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Intellectual Property allows real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to easily upload and maintain property listings via a user-friendly interface. Upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, company profiles, amenities, open houses and much more. Search with an advanced Google Maps Ajax-based map interface. Allow users to save and manage favorite properties and searches.
Front end management for multiple agent control levels. Quickly customize colors, filters, galleries and more!

* Ajax powered map search
* Front end and admin management with multiple access levels
* Automatic email updates for saved properties and searches
* Unlimited custom sale types, categories/sub-categories, properties, agents, companies, amenities and open houses
* Ability to apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings
* Menu parameters to create custom search views (EG. "Show only residential properties in select city that are below $500,000)
* 17 distinct views available as menu items, many of which have additional display options for maximum control
* Optional Google maps, street view, and driving directions per property
* Customizable meta tags/descriptions per property
* Automated RSS feed views and xml feeds for Trulia and Zillow
* Multiple image gallery options
* User favorites view to manage saved properties and searches
* Built in internationalization - change currency and measurement units from admin settings
* Drag and drop map with Geocoding for properties
* Custom CSS editable from admin panel
* Super agent option to allow agents to manage all of their own company listings, agents, and profile from the front end
* Basic agent level to allow agents to only manage their own listings from the front end
* Admin notifications and optional approval of new listings
* Categorized amenities by indoor/outdoor/general
* Hotsheet options to make menu items show only new or modified listings
* Related documents upload - attach pdf, word docs, etc
* CSV import
* Backup and restore feature
* Send to friend and send info request forms
* Agent and company contact forms
* Plugin positions to support add-ons and custom development
* Nearly 40 included modules and plugins to let you customize your site and extend functionality
* Much much more...

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Reviews: 1
Bought IP for Real Estate website, found here more functions then in any other Real Estate extension.
Advanced(Map Search) is amazing here!
As my level of expirience in Joomla is not really high, we faced few dificulties in costumizing the product, but the support team is really active and supportive.
Easy to edit anything you want..

Our Real Estate website is done, we are having more then 1000 properties online and everything works smooth and fast.

Cannot rate it anything but Excellent!
We are completely satisfied for what we paid.
Reviews: 3
...maybe more. This component is absolutely brilliant. It's got everything you need to manage all the listings, agents, companies, and everything else you want, is totally customizable, easy to modify on the back end, and support is excellent.

The project I subscribed for has very unique demands, and every time I've come up with something I need the component to do, they've already thought of it. I look forward to promised upcoming extensions, which will make this system even closer to what I need.

I also bought Workforce from The Thinkery and it (while simpler) is every bit as complete and usable as iProperty.

This is why we pay for extensions.
Reviews: 1
In a nutshell, this is an excellent and well coded piece of kit.

We have been constantly surprised at the lovely features, brilliant quality of work and how much you really do get for your money. This extension has far exceeded our expectations (and we're quite a demanding customer)...

The support forum knowledge-base is vast and constantly active - we carried out a large amount of bespoke customisation on the extension and found pretty much everything we needed to know from browsing the existing forum posts. Customising to your hearts content is fairly easy, and the code is filled with excellent comments to help you on your way. On the odd occasion where we required a little extra info and thus posted on the forum, the response from the developers was fast and detailed - these guys really do care about their product and it shines through.

We would recommend this product in a heartbeat to anyone running an estate agency website - in fact in our opinion, considering the ease of use, functionality and look of iProperty, it would be crazy to use anything else.

A big thank you to the creators!

Sara & Jason
Reviews: 3
We are web designers with no knowledge of the Real Estate market. We've done our first site with Ipropertiy and find it to be an intuitive yet powerful tool that allows us to create an attractive and informative site for Real Estate agents. As others here have said, the support is top notch. Well worth the money!
Reviews: 3
Iproperty is a excelent component for the serious users.
It has many functionalities and the support information is enough.
They are always developing new functionalities and making the current functionalities better.

The only poor thing is that you can't use the template override for extensions.
This only works on the first view default.php file and after that the other views are loaded with hardcoded path declarations.

When you want to edit you have to do this in the component folder and when you update the extension to a newer version you have to do it again.
The same thing happens when you want to disable some fields for the search functionality, then you must edit the helper file in the component folder.

Overall it's a good extension
Owner's reply

Hi - thanks for the review. Just to be clear for others, it is possible to use template overrides. If you have questions, please ask in our forums and we'd be glad to help. Thanks.

Reviews: 2
earlier this week I was at a top local real estate agents, who was showing me his shiny new website, I was impressed and so I should of been because it was costing him 500€ a month,
on closer inspection apart from front end log in and some cool analytic reporting I realised IP feature set was on a par with this top end software,

out of the box It beats everything in the joomler line up for real estate hands down, I think it is excellent value for money, the customer support is excellent, so its a glowing review from me,
Reviews: 1
Excellent component for the serious estate agent with any sort of web presence, I would totally recommend Iproperty, it is worth every penny and im really glad i went ahead and made the purchase.

A great deal of ongoing thought and effort has been put into the development of Iproperty.

