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  • This extension requires registration to download.
FW Real Estate is the Best Property Selling Real Estate Extension! Extended Search helps you find properties you need in a convenient way, then compare the most suitable items to make the decision and contact an agent for ultimate consultation.

The system allows visitors to search and browse through property listings – just like any of the most popular real estate websites on the net. It also allows real estate agents to register their properties on your website for potential buyers to browse.

* Subscription facility – option to charge agents to add their properties
* Watermark feature
* Open House feature
* Status labels
* Easy Language Manager for multilingual websites
* Currency converter for multiple currency use
* Automated/manual agent approval
* Allow agents to add in-depth property details, gallery images, PDF brochures, videos (FLV/SWT, Youtube, Vimeo) and more with an advanced WYSIWYG editor
* Assign properties by country, state, region, area, city and more
* Assign properties by category (rent or sell) and types (domestic, commercial, 2-4 unit etc)
* Google Captcha


* Compare Feature
* Favorite list - Add as favourite feature
* Email notifications
* Carry out in-depth searches on price, property type, bathroom numbers, floor areas and more
* Comments - option to leave comments on property (Komento integration)
* Apply numerous simple-to-use filters, such as availability filters, lease term filters, ‘order by’ filters and more
* Browse through properties with a user-friendly search system
* Save searches option with advanced notifications system
* Browse expert looking slider galleries of property photos
* Multiple Slideshow effects
* Download an array of PDF documents, property images and videos
* Read short descriptions in listings and long, in-depth descriptions on main property pages
* Share via Twitter & Facebook and use the ‘Send to a friend’ option
* Page print option
* Easy to use property enquiry and contact forms
* View ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘random property slideshows with an included module


* Google maps back-end and front-end integration
Customizable, unlimited currencies & sign positions with different price formats for every country
* Google Street view
* List (detailed) & Table (short) property listing layout options
* Very powerful levels of customization
* Front-end management – add, edit and remove properties without logging into Joomla admin

Related address fields based on AJAX
Optional bespoke MLS integration
Supports extra add-ons and other templates
FLASH support in property description
RTL support
RSS feed
CSV import/export
Built in SEO tools
Multilingual support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Por

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Reviews: 1
Seems like a good extension but there's no way to really demo it on your own site. The free version will not install on Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 so you're taking a chance. I'm not spending over $100 on a component I can't test on my own server.
Reviews: 3
I have been using the FW Real Estate Pro version for a few weeks now. It was an easy installation and set up. Anybody that has installed other extensions will have no problem to install and setup this component and their modules. They have made things very simple. The Real Estate component is full of features. The control panel is laid out in a way that you set up things step by step from left to right – indeed an easy set-up! I would also like to add that should your business need a particular feature, they are ready to do it for you at a modest fee. At the end of the day everybody has a right to get paid for their work. When you send an email or have a question, these people usually reply within same day maximum 24 hrs. I am sorry to say there are a lot of extension authors who do not reply. This, I am glad to say - is not one of those companies. I would like to thank personally Svetlana Shmorgun - Marketing Department who was there for me every time I had a question and to Oleg Snurnikov - Project Manager who handled my customization needs, I would like to thank the rest of the team for a Job well done! I would also like to mention that during the few weeks I have been working with FW Real Estate Pro, the Developer came out with a NEW update which is very impressive. Keep up the Good Work! For the price, features and service response you cannot go wrong!
Reviews: 1
We choose FW Real Estate out of all of the extensions our programmer presented to us because we loved the layout of the properties, and the picture layouts, which are critical for our business as the investors must be able to see the pictures they want to invest on.
After a few days of playing with it, and being very pleased with it, we noticed that the gallery slideshow wasn't working. After many complaints to our programmer, he told us that we couldn't use the extension any more because it was 'incompatible' with his template. We were heartbroken, and tried our hardest to use the new extension that he installed, but we just couldn't get FW Real Estate out of our minds. So, we contacted FW Real Estate support directly, desperate for a solution. They solved it within 15 minutes, and it turned out it was one of our modules that had the problem. We had already received many compliments from our investors on the website, and we wanted to keep on impressing them. Thank You 100 times for saving our website from having to go to a second rate extension!!
Reviews: 4
I've used a few different real estate components and this one was the first that I was able to just install and start using. The default layout looks pretty good, something that's surprisingly hard to find in a real estate component.

