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  • This extension requires registration to download.
FW Real Estate is the Best Property Selling Real Estate Extension! Extended Search helps you find properties you need in a convenient way, then compare the most suitable items to make the decision and contact an agent for ultimate consultation.

The system allows visitors to search and browse through property listings – just like any of the most popular real estate websites on the net. It also allows real estate agents to register their properties on your website for potential buyers to browse.

* Subscription facility – option to charge agents to add their properties
* Watermark feature
* Open House feature
* Status labels
* Easy Language Manager for multilingual websites
* Currency converter for multiple currency use
* Automated/manual agent approval
* Allow agents to add in-depth property details, gallery images, PDF brochures, videos (FLV/SWT, Youtube, Vimeo) and more with an advanced WYSIWYG editor
* Assign properties by country, state, region, area, city and more
* Assign properties by category (rent or sell) and types (domestic, commercial, 2-4 unit etc)
* Google Captcha


* Compare Feature
* Favorite list - Add as favourite feature
* Email notifications
* Carry out in-depth searches on price, property type, bathroom numbers, floor areas and more
* Comments - option to leave comments on property (Komento integration)
* Apply numerous simple-to-use filters, such as availability filters, lease term filters, ‘order by’ filters and more
* Browse through properties with a user-friendly search system
* Save searches option with advanced notifications system
* Browse expert looking slider galleries of property photos
* Multiple Slideshow effects
* Download an array of PDF documents, property images and videos
* Read short descriptions in listings and long, in-depth descriptions on main property pages
* Share via Twitter & Facebook and use the ‘Send to a friend’ option
* Page print option
* Easy to use property enquiry and contact forms
* View ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘random property slideshows with an included module


* Google maps back-end and front-end integration
Customizable, unlimited currencies & sign positions with different price formats for every country
* Google Street view
* List (detailed) & Table (short) property listing layout options
* Very powerful levels of customization
* Front-end management – add, edit and remove properties without logging into Joomla admin

Related address fields based on AJAX
Optional bespoke MLS integration
Supports extra add-ons and other templates
FLASH support in property description
RTL support
RSS feed
CSV import/export
Built in SEO tools
Multilingual support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Por

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Reviews: 1
Works great - right out of the box. When some customization work was required that goes beyond the original scope of the product, the team was right there to make it work. A perfect experience all around.
Reviews: 1
Great component. I did research on various joomla real estate components and finally settled for this one. I was not dissapointed.
It is very competitively priced. As a joomla newbie I found the component very easy to use and edit. I would recomend the ultimate pack with the extra templates and multiple domain option. It is worth the extra money.

Any questions about the component were answered very fast by the support team, even questions not related to component. I have upgraded to fw search 1.50
and like the new features. Any recommendations for future improvements the team are very keen to hear what its customers have to say and what they want to see
in future updates. I recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
FW Real Estate is a very good property listing component. It works flawless. Support is really good. It is a perfect solution for a good price and quality!
Reviews: 5
Great component and very good support for the product, fast and good. I recommend this extension ! Thanks you !
Reviews: 1
I have tried a lot of real estate products (joomla extensions and others), but this one is best for my requirements.
Fast support, fast issues fixing.
Great work!!!!
Reviews: 1
A short message to say that i have tried several real estate component and this one is just probably the best one! Really worthes the price + their support is just AMAZING. I do have a lot of changes to make since i adapt their component to my very specific needs and they will help me anytime! Again just a perfect component and a great team!
Reviews: 1
I spent a long time searching for the best Real Estate CMS until I met with FW Real Estate. The template is great, customizable, nice-looking and very easy to use. I translated all extension into my language and I never met with any difficulty. The best thing is they are updating the extension for better usage.By the way the customer service is awesome ! They reply all your questions in a short time and fix all the problems even its not about the extension. And you don't pay for that. Thanks Evgeniya. You and Fastw3b are great ! :=)
Reviews: 1
I spent almost three weeks searching for the best Real Estate CMS until I found FW Real Estate. The template are nice and customizable. And the support team are very helpful.
Reviews: 1
I implemented the FW Real Estate Pro extension for a client and was overall very happy with the result. More importantly, so was the client! The extension installs very easily and for a simple real estate site with a relatively small number of property listings, website builders will be up and running in a very short period of time.

Website designers with a moderate knowledge of php, css and html will find it fairly easy to theme the component and associated modules to match your custom joomla template design.

The Support is phenomenal. Whenever I ran into a problem, I simply created a support ticket from the joomla backend and their team was very responsive and effective in resolving issues. The level of support alone makes the cost of the component worth the money.

My implementation was quite complicated in that I added a level of MLS integration into the component. Fastw3b assisted in developing this plugin for an additional cost, but their help was well worth the extra money. The one drawback I found was that the current version of the component is a bit lacking when working with large sets of property data that result when importing an MLS IDX feed (My dataset was approximately 30K listings with photos). However, I'm am confident fastw3b will be working to fix these limitations in upcoming versions. Currently, if you are wanting to integrate large amounts of MLS property data, there may be better, more robust options out in the market than Joomla/FW Real Estate, but for the price (hundred$, not thousand$) this component more than meets my expectations.