Support is second to none and once subscribed, you have full access to a busy forum with lots of useful information, modifications and online guides where posts are always answered.

A small team of busy developers are always there to help, they even go out their way to help you.

I have been developing websites for over 10 years, i have tried and tested all other real estate components here within the JED and others php scripts outside..

This is without a doubt, the most complete package around, im very happy!

Keep up the great work guys.. Justin
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, with a perfect support like never seen before, a really clean and powerfull extension that does what you expect and more !
Reviews: 3
Don't regret one centime of the cost of this component it really is worth it. It does what it says and the backup is very, very good. Now has the DPE plugin for those who need!
Well done iProperty team.
Reviews: 1
Hi, I am firstly a real estate agent, not a web developer and from the first standpoint this is a great extension for real estate agents delivering a great number of practical features that I expect will provide me with a competitive edge in my busines. The guys at I Property have patiently helped me out with some pretty dumb questions with support that could probably be classifies as above and beyond the call of duty. With the help of the crew at I Property and Rockettheme for that matter I have been able to build my own site and have found it to be a rewarding and satisfying if at times a bit of a frustrating experience. I believe that by using a quality product with quality backup ultimately offers the best value for my money as opposed to using a cheaper alternative that simply wont do the job. Cheers to the guys at I Property, its a pity some other vendors dont provide the level of assistance that they do, it might encourage more people like me to develop the confidence to have a go at projects themselves which would be a rewarding excercise for everyone involved
Reviews: 1
Iproperty is a five star, top-notch Joomla extension and product. I'm new to Joomla but not new to real estate or complete software apps, and it is very well thought out. Out of all of the extensions in the vertical market of Real Estate, this one stands waayy above the rest. With all of the available native modules and plugins, as well as the third party plugins, you have many options for helping your site visitors navigate through your property offerings. The support and feedback is also top notch. Look no further if you need a Real Estate extension! You've found it! Thank you Tim and the Thinkery team.
Reviews: 12
Really nice program, I look forward to their next. The google map function was the major selling point for me but getting deeper into the program and it's customisations... It's far more then I had hoped for. I did pay for the license and I feel that was worth it as well. Tim and Vinny have been a wealth of knowledge giving details as to how to change their program to better fit their customers, and they respond quickly.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
We build and own several Real Estate and hotel directory websites both in US and Europe, the platform I used was either our own software or Joomla with a Real Estate component. Since I downloaded iProperty, I lost the freedom of choosing the most suitable platform. iProperty is killing the competition!
There is a considerable gap between iProperty and the second competitor on the "Best Real Estate component for Joomla!" toplist ...
Reviews: 1
I have installed and tested 3 other components with the most votes. IProperty is easy to install, use and performs exactly as advertised. Test it out with the demo!! The support forum & staff are excellent. My clients are very pleased with the speed, ease of use, mapping features etc. Very importantly, the back button remembers custom searches. Which is a key feature most people want.
The layout and color changer is the absolute best I've seen 'out of box'. Thanks to The Thinkery, nice work.
Reviews: 1
I have used this software almost 1 year. Support is great but development is weak. There are only 2 developers behind this software. There are lot of bugs and issues witch are slowly determined. If you need more advanced Real Estate software with ability to add listings from front-end and where is also a payment system - try google search "real estate script", you will find better solution quickly. This is my opinion only.
Owner's reply


I'd like to point out that it's a bit unfair to provide a negative review based on product features that we didn't claim. It's understandable that you'd like payment features etc.-- but those are not part of the core product and were never advertised as features. So this is pretty pointless to criticize us for.


Reviews: 9
Intellectual Property is a solid extension with many powerful features. It also plays well with Joomla! and produces attractive front end output. It's very intuitive to set up and the support from the developers has been both responsive and helpful.

One of the features which I found to be very useful is the capability to have properties included in several categories, including nested categories. This allows you to create menu links to various categories and category groupings.

Currently the component lacks IDX capability, and has only limited ability to link menu items to searches, but The Thinkery says they are working on these features for future releases. In my opinion, they will then have a truly top-shelf product.
Reviews: 1
I have used this component for almost 1 year now and have had great results. The support is terrific. This comes from a non-web site designer nor a technical person. They have been very helpful and quick with all my questions. I usually have an answer to my questions within 15 minutes if I use the forum.

From the standpoint of an owner of a Property Management Company, this is the best component on the market, and it has the best support team and staff. I have tried other products, and nothing comes close to comparison.

I just wish all other programmers spent the time and effort on their product as these people do. If you are looking for a return on your investment, go no further!
Reviews: 1
Very good component, it is table and very clear. I would like to recommend this for your agency
Reviews: 1
This was my first Joomla website and first complex extension installed but I had experience doing one real estate internet applications before and found this one very adequate and a lot easier than doing it by myself again.
The extension is very complete at this time v1.5.4 and the support is outstanding.....I recommend it.
Reviews: 1

This extension is just great! If you are planning on make a real state web site, this is what you are looking for!! And all guys from the thinkery will give you all the support you need!
Just great!
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