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YooRecipe is a recipe and cookbook management suite, designed for Joomla 2.5 and 3. The bundle is made of a core component, many modules and integration plugins (search, gallery, slider, favourites, featured recipes, counter)

** A web2.0 recipe management component
- EasySocial, Komento, Disqus, XMAP, Google rich Snippets, sh404SEF, JomSocial and CB Integration
- Meal Planner
- Shopping/Grocery List management
- Built in QR Code generator to retrieve shopping lists on smartphones while at the store
- Similar recipes suggestions
- Category organized recipes
- Cross categories support
- Tag system
- Access Level support
- Automatic conversion of quantities for ingredients
- Frontend submission
- Comments and rating management
- Personal Cookbook and favourites
- Social bookmarks
- Fractions display of recipes' quantities (US/metrics)
- User defined ingredient groups, ingredients units
- Google recaptcha for comments
- XML import/export

Demo Server Frontend:
Demo Server Backend:


** Numerous menu types
- Landing Page
- By category
- Most recents
- Most viewed
- Best rated
- By author
- Meal Planner
- Shopping Lists
- Your cookbook
- ...

** Flexible layout options
- 40+ display options to turn on/off features

** An adapted, powerful search engine
- Search by title or keyword, over recipe's title and content
- Search by category
- Search by ingredient (inclusion or exclusion)
- Supports nested categories

** Easy to use and intuitive
- 100% tableless
- Easily integrate with any template or Joomla framework
- Supports content plugins (videos, galleries...)
- JCE, tinyEditor, CK Editors compatible
- Responsive design

** Packed with Useful features
- Automatic conversion of takings and ingredients
- Environmentally friendly print
- Send to a friend
- Share with your community
- Fine grained permissions and ACL support

** Technically optimised & SEO friendly
- Supports Google Rich Snippets (SEO)
- Supports URL rewriting and SEF (SEO)
- Optimisation of titles and metas (SEO)
- Numerous display options

And a quality Help and Support forum we try to make the most reactive and efficient possible.

** Supported Languages
- English, American English,
- Spanish, French, German, Dutch
- Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian
- Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian
- Slovenian

** YooRecipe comes with:
- cookbook component
- recipe display module
- recipe search module
- recipe gallery module
- favourite recipes module
- browse by recipe categories module
- community builder plugin
- recipe counter module
- EasySocial Integration
- Disqus Integration
- Komento Integration
- A RapidRecipes -> YooRecipe migration tool
- JomSocial plugins
- sh404SEF plugin
- XMAP plugin
- Nice looking Recipe Timer

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Reviews: 2
Great component and modules. YooRecipe SupportTeam listens to its customers in the forum and develops to the need of their customers.

A paid extension worth its money!
Reviews: 1
The extension is good.
The support is the slowest on earth.
Owner's reply

Hi JayCut,

We were convinced our vacation announcement on forum was big enough :)

Reviews: 7
I started using YooRecipe component/modules to replace another I was using. Overall, this is a nice set of extensions. It appears to be getting active upgrades and bugs are dealt with in a reasonable time frame. It works well "out of the box" and when a bug is found the author(s) responds quickly.

I requested a modification that I needed and the estimate given for this modification was very well priced. While its not perfect, the YooRecipe Component and the accompanying modules are good value and work well.
Reviews: 8
Overall the Product is pretty good with some nice improvements in this latest release. Some features are fantastic such as the number of people (per serving) measure tool, search, and social bookmark support. Other features missing would be: the ability to allow custom measurement input that would become part of the measurement table - which other users would see as a an option when they add their entries, another big one is not able to select multiple categories for recipes, and perhaps themes.

All in all for the money it is a pretty good product with support.
Reviews: 1
The first edition was rather poor - but its getting better
Reviews: 1
Hi ,

This extension is very nice !
This is my first experience with joomla, and i used recipe, i like this ! Installed easily and the documentation is very good.

A very best support.

Thanks you

Reviews: 1
very nice - just a few problems: its oriented towards european, quantities and decimals are all european based. There's no provision for US quantities, i.e. half cup, etc.

I look at it as a work in progress, but a good work.
Owner's reply

Dear state411,

Thank you for your review.

We would rather say YooRecipe is worldwide-oriented. Available units are: grams, liters, kilos, dL, cL, mL, teaspoon, tablespoon, cups, ounces, gallons and glasses.

If some units are missing from your point of view, we invite you to post a feature request on our support forum, so that they get added in the next release.

YooRock Support Team.

