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Rentalot is a rental management system for smaller business in the holiday property rental market. Rentalot streamlines the administration of your business, helping you to provide a top quality personal service to your clients.

Although we have now released a "Plus" version of Rentalot, many people will find the original version more than adequate for their needs. This is not just a demo for the real thing, it served us well in our rental business for over two years and we will continue to maintain it. We only wrote the Plus version because so many people asked us to.

At the front end, Rentalot provides an availability calendar with prices and availability automatically generated from the prices and bookings in the Rentalot database.

For the back end administration, Rentalot provides simple maintenance of prices, bookings and currencies with several reports.

A notification script runs daily to send email reminders about arrivals, departures, and payments due, and to automatically update exchange rates.


* Single or multiple rental units.
* Single or multiple currencies with automatic rate updates. A configurable adjustment factor is applied to the downloaded rates to ensure you recover the costs of accepting foreign currencies.
* Configurable base currency.
* Handles any configuration of pricing periods, for example weekly, daily, or completely irregular.
* Automatically matches bookings to any number of pricing periods.
* Automatically builds a price and availability table for the front-end website.
* Automatic calculation of pricing and payment schedules, with up to four payments per booking. All amounts and dates can be over-ridden manually.
* Flexible configuration of automatic payment due notifications.
* Detailed financial position report in your base currency.
* Scheduling report for physical property preparation including any optional extras.
* Lead Source report for monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns.
* Reminder emails when payments are due, or bookings start or end.
* The front end is language independent. The back end is multi-language, currently with six languages.

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Reviews: 2
The description was accurate and therefore fitted my criteria. When I had a small problem setting up, the support was instant and helpful.
Although a small team they were thorough, polite and more importantly they listened patiently to my problem without dismissing me before completely understanding the issues I was having.
The extension has been used on our home rental website.
Using the extension is straightforward and easy to implement, the manual clear and precise.
I am not a joomla or web expert but am doing my best to produce a professional web site and this extension has helped greatly.
Reviews: 2
I did install this, configured it and got it on use and didn´t´took much time. Works great and now I´m thinking that should I buy commercial version. Thanks alot
Reviews: 2
I have introduced a client to this extension and she is now well into her second year of using it. She wanted to have another apartment added which was quite easy to do.
I have tried other booking systems, but they can be a bit complicated if you want to show your clients how to do their own thing.
Reviews: 3
Everything works as promised, installation easy and support is great and really fast. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
The component seems very complete but impossible to use it. No problem to install. But It get a "Invalid from date (). Must be YYYY-MM-DD" one I call the page. Many websites meet this error. Using none english plateform.
Owner's reply

This sounds like a configuration error, however, this is not the right place to ask for help.

Reviews: 6
Easy to install, set up and use with financial reporting available, lead source statistics, currency exchange rate updates - and all for free? Incredible!

Yes, you can choose to pay a few euros for the manual - and you should. It's clear, detailed and quite one of the best I have used. And the developer deserves it for a great piece of work!

I know Chris is working on integrating this with a calendar and promising online booking with Rentalot Plus - and that will only enhance an already good product.

In the meantime, I have split my availability - one page for each yearly quarter. I like having price and availablity in the same table. It's clear and easy to understand.

(We've set up for weekends rather than weeks as historically, that is our clients' booking preference.)

By the way - if you want to come and stay next summer, you'd better hurry - we're booking up fast!
Reviews: 1
This is a fairly good component, better than most others I found.

There is one downside though, It shows availability and prices in one table. I'd like to see a calendar with availability too. People are more used to calendars than tables when it comes to dates.

If there could be a simple hook with the mini calendar it would solve all problems.
Owner's reply

Working on it. Watch this space for Rentalot Plus, coming soon!

Reviews: 3
The component seems to be half made yet, there is no way out for users/visitors to book the property added in backend, form to add if a property is booked by someone, so it seems to be manually book the property.
Owner's reply

Rentalot does exactly what it is intended to do. It does not handle client self-booking and the free version never will.

Reviews: 1
I really recommend this component. It's easy to use. Very good manual guide to download as well from the developers site. Little problem was instantly solved! Great, cannot say anything else about this.
Reviews: 2
Everything worked 'out of the box' - simple and functional.

Great component - yet unfortunately still not for most of my needs. Most of the properties I work with demand daily based booking - which rentalot can handle - just makes it a bit messy to display. Would like to see this married to 'MiniCalendar' component of yours.
Reviews: 1
I installed Rentalot a couple of weeks ago but got a slight issue - this was resolved by Chris very quickly..fantastic suport for the product.

Works very well now & I'm delighted - Highly recommended. Take a look at Rentalot in action at
Reviews: 1
This is a great tool. It does exactly what it promisses. I encountered a small problem which was solved promptly.
This tool will save me a lot of time keeping track of my bookings incl. availability and payments.
Reviews: 1
This modules enables multiple "units" (i.e. caravans, villas, rooms etc) to be shown via a module, together with pricing and availability.

Multiple currencies are supported as are multiple prices per unit based upon dates.

A nice backend admin component calculates pricing , shows confirmed bookings as well as a financial summary.

Deposits can be taken (handles fixed deposits as well as percentages, and balance of payment reminders.

Please note that this does not have a customer booking engine, this must be done in the back-end by the site administrator. However as this is not what I wanted it suited me perfectly.

I would also like to commend the support I received, had a small problem and it was resolved very quickly.

Highly recommended.