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  • This extension requires registration to download.
YooRecipe is a recipe and cookbook management suite, designed for Joomla 2.5 and 3. The bundle is made of a core component, many modules and integration plugins (search, gallery, slider, favourites, featured recipes, counter)

** A web2.0 recipe management component
- EasySocial, Komento, Disqus, XMAP, Google rich Snippets, sh404SEF, JomSocial and CB Integration
- Meal Planner
- Shopping/Grocery List management
- Built in QR Code generator to retrieve shopping lists on smartphones while at the store
- Similar recipes suggestions
- Category organized recipes
- Cross categories support
- Tag system
- Access Level support
- Automatic conversion of quantities for ingredients
- Frontend submission
- Comments and rating management
- Personal Cookbook and favourites
- Social bookmarks
- Fractions display of recipes' quantities (US/metrics)
- User defined ingredient groups, ingredients units
- Google recaptcha for comments
- XML import/export

Demo Server Frontend:
Demo Server Backend:


** Numerous menu types
- Landing Page
- By category
- Most recents
- Most viewed
- Best rated
- By author
- Meal Planner
- Shopping Lists
- Your cookbook
- ...

** Flexible layout options
- 40+ display options to turn on/off features

** An adapted, powerful search engine
- Search by title or keyword, over recipe's title and content
- Search by category
- Search by ingredient (inclusion or exclusion)
- Supports nested categories

** Easy to use and intuitive
- 100% tableless
- Easily integrate with any template or Joomla framework
- Supports content plugins (videos, galleries...)
- JCE, tinyEditor, CK Editors compatible
- Responsive design

** Packed with Useful features
- Automatic conversion of takings and ingredients
- Environmentally friendly print
- Send to a friend
- Share with your community
- Fine grained permissions and ACL support

** Technically optimised & SEO friendly
- Supports Google Rich Snippets (SEO)
- Supports URL rewriting and SEF (SEO)
- Optimisation of titles and metas (SEO)
- Numerous display options

And a quality Help and Support forum we try to make the most reactive and efficient possible.

** Supported Languages
- English, American English,
- Spanish, French, German, Dutch
- Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian
- Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian
- Slovenian

** YooRecipe comes with:
- cookbook component
- recipe display module
- recipe search module
- recipe gallery module
- favourite recipes module
- browse by recipe categories module
- community builder plugin
- recipe counter module
- EasySocial Integration
- Disqus Integration
- Komento Integration
- A RapidRecipes -> YooRecipe migration tool
- JomSocial plugins
- sh404SEF plugin
- XMAP plugin
- Nice looking Recipe Timer

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Reviews: 1
I would just say that I am very satisfied with the customerservice , regarding this extension. I building an Norwegian site, and asked on YooRecipe-Forum if someone had the Norwegian translationfiles. YooRecipe picked up my question, asked some of their Norwegian customers, and there it was. Saved me for many hours of work! Reg. Very satisfied customer.
Reviews: 1
A great component that does what it says. Solid and realiable. Very easy to use and quite flexible as well. It was quite easy to get what I wanted from it, even though I had to resolve to some coding - but that had to do with my strict recuirements and not the abilities the component.

The component keeps evolving and it's updaded. They also listen to user's suggestions.

They also offer some pretty quick and reliable support on their forum. I needed a couple of bug fixes and solutions were offered immediately.

They only negative I could say, is that they don't offer a customisation service, and they only give some general suggestion when you wanto to do something that invovles hacking the code. But again that's not something that they have to do or that they are required to do.

Great component and great service all around!
Reviews: 1
I am beyond satisfied with YooRecipe! Thank you YooRock for creating it! It works perfectly right out of the box and has so many different options, modules and plug-ins. The support team is AMAZING too. They're always updating and improving the component. I had a few kinks that were from with the template I was using and the support team quickly solved my issue even though it had nothing to do with YooRecipe. Thank you for this WONDERFUL extension and for having an amazing support team!
Reviews: 17
I love this extension. It is ideal for websites on topics of nutrition and want to add recipes. I had some small problems Sylvain resolved very quickly and very efficiently. Honestly, worth the money. Aesthetically it is very nice and is quite functional.I love the meal planner!
Reviews: 1
I find this extension after a long search... and here it is ! Just perfect ! Thanks Yoorecipe :D
Reviews: 2
I had this component before and was excited to get the newest version with MANY new updates. Unfortunately, there were some bugs with the template I was running, but the support worked hard on fixing all the issues.

I will never use another recipe component, and will look into other extensions that they offer as well.
Reviews: 1
I am very satisfied with YooRecipe. Support team has been reactive and they provided me with quick solutions. The problem I had was not easy to identify but they found that a php library was missing on my server. I recommend this product.
For 2014, they seem to have a nice roadmap and cool features like shopping list and timer will be developed as they said on forum.

I'm satisfied.
Reviews: 2
I installed this component and all add-ons but it keeps creating compatibility problems with other components (sh404SEF, xmap etc.) and it is waste of time! I wanted to get support from their forum but they even disabled to register at their support forum. They redirect you to payment/subscription page if you want to register at support forum, you can't even register with a free member account. They also disabled forum threads' visibility to guests, so a guest can't read other users' questions or support team's answers! I thought joomla component creators should show respect to open source but they don't. Waste of money, waste of time!
Owner's reply

Hello x3po,

Did you post on forum?

