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Intellectual Property allows real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to easily upload and maintain property listings via a user-friendly interface. Upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, company profiles, amenities, open houses and much more. Search with an advanced Google Maps Ajax-based map interface. Allow users to save and manage favorite properties and searches.
Front end management for multiple agent control levels. Quickly customize colors, filters, galleries and more!

* Ajax powered map search
* Front end and admin management with multiple access levels
* Automatic email updates for saved properties and searches
* Unlimited custom sale types, categories/sub-categories, properties, agents, companies, amenities and open houses
* Ability to apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings
* Menu parameters to create custom search views (EG. "Show only residential properties in select city that are below $500,000)
* 17 distinct views available as menu items, many of which have additional display options for maximum control
* Optional Google maps, street view, and driving directions per property
* Customizable meta tags/descriptions per property
* Automated RSS feed views and xml feeds for Trulia and Zillow
* Multiple image gallery options
* User favorites view to manage saved properties and searches
* Built in internationalization - change currency and measurement units from admin settings
* Drag and drop map with Geocoding for properties
* Custom CSS editable from admin panel
* Super agent option to allow agents to manage all of their own company listings, agents, and profile from the front end
* Basic agent level to allow agents to only manage their own listings from the front end
* Admin notifications and optional approval of new listings
* Categorized amenities by indoor/outdoor/general
* Hotsheet options to make menu items show only new or modified listings
* Related documents upload - attach pdf, word docs, etc
* CSV import
* Backup and restore feature
* Send to friend and send info request forms
* Agent and company contact forms
* Plugin positions to support add-ons and custom development
* Nearly 40 included modules and plugins to let you customize your site and extend functionality
* Much much more...

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Reviews: 1

This extension is just great! If you are planning on make a real state web site, this is what you are looking for!! And all guys from the thinkery will give you all the support you need!
Just great!
Reviews: 2
I was hired to build a Commercial Real Estate site for a local company and was not too sure how I was going to approach the project. I knew I was using Joomla! so my quest started for the best RE components. I tested all of them and decided to go with iProperty. Without a doubt, the best decision I made.

They offer a lot of great features and the code is extremely easy to make changes to. BUT the most important aspect of this company is their support. Hands down the best and most efficient support I've received on ANY Joomla component. These guys do a great job answering all the questions people have and are extremely receptive to feedback and future features.

So I want to say thank you to the guys over at the Thinkery. You've made MY job a heck of a lot easier.

Reviews: 3
IP 1.5.3 did 90 percent of what we wanted -- amazing. The other 10 percent was simple to add due to:
1. Clean, easy-to-follow, easy-to-edit code
2. Practically instantaneous developer support
3. Excellent forums

Then, 1.5.4 came out. It does 95 percent of what we wanted. We could see our feedback implemented in the new release. Very gratifying!

I heartily recommend this product. We evaluated and even purchased several other real estate website platforms -- but they didn't come close. IP is best-of-breed by a mile right now, and I don't think that's likely to change anytime in the near future.
Reviews: 3
I have never paid for a piece of software before testing it.. Let alone bothering to set an account up to send a review.. BUT something about these guy's made me do it! And it’s great, even a local property agent said he paid over 3,000€ for his site, and it’s not as good.

Hat off to you guy’s job well done, keep up the good work

Recommendation… BUY it

Product Great
Support Great
And it does what it said on the tin

Tony May
JFM Radio Network (Spain)
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a Joomla real estate component, and I wasn't sure wich one to buy, then I started doing some research, asking questions, and from the begining this guys answered me all the questions fastly!!... Then I decided to buy it, and I don't regret!! It is the one I needed!! the support is the best!!!

This component is from STATE OF THE ARTS!! I fully recommend it, Im really happy I decided for this one, they helped me all the way long and answer me very accurate.

So, if you are looking for a GREAT real estate component, worthy for the price, support, effectiveness, professionalism and great results, then you have to BUY THIS!!

Thanks guys from The Thinkery!!
Keep doing excellence!!!

Reviews: 5
I've been using Joomla for many years now, starting with it when it still was called Mambo.
As a webdesign company we had a lot of realtors as customers and we iterally have tried every possible solution to integrate a real estate app inside joomla, starting from openrealty, hotproperties etc etc.
Every single one had his advantages and his downsides and i found never one which we wouldn't need any extensive modification.
So obviously I was very skeptical about this component and especially looking at the price I really hesitated to move forward with it.
First I tried their support, asking some pre sales question, I've received a satisfying answer in less then 2 hours (on a Sunday!!!) so I started playing more with their demo and finally I decided to go for it.
To make a long story short. I'm really amazed about this components and the additional modules, buying it, was as smooth as it could get, getting access to the files right after it and so far we have only needed to change a few CSS settings to match the design for he customer, which took us around 10min.
Without getting too crazy, but I really have to say that this is one of the best real estate apps I have ever seen.

If you are a realtor, or need to build a realtor site. This is the one you should take. It's worth it......

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
This is for everyone seeking great real estate functionality and excellent Support.

it has everything you need for a real estate website and more.

