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VikBooking is an Independent Booking Engine (IBE) for Joomla designed for single property accommodation businesses.
It perfectly fits all the needs that Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels and Apartments might have.
Build your rooms booking website with VikBooking.
Here is a list of the most important features:

- Very detailed Rooms Management system
- Powerful Pricing System
- Rates per night and occupancy
- Different Prices per Seasons of the year
- Different Prices for the weekend or some days/holidays of the year
- Options management for rooms services like breakfast, beds for kids, taxes etc..
- Prices can be different depending on the number of people for each room, for example a triple room can be given to 2 adults for a different price
- Charges depending on the Children age
- Restrictions for setting minimum and maximum length of stay in some months or dates of the year
- Restrictions for forcing the arrival week day(s) in some months/seasons/dates of the year
- Week Days Restrictions to create combinations of stay in some dates of the year like Friday-Monday, Monday-Friday, Friday-Friday
- Currency Converter supporting over 140 currencies
- Coupon System for Discounts
- Customized Methods of Payment (Supports Customized Payment Processors)
- Powerful booking system in the administrator with calendars for the availability
- Administrator management of the bookings collected over the phone/portals
- CSV Export/Report of the Bookings
- ICS Export/Report of the Bookings to synchronize any calendar software like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Hotmail etc..
- Multi Language support
- Paypal payment gateway pre-installed
- Offline Credit Card method of payment pre-installed for collecting credit cards information without charging the clients
- Bank Transfer method of payment pre-installed
- SSL support for secure connections
- Over 20 payment gateways available for popular banks of the world. The payment framework can also be extended with a custom payment processor/gateway

Vik Booking is the right solution for a Hotel, B&B, Cottage, Bungalows or any other sleeping accommodation business that would like to receive bookings directly from its website avoiding this way to pay commissions to Online Travel Agencies.

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Reviews: 1
I'd bought & used few extensions & templates from them for couple of years now.

What i can say is 'Excellent' products they'd produced.

From the first day i joined,as far as i remembered i never felt disappointed or regret.

In fact,in my own experienced this is the best joomla vendors i ever met since i started joomla (v1.1) until now!

And the best part is their supports is so unbelievable and so speedy like nothing you ever encountered before.You'll never believe me until you be their members.

For me the support is top priority due to my weakness/not too good in many aspects of the web (but i love web very much),but when with them i know that i'll have great support on my back every time i need it.

So...thanks you e4j keep up the good works.

Reviews: 1
Vik Booking is a great extension! At first we had a few questions about some configuration settings and the dev team responded straight away.

The team then developed a new payment gateway for us and helped us along the way with testing and development.

The team have been outstanding from start to finish, very professional and extremely helpful.

Thank you E4J
Reviews: 3
Unbelieveable fast and friendly support! And the extension is great!
Reviews: 1
Abbiamo avuto dei piccoli problemi di compatibilità con il nostro template ma lo staff ci ha aiutati ed anche in maniera velocissima. Io gli ho scritto alle 20.00 di sera ed ho avuto la risposta, dettagliata e precisa, 15min dopo ed hanno risposto alle mie domande sino alle 23.00. Uno staff così merita un encomio. Grazie.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing product with the most amazing team behind it. Very professional and bug-free product. Keep up the good work, appreciate it!
Reviews: 1
We use Vikbooking for several months and i have to say it is PERFECT!
Support with fast response and with good explanations of solutions.
Reviews: 1
I never found a bug
The support answer with details *ALL* my messages in minutes or max in hours.
They are continuing developing and adding new features,so what is very good today is perfect tomorrow.
-they started to add the GDS to vik booking (global distribuition system) this was so exciting when i saw this notice for the first time.
-its responsive
-the first screen is very beautiful and pleasure to choose a room
its very easy to edit without a advanced knowledge of code

*I just dont like how works the 'closed a room ' ,and edit price. They could be more similar the big OTA ( with a big calendar to edit the prices per day separately,and close the dates with one click on the day of the calendar.

