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With more than 2,000 active licenses, we're proud to be Joomla's best hotel booking system.

What are you looking for? A booking system for your villa? Something for a small guest house or gite, or are you thinking bigger? Perhaps you want to be the next

All of these options are within your grasp with Jomres.

The Core system is free, if you want a simple booking or reservation component for your hotel's site then the free core system is all you need to get up and running. If you decide you want to add functionality to your hotel later on then you can upgrade to Jomres Solo, Silver or Gold to allow you to install some of the many plugins available.

All of this is free!

- Supports both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3, another first. As always, where we lead other Booking systems will follow.
- Tried and tested. Jomres is a true booking portal and has thousands of users who've helped us to fine-tune the system to make it the best in it's class.
- The property manager's interface has been designed after consulting with real property managers to provide the most fluid, logical layout possible.
- Great dashboard with drag and click to create a booking, or drag away to easily cancel a booking.
- Intelligent, ajax driven booking form. Equally suited to booking hotels, B&Bs and individual properties like apartments and villas. If the guest's not ready to book right away, they can contact the hotel directly through a form instead. It can also be used for hiring other items like cars, boats and tools.
- Guests, invoices and booking listings are all ajax driven meaning that it deals with large data volumes very easily.
- Modular, it's designed to be third party plugin friendly. See the extension specific plugins page here on the JED, or visit our Partners page.
- Google maps well supported, drag and drop pointers or type your address for the pointer to move.
- QR codes in both front and backend facing pages, so receptionists can scan a customer's booking printout and immediately book them in on arrival. Guests can scan QR codes to be taken to directions to the property.
- Fully automatic exchange rate conversion. No configuration required at all, Jomres will download the current rates daily and use them as needed.
- Review functionality, which can either be automatically approved or not.
- Detailed invoicing shows all line items, including tax. Additional items added to invoices can have their own tax rates.
- Channel Management integration is currently under development.
- All property management is done via the frontend of the site, no need to allow managers to access the administrator area.
- Legendary support. See our review history for yourself, we have always been committed to providing the best support we can to our users.

Don't offer another cookie-cutter booking site, be creative and innovate, using Jomres as the foundation you can build upon.

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Reviews: 2
I've been working with Jomres for more than 5yrs now, and have to agree with other reviews here, that it's light-years ahead of the competition.

It's highly configurable, under constant development by Vince and the crew (hard keeping up with new features and improvements sometimes!), and support is second to none.

Having said that, to utilise the enormous range of possibilities available when using Jomres, the learning curve can at first glance be a tad alarming (ther is a lot to take in). Upgrades come thick and fast and if using customised templates, a certain amount of head scratching is a distinct possibility!

My advice is not to panic when something gets out of kilter, because the forum is a lively goldmine of tips, tricks and get-arounds with ontributors such as Vince himself (always appears to be logged in) and Piranha coming up with solutions 99% of the time.

So, if you want a cutting-edge solution for rentals, lets, property sales listings, or virtually any other kind of booking/appointment engine functionality - Jomres is the one to go for.

Owner's reply

Thanks D. for taking the time to review.
v6 is rock solid, so we're hoping now to make this a long term release to allow us to focus on other stuff for the project like which will give us all a much needed rest!

Reviews: 7
I've been lucky because I found this great extension
back in 2007. The developers give full support, any questions are answered quickly, it also has a full on forum and a support ticket system. well worth your investment of time as this extension is here to stay!
Owner's reply

It's an honour and a pleasure to serve.

Reviews: 13
- modular, scalable, extendable, configurable, multilanguage
- per season tariffs
- front-end admin, multi user level
- fast and professional support
- frequent updates
- they listen customer base and often implement stuff in future releases

- high learning curve. If you need to fully unlock Jomres potential, prepare yourself for a lot of learning. Good thing is that their support quality goes in Pros section :)
- image gallery could (and must) be better. Current system is not in match with other Jomres features.
- pricey customization service. If you need customization beyond initially available features, and above own coding skills, prepare yourself for (much) higher than usual programing costs.

Conclusion: Jomres isn't for "average Joe" website. But if you invest some time and efforts and properly master Jomres, you'll be rewarded with booking system which is light year ahead of other components listed here. It almost looks like framework for building customized booking systems.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, and I'm coining a new term BCCK (Booking Content Creation Kit) to describe Jomres ;)

Reviews: 3
Pros: Great Support, Massive Configurability
Cons: Its high level of config means there is a big setup time. Consider the amount of information a hotel or tour needs to actually be a proper listing then you should need this anyway. Bite the bullet and do it properly configuration for each property takes time. If you have the marketing and power to get the owners submit their own property then a lot of work will be done already. However they wont understand some things straight away so expect a need to help them out. Configuring tarrifs has been made to cope with pretty much any eventuality.

However the massive support and great documentation is there for you so just realise how good this component is.
Use it to book things by date it can be configured !
I thoroughly recommend this product if you want to book things by date.