Reviews: 1
This is a decent component for displaying and searching recipes. It does a good job but you should be aware that it lacks what I would have considered some basic features:

- There is no way to enter or display fractional units for recipe items using standard recipe notations like 1/4, 1/2 or 1/8. You must use .125, .333, .5 etc. I think this makes it very difficult for anyone who is not savvy with fractions.

- There is a slider where you can adjust the recipe to feed different numbers of people. It is an awesome feature! But, it does not allow you to change the terminology and icon for things cooked in different units like batches for cookies. Also because of the previously mentioned decimal issue, the resulting fractions create a recipe that is not really useful unless you are willing to do some work to figure it out what those fractions mean.

- While the component lets you categorize the recipes, there is only one way to display those categories. It is like a small navigation list for a sidebar. There is not a category display for the main content area that works like the core Joomla’s category blog. To me this seems like a huge oversight because if I am leading my users in, I would want to start with a nicely formatted page of category thumbnails and featured recipes within those categories to guide my user in.

Finally I think you should be aware that everyone who wrote reviews starting on 9/23 may have been writing them because it was the only way to get the category list module from the company for free. I think it is a short coming of the core module to not include any way to list categories since you spend so much time determining what they are to organize your recipes. If it was me, I would want to know that reviews may be falsely high because people wanted to insure they did not have to pay for functionality that really should have been included. (particularly if you purchased there yoorecipe – all in one package.)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

- Decimal & Fractions:
We agree displaying fractions would be a nice feature. It was already added to the todo list before you review the extension

- Servings:
Servings are given for a number of people, not for batches. We think it is more relevant to show quantities for people than for batches. Come on to our forum to debate!

- Landing page:
You are absolutely right. This feature is expected and we know it. Rome was not built in a day! However, you can already organize your main page using YooRecipe modules (Gallery, Search, Best rated, ...)

- Reviews:
We are glad you mentioned it. Yes, for us, getting reviews is the best way to enhance YooRecipe. We motivated people writing reviews, not falsely high reviews, just reviews.

YooRock Support Team.

Reviews: 1
YooRecipe is very very complete and it's constant updates makes it the best extension for recipes.
Reviews: 1
I have the opportunity to find this component just a month ago and I have to say that was a life saver. I have a little recipes site for my grandma and used to have a lot of problems to cover all the things that a recipes site must have. I can certainly says that Yoorecipe covers all your needs about this kind of sites. Easy to use, easy to manage and the most important thing to me: great support and keeps evolving an developing every day with new features. I'm really happy with the purchase of this extension. The only cons I found was that only have few languages, but is somewhat lower compared to the features the component provides.
Reviews: 2
YooRecipe is the best recipe extension for Joomla and the YooRock team is very supportive.
Reviews: 1
I've purchase this extension 2 month ago in order to satisfied my (our) cooking hobby and to get a presonal repository. There is not a lot of such type of extension for Joomla but YooRecipe is in my mind the best one i've ever tried. If it's the best one in terms of functionality (front & back-end) there is some minor display behaviors that I must correct each time i update the product in order to match my personal site template (reason why I enjoy open source). It's why my review is Good but not Excellent. Anyway I recommend this product if you need to publish recipes.
Reviews: 1
Decent, but not to good. Bought it, but couldn't use for several reasons on my project.
Owner's reply

Dear Oscar,

We are sad to learn that you have not been able to use YooRecipe.

We strongly invite you to post in YooRecipe forum so that we can help you find a way to make your project working.

You are one of our very first users and currently run the 1.0.2 version of YooRecipe, which is far less evolved than the current version.

Maybe the last version would now better match your needs!

YooRock Support Team.

Reviews: 10
The component is GOOD, the support is EXCELLENT! Sometimes I'm cautious of reviews where people keep talking about how great the support is. A good component shouldn't need a lot of support. The YooRock support team has been fielding feature requests and issues due to my template choice with extraordinary professionalism. I have no doubt I made the right choice in purchasing this component, and that it will quickly become "Excellent".
Reviews: 4
I've only recently purchased this extension as I'm developing a customer recipe upload area on my cafe website. I've looked at the others and found them not to be what I was after. YooRecipe provides all that I need and with a very nice user & back-end interface. The app downloaded and installed easily and the documentation is very good. I had a few problems with configuring it for my use (I was also a little rusty on component use/menus) and have found the yooRock team very helpful and exceedingly prompt via their support forum.

I notice that there aren't too many users of this app at the moment but that doesn't worry me - It does what I need and, after a couple of minor tweaks, it'll be great for my customers too!
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