This is far away the best booking reservartion sistem for an hotel. and the hotels can save up to 80% with comissions every month.
Reviews: 2
Great extension with great support. All you need for online booking
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the good extension and the perfect support, which made my project a success in the end.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension! I had a few questions about some configuration setting and the support team came back to me in no time with professional answers! I'm impressed by the quality of Vik Booking and the service offered by the company. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
The development team is impressive, they answer to all your support email in a very short time and they help you to solve the problems you have (a special thanks to Valentina that helped me a lot).
They also take notes of your proposals for future updates.
The VikBooking component is very very good and complete and the price is reasonable: the template at the moment is not completely responsive, but they are working to guarantee the fully responsiveness in the next future.
I appreciate the component and the template, but the most special thing is the support. Other companies sell you a product without any kind of assistance.
I confirm Five stars to the whole team!

Reviews: 1
I use Vikbooking for several months and i have to say it is SUPER ! OK there is some space for other extra functions but possitif is they tell me that you always can send suggestions for the next upgrade .But most important is that everything in the extension works and is stable .The user interface is also clear and easy tu learn. And last but not least "The support is amazing fast and efficient ! So keep following this way guys and thanks for the super extension .
Reviews: 1
My Team and I have used several reservation systems and even developed a couple, but the Vik Booking system is the solution we were looking for. Don't waste your time with overly complicated systems like Jomres. This is the very best product at a great price backed by a prompt and knowledgeable team.

Thank you E4J!

Reviews: 1
Bought the Template Booking Joomla Theme and Vik Booking from E4J.

I would say I am a Novice to Intermediate user of Joomla and PHP, so cannot always resolve issues that I would like to, so I would like to say that the Support and Assistance given by the Team at E4J is second to none, I wish all support teams were as quick and helpful.

The Software is pretty straight forward to install and setup, and the Team at E4J will assist with anything that you need help with. As far as I can tell the Booking System works straight out of the Box.

Great Work to all at E4J and will be buying more from them in the future.

Reviews: 1
First I asked some questions to the staff with regard to the product and where the company was located. I got an answer very quickly with a lot of details.
Then I tested their demo, which is very well made. Then I just bought the product.

The support staff is awesome. I asked tons of question and always got the answer. The price of the product is way worth the help I got and I'm still getting.

Don't hesitate if you looking for a real nice booking system I created two website with it using their nice looking template. Why should have I looked elsewhere when they have almost everything home.

In addition there are some people who translated it into italian, spanish, Portuguese. Maybe some more people will add other localization.

I could say a lot of things about the product. The new 1.3 version improved a lot the features of the 1.2. Maybe you will look for features that are not yet implemented, but this shouldn't be a problem since these guys are working hard to update and maintain products. In the meantime they released the new Vik Booking version, they find enough time to make another product : Vik Restaurants. Keep it that way E4J team!

So go ahead, you won't be disappointed.

Reviews: 1
I had a few questions and within a few hours I received friendly and professional answers.

Thank you very much to the E4J Team
Reviews: 3
Vik Booking is one of the most expensive Joomla extensions that I've purchased and was wary of it. But I asked tons of questions on their message board prior to purchasing and every single one was answered within an hour.

After the purchase, I had more questions about configuring the extension, and again, every one was answered very quickly (usually within 30 minutes). And the answers given solved the problems.

Installation is straightforward and configuration is intuitive. Most of my questions were related to customizing or tweaking the extension for my particular application - an RV Campsite.

This is a great extension and a great company!
Reviews: 1
Great component, one of the best booking extensions I have tried so far, it's easy to deploy and customize.

Had a couple of questions with it on my server, the technical team was quick to response and provided the needed solutions.

Highly recommended if you need a room booking system on your site.
Reviews: 6
I tried another commercial booking extension and had a lot of problems with the functions and with a poor support.
I switched to vikbooking and that was a good decision.

The frontend is looking very nice and professional, the installation and configuration are easy, the possibilities are great and above all the support is outstanding.

I had a few questions and within a few hours I received friendly and professional answers.

If you are looking for an excellent booking system....VIKBOOKING!
Reviews: 6
I'm very happy with this extension.
The developer of my site recommend me this product, for my private reservation site.
I must say it works fine and it is really a very detailed Rooms Management system. Thanks to all developers.
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