Thumbs up to development and support team.

special thanks to Tim and Vinny for their great support.
Reviews: 1
Words can't justify the quality of this component and the level of service that the people at The Thinkery supply. Our Estate Agency paid in excess of $2,000 to build a new website for the commercial side of our business and I having virtually no knowledge in web design have managed to put together (with the awesome support from The Thinkery) a website that rivals anything I've seen in the Real Estate industry.
I don't normally leave reviews but I feel obligated to inform people that are looking for a great extension for a Real Estate site than you can't go passed this one. The best value for money our company has spent, ever.
Thanks guys at The Thinkery ... I owe you a beer.
Reviews: 4
Great Software, Great Support.

Fairly easy to setup if your used to joomla, some of the plugins are excellent also, and I can tell this will continue to get better and better, well worth the purchase if your a real estate company and want a serious system to use on your joomla site.

Thanks Guys

Reviews: 14
This has to be one of the best puchases I've made since I started working with Joomla. We're working on a project at the moment and this has shortened our development time massively.

Everything I've done so far just goes seamlessly. Installation of the main component, additional plugins... everything has gone without a hitch.

I'm having to do a lot of tuning to get it looking how I want which is not a criticism but the MVC model makes it very easy to find the files you're looking for.

I really, really love this product. Anyone looking for a property component should use this without a doubt. You'll save the cost of this many times over just in development and deployment time.


Reviews: 2
I used this amazing component on my website and it works perfectly. Simply to use and install, it's perfect for great as well small Real Estate Agency.

Thanks to all the team for great support, and continued development of new plugins and modules!

Reviews: 1
I don't know how else to put it other than GAME CHANGER. If your in real estate, running joomla and don't have this running it means I'm taking your business. Simple as that.

-Great property presentation
-Great use of Google to show street view!!! and props on map.
-Advanced Prop Search is
-pdf flyer creation on the fly
-ithinkery brings great additional plugins to show off your properties.
-Way more than I can describe now. Best to go to the demo site and see for yourself

++++Most importantly the support+++
Q: Why do I say this?

A: Based on my experience when looking for a component or module you very seldom find EXACTLY what you are looking for. Even if you do after a few weeks of use you come up with good ideas and need to change and customize things.

I had 2 major issues come up because of the way I had setup joomla and I got them resolved in hours. I have needed customization in many things after using it for ~2weeks and have to say the product is amazing but the support is what sealed the deal with us.

THANK YOU Tim, Vinny and the rest of the Thinkery Team for not just giving us the cutting edge but helping us hold the sword.
Reviews: 1
After working with another component for about a year, which worked fine, but had zero support and zero new development, time was there to change.

With new technologies appearing almost daily, I was looking for a component, and a company, dedicated to supply just that.

Look no further !

This company did not only put out a very good component, but maybe even more important, has a support team unlike anything I have experienced before.

I needed some custom work done, and they delivered, in time, and for a very reasonable price.

This component, and this company, is so good, I would be almost reluctant to give them a good review, because my competitors might see it....

But they deserve 5 stars, only because there are no 6 stars !
Reviews: 10
First off let me say that I have literally tried every other Real Estate component in the JED. I've been using HP for a few years now and switched to iProperty and SO glad I did! It's miles ahead of anything else made for Joomla (or otherwise even).

The developer is very helpful and knows his stuff without question. He replies quickly and helps with any issues you are having.

Can't say enough good about the component or the company - seriously worth the money.
Reviews: 1
Where to start

If you have been looking for a professional and easy to use real-estate product with great support, don’t look any further. Check out the demo to see how superior the product is to others.
I spent months looking for free products but kept coming back to Iproperty

At the end of the day, money well spent. It would have taken me ten time the time and effort to create the modules that they provide

The best part is it slides into your website and you still have all the other joomla features to make your site look and feel the way you want – if you just purchase a real-estate package. You are stuck to everything they provide

Thanks Iproperty – looking forward to the next version with more enhancements

Kind Regards
Kelly Giles
Reviews: 2
This component is great as it comes but my client wanted to make some further modifications.

Doing this was fairly straight forward but where it wasn't the support was speedy and excellent.

I look forward to future releases as the developers are keen to include feature requests subscribers have made.

Well done to the developers and thanks for all the help along the way.
Reviews: 1
After examining the demo and reading the previous reviews I decided to take the plunge and purchase this extension.

FIRST - I must say that this is a GREAT Extension. Not only does it do what it says but it has room for both growth and development. I'm expecting great things for the future of this extension.

With that said, the guys at The Thinkery have been excellent in responding to my specific needs relating to formatting requirements. Although I had some difficulty in implementing the extension due to not understanding how this component deals with images, I will say this, the developers of iProperty responded to my questions both quickly and professionally. They were extremely helpful.

SECOND - I "strongly" agree with the previous reviewers on the benefits and ease of this extension. They are accurate in their reviews.

Thanks Vinny and Tim for your investment in the Joomla Community. Your extension is definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 1
Purchased this extension a few days ago. No extension issues at all!! I had some minor customization that I needed done to it as well as some template conflicts to deal with. When I hit a brick wall with my efforts, the team at IP pointed me in the right direction!!

I have a great product now and look forward to working with the great people at IP!! Thanks Vinny for the extra help and thanks to all at IP for not only putting out a great product but also supporting it!!

Reviews: 1
This component is the best Joomla real estate component I have used. Nicest looking, intuitive, simple to use and configure and great support.
Reviews: 6
This is a fantastic component with the best looking front end, easy to use (although quite Americanized) back end.

The few bugs noticed have been picked up and repaired really quickly. Very responsive authors and they have been receptive to suggestions for change.
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