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Intellectual Property allows real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to easily upload and maintain property listings via a user-friendly interface. Upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, company profiles, amenities, open houses and much more. Search with an advanced Google Maps Ajax-based map interface. Allow users to save and manage favorite properties and searches.
Front end management for multiple agent control levels. Quickly customize colors, filters, galleries and more!

* Ajax powered map search
* Front end and admin management with multiple access levels
* Automatic email updates for saved properties and searches
* Unlimited custom sale types, categories/sub-categories, properties, agents, companies, amenities and open houses
* Ability to apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings
* Menu parameters to create custom search views (EG. "Show only residential properties in select city that are below $500,000)
* 17 distinct views available as menu items, many of which have additional display options for maximum control
* Optional Google maps, street view, and driving directions per property
* Customizable meta tags/descriptions per property
* Automated RSS feed views and xml feeds for Trulia and Zillow
* Multiple image gallery options
* User favorites view to manage saved properties and searches
* Built in internationalization - change currency and measurement units from admin settings
* Drag and drop map with Geocoding for properties
* Custom CSS editable from admin panel
* Super agent option to allow agents to manage all of their own company listings, agents, and profile from the front end
* Basic agent level to allow agents to only manage their own listings from the front end
* Admin notifications and optional approval of new listings
* Categorized amenities by indoor/outdoor/general
* Hotsheet options to make menu items show only new or modified listings
* Related documents upload - attach pdf, word docs, etc
* CSV import
* Backup and restore feature
* Send to friend and send info request forms
* Agent and company contact forms
* Plugin positions to support add-ons and custom development
* Nearly 40 included modules and plugins to let you customize your site and extend functionality
* Much much more...

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Reviews: 2
Not a lot of extensions get 5 stars from me, there’s always something that can be improved on. However, in this case the developers of the software impressed me by their attention to detail, the quality of the code, their commitment to improvement, their roadmap for refinement and most important, the unprecedented product support. I found the backend interface intuitive and easy to learn, but also easy to understand by novice clients. When I had an issue I got a support response back within minutes!  I hope to see this product grow and see a lot of success because there are very few property extensions on the Joomla market that have such a responsive team of developers supporting it. Great Job Guys!
Reviews: 1
I usually don't write reviews... but I felt compelled to write one for this extension. I develop and design sites and apps for a living and have for years. I can't remember ever getting such fast and thorough support/service as I have gotten with the folks who made iProperty. The product is awesome and very powerful as well. There is a lot of flexibility with this and if you need a real estate based "system" for a site - there isn't one better than this. It is loaded with features. Tim has gone way above to help me with some things that I needed worked out and Vin has been quick with some CSS tweaks. The bottom line is this... world class extension... world class service.
Reviews: 1
After searching for the perfect Property Listing extension, I have finally found it!

SUPERB Support!
SUPERB Coding!
SUPERB Flexibility!

Being a Joomla user now for over 8 years, I have lots of experience with components and their support forums. This is the first one in that 8 years that consistently exceeds my expectations both in functionality, flexibility, and most importantly support!

Simply Fantastic! Don't wast your time and money with any others.
Reviews: 1
Iv used IProperty 3.0 for one year and one impressive thing that stands out is their great immediate customer support response and active forum!

Not to mention their regular updates by keeping IProperty 3.0 at per with Joomla's constant updates.
Reviews: 1
This was actually the first time I used Joomla and the first time it did a project for a major client...

My biggest worry was making this software fully multilingual and SEO ready.. I can say this softwarware works seemingly with the Falang component which was the most important thing for me.

I felt a little bit embarrassed asking so many novice questions all the time, but Tim and Vinny in support were very patient and got back to me normally within the same day.

With some developer knowledge you could basically shape this extension to anything you want, it has load of features and will work still if you only a basic understanding of Joomla.

There aren't really any negatives I can think of. Your need to use ACL manager to make the Joomla backend simple for the client.

great stuff,

Thanks ! :)
Reviews: 1
We are web-marketers, but on our current real estate job we researched and found iProperty3 the ideal component, but because this was our first Realty job we relied very heavily on Tim's and Vinny's help, which they ALWAYS gave without complaint. Kudos! And the iProperty component itself! Clean, beautiful—and nothing missing! Very many thanks, guys!
Reviews: 7
Well let me enlighten you. I have tried various property listing components, all of whom have promised the earth and not entirely delivered. So a waste of time and money as they did not fit with what I wanted and then I found iProperty!

Not really wishing to invest more money into a product that would yet again fail in my expectations, I deliberated over iProperty for about a month before I finally took the plunge. And I'm glad I did!