This would be a great thing for an owner to take bookings on their own site and save lots of money.
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the review, it's very much appreciated.

Reviews: 2
Vince is the man! Thanks for the hard work and support! Excellent extension, great developer
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, glad you like it.

Reviews: 1
After I tried jomres with a developer license I decided to buy a perpetual license because Jomres is simply perfect and because of the new features, upgrades. Jomres is really the best hotel booking system for joomla also because Vince and Aladar are giving the best forum and ticket support: I am not joking, in most of the cases they answer within 3 minutes.
Owner's reply

Thanks Pimlico.

This guy is one of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure to deal with on support, it's a delight to work with him.

Reviews: 1
For years I was looking for a system like this for a rental service. After using a very bad system I finally found this one. After talking my client into this system I started with the configuration. This is a kind of hard but with the support of the owner and piranha it will be easier. A complete system with a lot of possibilities.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Jaccie, glad you're happy with your site.

Reviews: 1
It's been just a couples of days, but for the momente this tool works nearly perfect. I'm still learning how to use it, it seems quite big and powerfull and is just in english, but I'm really happy with the support team.
I recomend it without doubt.
Owner's reply

A minor correction to this review, Jomres is available in 25 different languages, although some language files have more content translated than others.

Other than that, thanks for your feedback!

Reviews: 1
This is a feature rich extension.
But you are not able to define a unique room (resource) specific description.
Since I think most of the Jomres users are operating a single property ( hotel ) this feature is a must.

I haven't used Jomres as a portal booking system so I don't have an established opinion about it yet.

The different advanced pricing is the most outstanding feature of Jomres.

I recommend it if you don't need the feature mentioned above.
Reviews: 1
This was the only product I found suitable for my site which has 25 different search engines, including hotels, yacht rental, scooter rental etc in various languages. So far I'm very impressed and will use it on other sites. I fully recommend this product and also paying for support to help on more.

For those (like me) with no experience of hotel booking systems, it removes a lot of the pain in setting up a complex application. They seem to have thought of everything and most of the modifications I wanted I was able to add with the help of a great support team.

It is flexible enough to be used with not just hotels but can be tailoured to fit any product that can be rented out on a daily basis.

It is reliable and secure and so far very responsive.

There are a huge ammount of plugins that really enhance the user experience.

Excellent support.


It's quite complex but for the flexibility it has this is required. Any questions I had were covered in the forums or answered very quickly by the team. I fully recommend paying for support.

Level of support received
They respond very quickly and are unbelievably helpful. I have been loggining into the forums at various hours of the day and night and was happy to see Vince was logged in also.

They have helped me out of various binds instantly when they didn't have to as they were usually caused by me or other parts of my site. If not for them, I would have had a serious problem with a very impatient and demanding client after going live!!!

Ease of usage and deployment

Installation and basic setup (good enough for a small business) are easy if you read the instructions and use the forums. If you want to alter it design wise you will need some knowledge but there are templates available - I can't comment as I didn't use one.
It is a complex product and will take some time to get familiar with but once up and running you can find your way around easily. The important stuff which I had no experience of all was all prebuilt.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review Jomres, it's much appreciated.

Reviews: 7
The Pros:
- Compared to the other components I looked into, it has far more options and is more mature. And if you are looking for a multi-tenant reservation, this is the best. That's why I bought a license.

The cons:
- It's expensive if your are building a small portal (although it's competitive when compared to large site solutions).
- It's a standalone script that is fit into a Joomla page. Meaning that it has no integration with the template (no MVC) and you will need to have CSS coding skills or hire someone to do the job for you. Count that in on your development budget.
- It has the most confusing admin interface - both in the frontend and in the backed. Compared to other components it's close to a nightmare.
- Until version 5 it had some serious jquery conflicts with other components. It now has a feature to not load the jquery, thus solving some of them - but not all (example: gtranslate)
- Content plugins use old version of mootools, conflicting with other modules (example: Gavick news pro 4).
- It forces the admin to login into the frontend to add or edit properties. So if you are building a portal for several entities, rather than a self-servicing booking site, it becomes quite annoying to have to jump between multiple logins.
- Does not integrate Paypal payflow.
- No social network integration (Facebook, ...)
- Some of the plugins are not that well though of. Example: Jintour, which supposedly would let one sell hollyday packages only work in conjunction with room booking and not as standalone package, thus becoming confusing for property owners.

Overall it's the best solution for larger sites, especially self-servicing booking portals like
The billing features are great if you think of monetizing your portal and overall it works quite well - most of the features are there.
But expect to be spending some money on additional CSS coding on top of the licence, to choose carefully what other components/plugins to install and to disregard most of joomla's ACL or component community features.
Owner's reply

A few corrections regarding this review

- Until version 5 it had some serious jquery conflicts with other components. It now has a feature to not load the jquery, thus solving some of them - but not all (example: gtranslate)

This was fixed in 5.2.

