in the future, but for now it isn't. There are too many things that do not work properly.

E.g. when you want to book from the end of the month until the beginning of next month. Many times the start date is reset.

When a visitor forgets to fill in a compulsory field; you get an error message, AND a message that your reservation is made!

Too bad, since the concept is nice for many applications.

After some weeks trying to get it working, and because the forum at Artio doesn't seem to be really alive, I had to choose an alternative.
Reviews: 1
Interesting module that's just a shame that you can not make objects available - Date Range function simply does not, it is impossible to insert a date other than 01 January 1970. The module would otherwise be perfect for rental of premises for a day. I choose to give bad review as it failed me to make a test booking on my site.
Owner's reply

this is a problem with incorrect language constants settings for some languages. Please, check for more details in our support forums.

Reviews: 22
This is a good first step for a free Booking component for Joomla...but not more! For the moment is this simply too far away from a productive and sensefull extension. The possibilites are just minimalistic. As example, it's not usable for a Roombooking in a Hotel.

I hope that the Coder will spend in the future a lot of time in the developement of this extension.

Thanks for your effort.
Owner's reply

thanks for your feedback. Well, you are right. But you need also to understand that this was just a first initial release and it is a very complex component. More features and options will be added in the next releases.
As example, the room (overnight) booking and payment integrations will be available in the next release coming within a few days.

Reviews: 1
I downloaded this because I thought it would be the best fit for what we need. Installed quickly and smoothly but I can't locate any documentation or instructions anywhere and I'm a mite frustrated with trying to figure it out. If someone will kindly point me in the correct direction, I will try again.
Owner's reply

well, you are right. The overviewing documentation is still missing, but we are already working on it. We hope anyway, the component is so straightforward it should not be problem to understand how it works.
And where more difficult, there are tooltips available.

Reviews: 5
Would be a great component if previous review (B&B number of nights booking count) is solved and if possible to have a deposit checkout capability
Owner's reply

both mentioned features are planned for the next release.

Reviews: 2
It could be great and I could buy it BUT the big problem is:
When a client rent your room, it's to sleep, so, the 'check in' is the first day and 'check out' the second day.
Artio calculate the price of TWO days and not one night.
So, unable to use it for B&B or Hotel. It's a pity...

Hope that problem will be resolved in the future...
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