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FW Real Estate is the Best Property Selling Real Estate Extension! Extended Search helps you find properties you need in a convenient way, then compare the most suitable items to make the decision and contact an agent for ultimate consultation.

The system allows visitors to search and browse through property listings – just like any of the most popular real estate websites on the net. It also allows real estate agents to register their properties on your website for potential buyers to browse.

* Subscription facility – option to charge agents to add their properties
* Watermark feature
* Open House feature
* Status labels
* Easy Language Manager for multilingual websites
* Currency converter for multiple currency use
* Automated/manual agent approval
* Allow agents to add in-depth property details, gallery images, PDF brochures, videos (FLV/SWT, Youtube, Vimeo) and more with an advanced WYSIWYG editor
* Assign properties by country, state, region, area, city and more
* Assign properties by category (rent or sell) and types (domestic, commercial, 2-4 unit etc)
* Google Captcha


* Compare Feature
* Favorite list - Add as favourite feature
* Email notifications
* Carry out in-depth searches on price, property type, bathroom numbers, floor areas and more
* Comments - option to leave comments on property (Komento integration)
* Apply numerous simple-to-use filters, such as availability filters, lease term filters, ‘order by’ filters and more
* Browse through properties with a user-friendly search system
* Save searches option with advanced notifications system
* Browse expert looking slider galleries of property photos
* Multiple Slideshow effects
* Download an array of PDF documents, property images and videos
* Read short descriptions in listings and long, in-depth descriptions on main property pages
* Share via Twitter & Facebook and use the ‘Send to a friend’ option
* Page print option
* Easy to use property enquiry and contact forms
* View ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘random property slideshows with an included module


* Google maps back-end and front-end integration
Customizable, unlimited currencies & sign positions with different price formats for every country
* Google Street view
* List (detailed) & Table (short) property listing layout options
* Very powerful levels of customization
* Front-end management – add, edit and remove properties without logging into Joomla admin

Related address fields based on AJAX
Optional bespoke MLS integration
Supports extra add-ons and other templates
FLASH support in property description
RTL support
RSS feed
CSV import/export
Built in SEO tools
Multilingual support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Por

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Reviews: 1
I have used this extension in two real estate portals. It has many functions and is easy to install and to use. As I am not a Joomla expert nor a coder, I have ordered several paid customizations that were all executed as I requested by Fastw3b team.
The support is available 5 days a week. If I have to make a suggestion, it would be to reduce the time between support ticket submitting and response. Thank you.
Owner's reply

Dear Rachid,
Thank you for your review. We have been working with you for about a year already and did our best to reply your every email according to our Support Rules. We replied the next day after we have received your email or even the day we received it. Customization requests require usually more time for response and we are sorry if you had to wait.
It is a pity to hear a little disappointment in your words but any way we must thank you for pointing this out as now we know what we should take care of better.

Reviews: 1
Although I am not an end-user of the extension I had a lot of contact with the people behind the extension. We have asked for a lot of modifications. We received great support and we never got a "no" when asking for new features and/or modifications. Of course this is paid work, but what do you expect. Support is available 5 days a week and you always get a quick response.
Reviews: 1
Never taken the time to write a review for someone or for someone's extension. But FW Real Estate and their work deserves all the credit that they can get. Super easy install, on everything from their templates to the FW real Estate component. Once I had it live on the site I wanted to customize it to fit my needs and their support crew was there to help to the very end. They even followed up when I hadn't answered a email after a few days! Love the work and the help. Thanks
Reviews: 1
The product is very complete and it has many interesting features!!! The support staff is really GREAT!! they are always very fast to answer and always very very very kind!!! Thanks!!!
Reviews: 1
The support staff are great - always there to answer my many questions, and quickly help me fix any issues. The component is excellent and we would recommend this to anyone!
Reviews: 3
I don't make many reviews but this one well worth my time. The support is as stated in all the other reviews but I would like to mention the fact that when an update is released it's got some of the things asked for during site startup. I have worked with software and updates for over 20 years and these folks do a wonderful job of continuing support of their product! Well worth the price!