For real estate agencies who only want to feature their own listings or want to integrate with MLS and are in relatively small markets, FW Real Estate Pro is an EXCELLENT choice.
Reviews: 7
This extensions is awesome. I tried out another, more expensive real estate component and was highly dissapointed in the support and the buggy product. I went back to the drawing board and found FW Real Estate. The product is flawless. I needed one minor edit and they were on top of it quickly. The built in support and update system is utterly brilliant. I can't say enough good things about this product and company. I will use their products whenever possible. They are top notch as is their support.
Reviews: 1
Realy good and useful component. I think that is the most prof. component for real estaters. Support service is realy fast and concerned. Thanks Fastw3b...
Reviews: 1
I've installed this component on a new real estate site for a client.

While not free, the component is overall worth the cost, considering the included support and unlimited licenses.

The component is easy to install and manage. Feature-wise, it has lots of details you can show for a real estate, which is nice. :) Beyond the poor Italian translation (which I improved), the component may see a few welcome additional features, such as a global map, a city selection dropdown, and especially full titles in each page (category/estate). The only real remark is that the search plugin, t least in the Pro package, should be included and not an add-on cost.

I've been in contact with their support team and it's been a pleasant experience: always polite and open to new ideas. :-D

With my background of Joomla! 1.5, working on this 2.5-ready component has not been a problem at all.

FW Real Estate is a good component.
Reviews: 4
This extensinon is pretty nice, and the support is quickly and effective.
Reviews: 1
Great, very great.
This is the fourth component of real estate that I use.
I had some configuration problem, but the technical assistance (Premium Support) was really FANTASTIC!

Reviews: 1
Recently purchased this software and having never done anything remotely similar, I can't believe how easy it is to use.

We had a few questions and they were answered very quickly.

Also, we had a couple of fields which we wanted changed - again, we had an answer very quickly and by the time I came back to the office, the changes were done!

Good product and good service.
Reviews: 1
I have had this extension since joomla 1.5 many revisions ago. Here is the deal on this extension in my opinion and experience.

1. They have rolled out many new revisions that have taken it from good two years ago to truly great today.
2. I have needed support three times for minor issues, and they responded and fixed the problem within 24 hours.
3. They have a great library of plugins and add-ons and they keep adding to them.
4. For all that you get the price is VERY good.

If you are going to be building real estate websites, I would go for the developers pack, it comes with everything, but your money will be well spent on the real estate pro component as well (many of the plugins are free or very inexpensive.)

Thanks fastw3b
Reviews: 4
Perfect extension with fast and effecient support ! Thank you and Congratulations !
Who wants to start real estate will not find a better solution..
Reviews: 2
After a long overdue change from a static html based site to a CMS based website and not having used Joomla before…I was completely clueless. However, with the endless help & patience of the support team and sample data, I soon got up to speed on how easy it was to use this extension and using a practical example as a base...Joomla.

Whenever there was a clash in the extension with other modules, the support was immediate to fix the problem. I liked this extension for it’s simplicity and clean look. However, in the end I found that there were some additional features which I needed access to (but are in development with fastw3b), but I did not have the time to wait for. Fastw3b were kind enough to fully refund my funds.

In short - an excellent company to deal with, quick to fix any problems, quick to fix user created problems, excellent support & patience for assistance with Joomla outside of their own extension. Svetlana is a real asset to the team and a pleasure to deal with.
Reviews: 1
As someone new to building a web site (I built a simple personal web site first using Joomla 1.7) I choose Real Estate Pro to build a web site for a local property letting agent.

I have to repeat what others on here have said about the support - its been super. In essence the Search module was working & displaying wonderfully in Safari via OS X Snow Leopard but some elements were not displaying in browser (chrome, ie, firefox) on a Windows PC. I let support at fastw3b know - they identified issue as being related to using older version of the component, so they updated it for me thus solving the problem in both a friendly and speedy fashion.

The website owners are also delighted with their new web site, especially its use of google maps to show properties its a UK based letting / rental agents, so reference to "real estate" on the search pages concerned them but I soon changed the words.

What's also good (although no doubt common to a lot of extensions) is the willingness to hear what users think and to see if these can be incorporated into the core system.

The system itself was easy to understand and the ability to let users login from the front end so they can create update / delete properties is very welcome

I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of building web presence for those in property market
Reviews: 4
A good extension and the support really is incredible, quick and helpful. My template was modified and any problems I encountered were sorted out. I'm a complete beginner and I think that Svetlana has the patience of a saint! I like the ability to have a multi-lingual site, but would like to see an energy rating in the module, as in France it is mandatory to provide these details. Thanks to all the team for the help I've received so far.
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