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FW Real Estate is the Best Property Selling Real Estate Extension! Extended Search helps you find properties you need in a convenient way, then compare the most suitable items to make the decision and contact an agent for ultimate consultation.

The system allows visitors to search and browse through property listings – just like any of the most popular real estate websites on the net. It also allows real estate agents to register their properties on your website for potential buyers to browse.

* Subscription facility – option to charge agents to add their properties
* Watermark feature
* Open House feature
* Status labels
* Easy Language Manager for multilingual websites
* Currency converter for multiple currency use
* Automated/manual agent approval
* Allow agents to add in-depth property details, gallery images, PDF brochures, videos (FLV/SWT, Youtube, Vimeo) and more with an advanced WYSIWYG editor
* Assign properties by country, state, region, area, city and more
* Assign properties by category (rent or sell) and types (domestic, commercial, 2-4 unit etc)
* Google Captcha


* Compare Feature
* Favorite list - Add as favourite feature
* Email notifications
* Carry out in-depth searches on price, property type, bathroom numbers, floor areas and more
* Comments - option to leave comments on property (Komento integration)
* Apply numerous simple-to-use filters, such as availability filters, lease term filters, ‘order by’ filters and more
* Browse through properties with a user-friendly search system
* Save searches option with advanced notifications system
* Browse expert looking slider galleries of property photos
* Multiple Slideshow effects
* Download an array of PDF documents, property images and videos
* Read short descriptions in listings and long, in-depth descriptions on main property pages
* Share via Twitter & Facebook and use the ‘Send to a friend’ option
* Page print option
* Easy to use property enquiry and contact forms
* View ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘random property slideshows with an included module


* Google maps back-end and front-end integration
Customizable, unlimited currencies & sign positions with different price formats for every country
* Google Street view
* List (detailed) & Table (short) property listing layout options
* Very powerful levels of customization
* Front-end management – add, edit and remove properties without logging into Joomla admin

Related address fields based on AJAX
Optional bespoke MLS integration
Supports extra add-ons and other templates
FLASH support in property description
RTL support
RSS feed
CSV import/export
Built in SEO tools
Multilingual support (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Por

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Reviews: 1
I purchased the FW Software after looking at a number of packages. However my client needed a product that was purely focused on Commercial real estate rather than residential. As I liked the core features of this package, I emailed about getting a custom version made to my specific needs.

These needs included renaming many fields, the creation of additional fields and a recreation of the search facility to match my new layout. Also I wanted some key features of the site altered to allow external links to be used, rather than the programs internal more information page. I also supplied a diagram of my preferred layout as well. These were vey specific requests and I was unsure if it would be even be possible to do what I wanted.

Within 24 hours, I had a reply, along with two quotes for the work. One if done in 6 to 8 days, another for it to be done in 24 hours. I paid a 50% deposit and took the 24 hour option. Within 24 hours I had an email and a link to go in and see the results and to start testing. There were some tweaks that needed to be made (minor fixes and a couple of changes on my part) and these were done within 2 hours of advising. The total cost was very realistic and great value given the level of service.

I paid the final amount once I was happy. After paying the final sum, I did notice a couple of other changes I needed. I emailed and these were done just as promptly as the initial work - for me this shows a company that prides itself on good customer service!!!

I am extremely pleased with the result, as is my client. I have exactly what I asked for. This is a highly professional company who I would recommend without question. My primary contact was Svetlana. Her communications have been clear and concise and have all been very prompt.

Thanks, and I am happy to answer any questions personally if people want me to verify what I have said here.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for such a positive and detailed review! We really appreciate it and hope you'll stay with us forever!

Reviews: 1
The component has great features and works very well. The support I've been receiving from Svetlana Shmorgun is outstanding, quick response and very helpfull. Not 100% adapted for French speaking Canadians but we are working on it and I am certain that it will be fixed very soon. The fonctions works fine it's only the translation to French and the north-american building construction terminology witch is a work in process. Don't be afraid, it's well worth it.
Reviews: 1
Great support, friendly people, offered to add extra functionality on the fly, a real pleasure to get such high quality support, they also logged in my site and set the component and everything!

5 Stars +++++
Reviews: 3
Fairly disappointed in this extension especially considering the the main reason I bought it was because of the good feed back. Their demo site looks great, Pre sales questions were answered immediately with all the right answers.....But when the extension was installed. The translation was incorrect. it was full of bugs and css errors. All which can be fixed with a bit of time and effort but my thoughts are; if its a commercial extension it has to behave like one. This should be free till it is more developed. I have emailed my concerns to the developer to see if there was an easy fix but unlike the pre sales questions....I have never heard back. I have to questions the reviews on here for this...All in all ..a complete waste of money and time:(
Owner's reply

Hello eyecandy1,

We are very surprised to read such a negative feedback after getting reply to all your 4 emails with 1 hour time after they were sent.

Never mind the fact that you have never even mentioned any bugs or issues with the component itself. It simply can't be true with fact of constant update of the component and growing numbers of users and positive feedback we receive from our clients.

We are not worried about the fact that you will still be using our component after leaving such a feedback. What we are really worried about is what else we could do for you to let you see at least something positive in our premium support, which is a slogan of Fastw3b Components.

Fastw3b Components - Joomla Extensions with Premium Support!
And we are happy to refund you component cost and even your wasted time if you can give a proof of what you wrote above.

Reviews: 4
FW Real Estate component is the best real estate extension for Joomla. I've tried almost every real estate component, and they all either full of bugs or look bad (and in many cases they are both). FW Real Estate is very easy to use, no bugs, and looks great. I know the component is still missing some extra features (all the basic features are included), but every month they come up with more extra features. If you want to create a real estate website, your best choice is FW Real Estate.
Reviews: 1

Just it is the extension that I need for my company. Perfect integration with Joomfish.

If you have any kind of problems the support team solve very fast.

The price is perfect in relation with the quality of the component.
Reviews: 6
We were looking for a component to display rental properties on a client web site. FW Real Estate had the functionality we were looking for, but we needed to have some customization done to fit our client specifically. Oleg and the team were great to work with. Their response was very quick, and the final result was great. We are very happy with this tool.
Reviews: 1
I am very new to Joomla and with practically no knowledge am trying to rebuild my brother's Real Estate site from Frontpage to FW Real Estate. The biggest difference I've found is the support. Every one of my questions has been answered and in such a way that I understand and can go to the next step. This to me is the most important thing when working with any project that I have someone to answer my questions and they get an A++++ for their patience and willingness to guide me.
Reviews: 1
We have a small business and needed a way to advertise our few properties so that all related information was available in a single view... FW Real Estate does just that! Previously, we had separate pages for our galleries, info and video... which forced our site users to navigate too much.
Finally, we asked for some customization for our brochures, and Fastweb responded quickly, professionally, and delivered a solution that met our requirements exactly. I highly recommend working with these folks!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension from what I have found so far. I love that it is open source and modifiable. This has the best value of features, simplicity of installment and use, mixed with the low price. I only gave it 4 stars because it is new, and it has a lot of room to grow. It could use more versatility in choosing which fields are required or not required, and it would be nice if there were more ways to customize to an individuals needs that didn't require programming to do. But really, I tried several other real estate extensions, and this one by far took the cake.
Reviews: 1
The very best real estate component for my site. The support very good. I like work with this team!!!!
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