- Content plugins use old version of mootools, conflicting with other modules

Not true, Jomres doesn't use mootools at all. Probably the issue you saw were jQuery conflicts. See above about that.

- Some of the plugins are not that well though of. Example: Jintour, which supposedly would let one sell hollyday packages only work in conjunction with room booking and not as standalone package

Jintour stands alone (doesn't need room bookings) and has done for the last year.

Thanks, nevertheless, for taking the time to review the software.

Reviews: 5
Prior to purchasing this product I spent several days researching it and others in the same market. part of that research was checking out the support response of the developer which seemed to be very good. On purchasing the product all went well until I discovered a major flaw. It is only possible to upload jpg images via the component which limits prospective users of the product, in an environment where the component is used for holiday rentals or property management. This was then compounded by the fact that I discovered that I could not even upload jpeg images when testing the product. This can only be discovered after purchase. Given that it is extremely easy to upload multiple kinds of images into Joomla articles using the native methods, as well as via many other extensions I could not beleive that such a basic requirement caused such difficulty.
When I posted on the Jomres forum I was told it was a server configuration issue and that I would have to talk to my hosting provider to get them to configure the php.ini. I exprerssed concern about this on the forum and was told to stop being a brat and expletives were used. I asked why it was that such an important feature of the component was not working. I contacted my host and they said where do you want the code placing. I told them I did not know and asked the developer mVince Wooly where to place the code. His response was "it's your server, you decide".
There is a high level of expertise required to utilise this component and much is necessary in altering the control panel, to make it user freindly to potential clients who may not have any great web experience such as those who might wish to post a property on the site. The control panel for users who register their own property is confusing and laid out very poorly
On the developers side it is a technically, very good component for those who have a high level of expertise in coding or CSS. The developer did respond very quickly to both forum posts and to emails but , when the problem is not resolved that counts for nothing. For the rest do not bother. Given the attitude of the developer , and you can see that by looking at the link on the Jomres forum in the bugs section entitled “images not uploading” and decide for yourself whether or not this was good customer service. Although there is a comprehensive manual which explains the purpose of most things in the component, it does not explain the how to in any great detail.
The developer has now refunded my money but I now have to spend even more time looking for another solution, whereas had the developer been a little less arrogant and actually explained what I had to do he would have had a happy customer. His final comment on the forum speaks volumes about his feelings towards customers. Shame really.
Owner's reply

The individual was difficult and combative right from the start, even though I'd gone out of my way to explain the issues to him. He didn't want to work with me to resolve his issue (which was down to a badly configured server) but instead wanted me to fix everything for him whilst throwing his teddy out of his pram.

It was a pleasure to refund them their purchase and send them on their way.

Reviews: 1
We initially chose Jomres after reading the many positive reviews. Their product is great and the online support is fantastic.

The range of features available to the site manager is very extensive. Anyone with average computer skills will find the features a little overwhelming but with the help of the online manual should be able to work through most problems. For the harder problems (my average skills made a few!) the online ticket support is unbelievable. Their fast and knowledgeable support have helped solve any problems I created, usually within the day.

I cannot say enough about their product or the people behind it.

Keep up the great work guys!
Owner's reply

It's been a pleasure working with you.

Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a product like this for a long time, what a great product. Highly recommended to everyone who needs to book or reserve anything.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words Taiyo.

Reviews: 2
There's a lot that you can do with Jomres, so you may need some help to integrate it/tweak it for your website... But when you have TERRIFIC support and FAST response time from the Jomres support team, it make life a WHOLE LOT EASIER! This is the way it should be when you pay good money for an extension. Thanks again Jomres!
Reviews: 1
This is a really good tool. We and our customers are very happy with the results. Only a little disadvantage: it's too much orientated to programmers ( for the other side, the support service is excellent: quick and efficient )
Reviews: 1
Jomres is fantastic with a lot of features! The support is really very quickly and competent. Those which is searching a professional script for rent out properties can have it with Jomres. I like it very much and it´s running stable!:-)
Reviews: 2
This is a outstanding powerful program with many many options.

For me it was in the beginning a little confusing so I asked quite some questions on the forum and I must say I got a excellent help from user Sidebar and Piranha !

Now that i played a little on my localhost with the program i can do all that i want with it.

keep up the excellent work ;)

Iuri Rosa
Reviews: 2
I have been using Jomres since 2008, and I can taste that is a great reservation system ( always improving), together with an execellent support/fourum/manual, able to sort out issues I had along the way.

I do vacation rental properties and this program helped me to create a professional site even if I am not a webmaster.

Simply... it is reliable!!!
Reviews: 2
Jomres is a complete product with all the features I needed to set up a site for a travel agent. The different hotels the agent represents all had different, complicated rate structures and Jomres was able to accommodate all of them. When I had a problem, which turned out to be caused by the configuration on my server, the Jomres support team worked with me patiently to solve the problem. I highly recommend.
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