I had to email support about a few customizations I wanted and they were very helpful.

I wish there was a way to add custom fields in some areas, but I was at least able to go into the files and rename some of the existing fields so I could use them for other things. Works for me!
Reviews: 1
Very nice component, easy to work, good design and amazing support!
Reviews: 1
At first I was a little dissapointed, because the tool included many features that I didn't need.

But the company has great support (it takes about one day to receive an answer, but it's worth).

They help me customize the tool and fix other importante issues for me.
Reviews: 10
What an excellent extension this is! The most exciting feature is the kind of support these guys provide..Its mind blowing. We asked their help for around 50 times and they responded with the solution! Very intelligent and friendly team.

Thanks guys for such a great extension and support!

Kinsh Technologies
Reviews: 5
After trying many of the other real estate components I have to say that this one ticks all the boxes. It is extremely adaptable and full featured. The support is second to none with most problems resolved at the outside within 24 hours. The price is reasonable and although others have complained about the developers asking for money to do conversions, given that they solve problems with the component very quickly, this is not unreasonable. Why should they work for nothing. The developers are very receptive to new ideas and quick to upgrade the component and associated modules when required. There are other things I would personally like to see but I am sure a polite request would see them considered for inclusion in the future. One of the best Joomla components around in my humble opinion. Well done.
Reviews: 1
Starting up a new real estate agency we were looking for a nice design and a functional and easy to use website, as we know very little about these things. We decided to try FW Real Estate, and I must say this turned out to be much better than we could even imagine. We asked the support team to set up everyting on our site, and within a few (4-5) days it was ready - and to a very fair price. Just needed a few corrections which went fast, as the support is second to none. Our site is up and running faster than we expected, thanks to Sergey, who has helped us much more than we could expect. We also moved our hosting to their server - working perfect - and I´m sure our next project also will be done by these guys
Reviews: 1
I am impressed, i did hit a snag along the way but thanks to the lightning speed of the support team (Svetlanda and team) they fixed the problem in lightning quick time. The newer version out shortly will most likely be even better, I recommend this software, it worth it
Reviews: 1
To give the review some context: I'm relatively new to Joomla, but familiar with HTML, CSS and customising software such as OpenCart etc. What led me to Joomla in the first place was my search for some software I could utilise to build a website for a letting agent client of mine - Joomla I got to grips with pretty quick and I initially started out with JEA, as one of Joomla's free estate agent extensions. I opted for it after being confused as to which paid extension to go for, seeing as the demos didn't give lots away and no refunds seems to be standard, so thought I'd see how I got on! I found it ok, but the support was not there and to cut a long story short I wasted a lot of time (that I didn't have) messing about with it to try and get it looking right. So I relented and opted for a FW Real Estate on a time pressured whim - a decision I do not regret.


A) the support is second to none. I've received responses within the hour each time I've submitted an enquiry! I wish all software support was as good as this.

B) I always like to customise things rather than use straight out of the box and this extension was easy to edit and get looking the way I wanted.

C)I managed to do in about 3 hours what I'd messed around TRYING to achieve in 3 days with JEA!

Improvements for the future?

I'd love to see the "Latest" module they offer become easier to customise as this is the only things I've found slightly disappointing as I haven't been able to get it looking how I wanted.

But still, overall very much worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to use! Support is great - requests are answered very quickly and friendly. If there would be six stars, I would rate them ...
Reviews: 1
I Have been in the web industry for 15 years and have never had the quality customer service that has been provided by fasw3b. A+ on the app and the team that developed it.
Reviews: 1
We installed the component into our joomla real estate site, and found it perfect, flexible and easy to modify almost all parameters.
A complete tool!

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
So far, so good. We've tried lots of Realty programs before this one, and until now it's been good. Customers support is great as well, more companies could use a customers support as quick and hands on.