I recently accumulated some late work due to a terrible event that prevented me from working during almost a month. Which can explain why support has not been as fast as usual.

That being said, we encourage you to report the difficulties or compatibility problems you encounter using YooRecipe and third components.

Keeping up with improvements of thid party extensions is a tough work. I recognize not having enough time to test all sh404SEF or xmap new versions.

Your contribution on forum would really help us promoting the open source spirit we defend. Our source code is not encrypted.

As for forum limitations, we already contacted Jpayplans editors to ask them a more fine-grained access control between subscriptions and forum to satisfy our users expectations.

It is always time to use YooRecipe! ;)

Sylvain, YooRecipe founder.

Reviews: 1
Been using yoorecipe for quite a long while now and rated at a generous 4 stars due to the hope that it will get that little extra evolution development that it needs to bring it up to the feature level that modern users demand. For example it lacks the ability to create a shopping list from ingredients and also lacks any kind of a meal planner linked to the recipes. The addition of these two features I feel is essential to match other commercial offerings on recipe websites and their addition long overdue. Recipe tagging is also currently not Joomla 3 integrated.

The developer seems very committed and good hearted, and major bugs and issues, in my experience, have always been dealt with quickly and professionally but support for issues that aren't major bugs can sometimes be sporadic and lack even an acknowledgement for long periods of time and sometimes never. A quick acknowledgement of an issue or a support post is something that can easily be improved on (minor quip but one easily rectified).

Hope that this extension gets the extra functionality it needs soon and hope to continue to be able to use yoorecipe long into the future.
Reviews: 1
I will not go through the list of defects I have, but let me give you one example: If you make any error entering ingredients, you cannot edit, you have to delete and re-enter! I have been waiting for an answer from paid support for over 2 weeks now.. wrote back 3 times... no answer.. no comment...
Owner's reply

Hello fdl33,

I am very sorry you reported such a bad experience using YooRecipe.

For your information, I started a complete redesign of the way ingredients are managed. This main improvement should be available within Christmas.

Concerning forum restriction, we use jpayplans and asked this component editor to bring evolutions regarding forum access control.

As for the lack of support in November & December, I had to burry a child and have not been able to work as usual. This is not an excuse, but I did my very best in this special circumstances.

Sylvain, YooRecipe founder.

Reviews: 10
The product is working fine on Joomla 2.5.11.
Tested on Joomla 3.1, selection of ingredient is regressing and tag system from Joomla 3 is not integrated. You have separated keywords to be re-entered for each recipe instead of ticking existing tags from the base.
This is nevertheless good enough to expect better integration with Joomla 3 is future.
I use this extension for family share of recipes despite of the high pricing.
I recommend purchasing minimum package for that purpose.
Reviews: 1
Yoorecipe is a good component because I bought and updated several times Yoorecipe and whenever I asked a question, I got my answer within a maximum of 24 hours.
Bravo, keep it up!
Reviews: 1
This extension works perfectly and support is very fast and professional.
Reviews: 8
I have recently updated my yoorecipe and it is excellent.

A lot of work has obviously been put into this package and it shows. The response from support is very good and they listen to what you say.

The product is exremely easy to work with and I am looking forward to building my site with it. Highly recommend this software. Good value for money.
Reviews: 1
We searched a long time before we decided to buy Yoorecipe. And we do not regret, it has the most plus more. Easily replace texts to get those on your own language. Good response from support, usually within 48 hours.
And the modules are constantly updated, nice with developers who strive forward.
  Thanks for a great product!
Reviews: 2
I needed a component for a recipe site and immediately fell in love with this one.

There are a LOT of nice features such as the possibility to drag a slider to increase the amount of ingredients (!), add to favourites, comments, ratings, social sharing and much more.

As a bonus this component also has a plugin to interact with CB, which I also use on the site.

The support is great and you get your answers fast. The development team has made a great job, and that product is well worth the money. Thank you!!
Reviews: 2
This is a great Recipe management component. It comes with all the required features but also sharing , reviews and even more, like the little slider to adapt the recipe content to how many people you need it to be for. Great work!
Reviews: 3
Yoorecipe save me lots of time. Great support and development.

Yoorecipe still in great changes, is the best recipe component in joomla.

Reviews: 3
First off, I have absolutely no stake in the company. I am just a very satisfied customer and giving here my honest opinion.

We bought this extension alongwith related modules and though we had some issues in the beginning, the support was simply great. The guys, instead of making excuses, worked with me, answered all my questions, and helped resolve the issues that were critical to us.

In the end, after the minor tweaks, the recipe component is working exactly just the way we wanted.

We had nearly 300 recipes in plain html format and converting them to the YooRecipe format was/is a tedious process doing one recipe at a time but the result is very eye-pleasing and dynamic.

With frequent improvements and upgrades, this is by far the most useful and interesting component in its category.

So in nutshell, while it may not be up to your expectations straight out of the box, with some tweaking and patience, you can customize it to suit your needs. I for one am a very happy camper.
Reviews: 9
If you want a recipe management program, this one, I can recommend. I bought the bundle (comes with a few add on modules, most of which are useful). It worked first time on Joomla 2.5.4 and the whole program was simple and intuitive. I tried it on a few templates and found the occasional glitch (I'm sure it could be corrected with some CSS tweaking but I am not too flash with that), so suggest you might need to be flexible on the template, but otherwise, great.
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