They have thought of just about everything you would want in a property listing component and more. The support this company provides is excellent and they know their stuff. If you are having any reservations whether to buy this product, let me assure you that you will not be disappointed. We have a template provided by yoo_theme and they compliment each other perfectly.

Well done guys an excellent component with excellent features and with excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Very Professional Support and after sales services !

Tryed many extension, but found iProperty is the BEST and Save me !

Recommended !
Reviews: 5
I was looking for an extension to make a multilingual responsive real estate website.

I found the perfect solution in Iproperty.

To make it work multilingual you need a third party component called Falang. This component is not quite up to date with native Joomla multilingual support and had some features missing which I really expected to work in a multilingual site such as SEF friendly URL's and the use of alternate hreflang to index the pages in the correct google language... I did not receive much support from the Falang developer itself even after buying the extension - but the Iproperty Support team jumped in and even made a new association class to make the alternate hreflang work - their support is really great and I haven't had one question which was not answered. If you are looking for a real estate component I can truly recommend Iproperty as they have kept all their promises and have even gone the extra step! A really trustworthy company to work with.

Thumbs up and sorry to be so persistant sometimes ;-)
Reviews: 1
Before I decided for that extension I tryed a lot of different kinds of extensions and compared a lot. After I bought it I was impressed of the clear documentation, the forum and the possibilities in using and handling the extensions.

I`m not a novice with using joomla but with programming and I have had some tough issues with adjusting the extension like the way I wanted it. But with that friendly, professional and highly passionated support nothing should be a problem for a long time, I`ve got fixed all of my issues.

I can highly recommend this extension in all ways.

I`m really impressed of your passionate work guys, your service is not affordable! Thanks a lot and keep going on!
Reviews: 1
Working with a very professional service ...
Very fast response to problems ...
Component recommended, fully meets the requirements for real estate ...
Reviews: 3
I tried many different extensions before deciding on this one, it includes some amazing features for your web-site and is updated regularly with new ones, keeping you up to date with the latest trends. The support is great, you also have clear documentation explaining everything which is very helpful if you are a novice like me! Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Superb support.
Well written code.
Regularly updated.
Great forum.
Easy to install and get up and running.

I have nothing but praise for this software and have even had two subscriptions over the years and used this software to build client sites.

Support is first rate and personal and I really can't see people needing to go elsewhere for this type of extension - this is the best!

The support guys even assisted me in the template design a year or so back through the forum.... kudos!

Incidentally the code is clear and I have made many modifications to the code to suit my customers.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the most complete package I have ever come across. I use I Property on a Commercial Agency website and with a few Word changes it works perfectly.

I used a different extension before this and curse the day I spent money with them.

Quite simply, you will NOT regret putting your money into this Extension.

Support - you know how good you are, thanks again
Reviews: 3
The iProperty component is the best for more than one reason: Most practical real estate listings solution; quick, skilled, and willing support; more useful features than the nearest competing product; customizable. It is one product that convinces you it was designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals (and novices too).
Reviews: 4
Had an issue four months after installing the component and received the solution within minutes of asking. Vinny and Tim are true professionals who care about their customers.

By far the best real estate software I have used!
Reviews: 16
Great Component, I use other ones but this one rocks, the support is just amazing, every question I made was answer...
It worked great for me..
Reviews: 1
IProperty can't be recommended highly enough for any site with real estate needs. The front-end functionality is superb, with excellent performance and a range of useful features for the viewer. (The Google Maps view under Advanced Search is particularly nice.)

The support from the Thinkery is first-rate, communicative with excellent turn-around time.

Well worth the price in terms of hassle-reduction alone.
Reviews: 7
I actually started using this component about a year ago but then my client put a hold on site development until just recently. So I really started getting into configuring and using IProperty just recently. It's a great component - well thought-out and organized. My client loves it because it's easy for her and her agents to use.
I had one problem with a plugin conflict and Tim Kramer jumped on it and had the solution found within 1/2 hour. Highly Recommended.
Reviews: 2
I am very pleased with this excellent component. It works well right after installation and doesn't require a bunch of fiddling to get things set up. It comes with complete documentation (51 pages), but I didn't need it because the administration was laid out in such an intuitive way and configuration options are explained in context.

I got the pro version of 2.0 because I needed automated data imports from the NTREIS MLS system and the work was done very quickly and worked on the first try. The developer is incredibly responsive to support questions, responding within minutes, even when I sent emails late in the evening. And the replies were always helpful and to the point.

I did some further customization of my own, and the code is very well-written, easy to follow, and well commented.

And everything looks good and is well laid out to start with, so I didn't have to spend days rewriting all of the templates and css to make it look clean, modern, and appealing.

I highly recommend this component to anyone looking for a solid, feature-rich, real estate component.
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