I'd really recommend this program. It's worth the money.
Reviews: 1
This component is just amazing. It has great functions and is very flexible. I received excellent support from Svetlana Shmorgun. You can't go wrong with this component, its worth it!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
We are happy that you are stisfied with the work of our Support team. All our products are results of work of our Development, Marketing and Support team. So your compliments are to all of us. Thanks for inspiration and we will keep up our good work to keep you happy with our products.

Reviews: 1
The real estate extension was perfect for what I was looking for. Large imagery, not a lot of bulk. It took me a couple days to get it (something with a processing delay on their end), but when I contacted Fastw3b about the problem, they apologize immediately and offered me a complimentary extension for the trouble. Yes, it does take a bit of tinkering with the code to get it exactly the way you'd like, but this is a great base product for anyone building a real estate site.
Reviews: 1
I tested all components of real estate agency. All, after a week's trial have agreed to reimburse me. (too complicated to customize, support unresponsive).... except FW....

Unfortunately it is difficult to get an idea of a component only on the beautiful images they put on their advertisements.

With FW you could do nothing but offer to pay you to help you personalize your agency and add the basic settings you need.

I invite you to refer you to another component, may be more expensive but certainly more honest.

I lost 100 euros!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, Caryl.

Truth is that we really don't provide refunds. It is written in our Terms and Conditions and you could ask us before purchasing component. Also there is no place on site which states that we do refund money. What wasn't honest then?

We provide open source extensions and we have Light (free) versions for major components so customers can not only take a look at what they get, but also use component for free with no limitations to make sure they ready to get more options purchasing PRO version. We are sure that it's as honest as you can get and it's better than selling encoded components as many people prefer our component because of this. Code is very clean and many developers can make modifications themselves.

You claim you lost 100 Euros (which was $104.99 USD) but you still have your account on Fastw3b site and ability to download updates. It is your choice to do it or not, but you have this option. And you got free updates just for $104.99 USD. Sounds dishonest?

Commission for agents and country settings you asked for was never part of features in component specifications. We offered you customization service to show extendibility of component and our ability to meet specific client's needs. Very surprised that you expected us to do it for free for you. May be you thought that blackmailing us with negative review on JED would make us do it for your for free.

Thank you Caryl for this 1-star review as it helps us to realize how much we love all our clients who value products and services we provide, who send us feedback and report us bugs even if they occur. We love you guys and we always want to do more for you! Stay with Fastw3b!

Reviews: 1
Perfect support! Everything was done very fast. The customization service worked very good - everything is now like my client wants!! THX
Reviews: 1
I purchased the FW Software after looking at a number of packages. However my client needed a product that was purely focused on Commercial real estate rather than residential. As I liked the core features of this package, I emailed about getting a custom version made to my specific needs.

These needs included renaming many fields, the creation of additional fields and a recreation of the search facility to match my new layout. Also I wanted some key features of the site altered to allow external links to be used, rather than the programs internal more information page. I also supplied a diagram of my preferred layout as well. These were vey specific requests and I was unsure if it would be even be possible to do what I wanted.

Within 24 hours, I had a reply, along with two quotes for the work. One if done in 6 to 8 days, another for it to be done in 24 hours. I paid a 50% deposit and took the 24 hour option. Within 24 hours I had an email and a link to go in and see the results and to start testing. There were some tweaks that needed to be made (minor fixes and a couple of changes on my part) and these were done within 2 hours of advising. The total cost was very realistic and great value given the level of service.

I paid the final amount once I was happy. After paying the final sum, I did notice a couple of other changes I needed. I emailed and these were done just as promptly as the initial work - for me this shows a company that prides itself on good customer service!!!

I am extremely pleased with the result, as is my client. I have exactly what I asked for. This is a highly professional company who I would recommend without question. My primary contact was Svetlana. Her communications have been clear and concise and have all been very prompt.

Thanks, and I am happy to answer any questions personally if people want me to verify what I have said here.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for such a positive and detailed review! We really appreciate it and hope you'll stay with us forever!

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