Thanks, Vince
Reviews: 3
If your looking for a simple and easy to use Real Estate component then this is it. The support team is excellent. I've created two sites with this software in about a week. You can customize every section with little coding experience. Integrates well with 3rd party templates.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension with MLS integration. They installed everything for us and made the life so easy for us. Adding MLS listing can't be easier than this. It works perfectly. The technical support is excellent and they take care of the requests kindly. I am so happy to get services from FW.
Thanks guys,
Reviews: 1
This extensive component is easy to install and to use. But conflicts are a part of Joomla it seems. The problem I faced was because of a conflict with a non-fwrealestate plugin, but the support team fixed it in no time. If it's important for you to rely on your property software, buy this component! It's definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a component that would allow for integration of mls through FTP and came about this fastw3b extension. It is worth every penny. The customer service is amazing and very reliable. They are always available to address your issues and find a solution in a timely manner. They worked with me to customize the extension to suit my needs. If you need a reliable component and great customer service then this is the one you should use!
Owner's reply

Dear Petros, thank you very much for your great review! We were happy to cooperate with you and complete our project successfully despite all difficulties:)

Reviews: 2
Real Estate component is the best real estate component out there. Fully customizable, easy to setup and configure, awesome features. A perfect component. 5 star service, any issue is fixed within hours and always in prompt response. Thank You FastW3b!
Reviews: 6
FastW3b and their products are the real deal! Awesome features, easy to configure, easy to setup, fully customizable, great design and user friendly. Their service is Above & Beyond! Any issue is fixed within hours and I always receive a timely response. Thank You FastW3b!
Reviews: 11
This real estate component includes so many features "out of the box" it's amazing. I searched high and low for a good real estate add-on for Joomla and this was the only one that could do everything I needed right away. Also, when I needed help with a minor layout issue, the support was fast and even went above and beyond to help me.
Reviews: 1
After spending many weeks trying to find a suitable product I found that FW Real Estate met all my needs. In addition to the excellent product, Fastw3b provide great service at a very competitive price.

The whole customer experience was very easy and hassle free. Once I provided my requirements Fastw3b implemented all requested custom changes, provided great advice, configured the website and above all kept me updated regarding the progress of the website.

A special mention to Irina who provided great customer service and was always happy to help me out.
Reviews: 12
As a professional web builder I’m confronted with specific needs of a client. In this case, a Real-estate agent working in Belgium.
As I browsed the market, FW Real Estate seemed the most obvious candidate based on both the options this component has, the many different modules and the wishes of my client.
After buying and (easy) installing this component I found out it was all it promised. No weird SQL statements at all. Just as a commercial component should be!
My client however had very specific demands, (integration of lots of custom work eg Streetview, and some other novelties on the Belgian Real-estate market). Together with Oleg from Fastw3b (developer of FW Realestate) we custom tailored the entire application.
Within 2 business days all my requested features were handled and processed. The Larger changes that weren’t present in the overall component, were custom made in a few days.
Oleg : A job well done! Nice going on the development and finishing touches. I never worked with a thirdparty developer who was this correct and straightforward in the answers and realization of the project.
In this review I want to add that this component can easily be used together with any CSS template building software. (If you want to use that of course). Together with the package I bought from I got some Style sheets to use.
If you are searching for a great component to manage the Real-estate you are offering to your clients, you really should try this one. You won’t regret it!
Reviews: 1
Awesome Component with a lot of features. We had wanted to be able to have the front page show custom ordering and they modified it for free for us. Thanks for the great support guys!
Reviews: 1
Without a doubt this is the best Joomla extension I have used. I looks amazing, very clean, easy for the end user and its really fast loading.

Just get it.

10 out of 10
Reviews: 3
After one month of using this component whe are very happy with this choice. It does what is says and very important; the support is the best i ever had. Very quick and kind. The made for us a custom field for a nice price. I hope whe can use it for years!
Reviews: 1
Works great - right out of the box. When some customization work was required that goes beyond the original scope of the product, the team was right there to make it work. A perfect experience all around.
Reviews: 1
Great component. I did research on various joomla real estate components and finally settled for this one. I was not dissapointed.
It is very competitively priced. As a joomla newbie I found the component very easy to use and edit. I would recomend the ultimate pack with the extra templates and multiple domain option. It is worth the extra money.

Any questions about the component were answered very fast by the support team, even questions not related to component. I have upgraded to fw search 1.50
and like the new features. Any recommendations for future improvements the team are very keen to hear what its customers have to say and what they want to see
in future updates. I recommend this extension.
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