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EZ Realty is a fully featured Real Estate component for Joomla. Whether you run a single-agent business, a multi-agent business or a FSBO property portal - EZ Realty has lots to offer. Some of its features include:-

Quick Install - just point and click with your mouse - and everything is installed in one go.

Responsive design so your listings to look great on all browsers and mobile devices.

Multi-category Support allows you to assign a property listing to display in multiple categories.

Support for MLS/IDX Imports via iPALS RETS Server

EZ Realty will support listings for sale, rent, lease, auction, sale by tender and properties for exchange.

Full Copy Support copies not only the property data - it also generates copies of images and file attachments.

Upload as many images as you want for your property listing. EZ Realty uses the SWF upload system so you can bulk select the images to upload, and easily order them using the image ordering functionality.

Regenerate thumbnails based on the new dimensions that you specify.

Panorama Image Upload Field

Floorplan Upload Support

EPC Certificate Support

General PDF/Doc/Excel Upload Support

Youtube/Virtual Tour Support

Integrated Dynamic Search & configurable ordering of selector lists.

Google mapping and streetview support

Social Networking Icons

Save to shortlist

Recommend to friend

PDF brochure generator

HTML Print

Multiple currency support

RSS Feeds

Captcha Antispam Support

jReviews Support

Multi-agent, FSBO Portal and Paid Listings Support

Data Export Support

Multi-Lingual support

Easy Migration of your J2.5x EZ Realty Data

8 assorted modules with a multitude of display configurations

EZ Realty is packed with features, yet is easy to install and configure. It's GNU GPL compliant and has NO encryption or licensing system - so it's a must for all Joomla property sites.

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Reviews: 1
I tried a few of the rated free Real Estate extensions and looked at some of the Paid ones. The free ones had some issues or needed too much adapting to the needs of my client and presenting Real Estate in Australia. This one was exactly what I needed and was within my budget for the project. Only two requests for support, one was due to my not reading the documentation, and the other was more a query about a possible enhancement for importing REAXML listing data. All handled in a fast, professional and pleasant manner.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
I have worked on Real Estate websites for a couple of my IT customers and found problems and issues with several other extension.

Then I found EZ Realty! It has everything Real Estate site needs and more.

Kathy is the best developer I have ever communicated with. I wanted to make a few changes and Kathy responded very fast with answers!

Trust me! You want this extension!

Thanks, Vince
Reviews: 1
This is a very comprehensive extension that really does do what it says on the tin and give you a complete real estate website out of the box. The modules are all extremely customisable and for our purposes we are actually using the component for a yacht charter website rather than real estate.

The documentation is good and there are demo sites to allow you to see how the modules can look. Kathy was extremely helpful with support and provided excellent service.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this component with a mind to developing a property portal, an area of which I have no or little experience, just wanted to try something different, Kathy went above and beyond to help me get the site up and running, now even with the latest version installed, it's great with some superb new features, if you are looking for a component to turn your site into an all singing and dancing property sales/portal look no further. Customer service is first class and Kathy is very patient.
Reviews: 1
We have been using EZ Realty on a Joomla 1.5 site since 2009 and it has worked perfectly. Recently, due to the age of my site, the licensing server software, and the recent upgrade of their server to a newer version of PHP...our EZ Realty component could not be accessed on the backend. Within 24hrs on the weekend, Kathy had responded to my problem...and within 2hrs of getting her some information, she had the fix. After almost 5yrs of purchasing our EZ Realty version and receiving this level of support, I wouldn't even consider using another Realty component. Thanks Kathy!!!!!
Will be upgrading soon!!
Owner's reply

I was happy to help resolve this problem for you, and get your old EZ Realty installation switched over to full source code files :-)

I would just like readers to be aware that this particular problem only affects the old commercially licensed versions of EZ Realty released prior to 2010. EZ Realty moved to open source licensing in 2010, so it no longer uses encryption or licensing server connections.


Reviews: 1
I have developed my second site with EZREALTY. Installing and implementing it was easy. Yes, there are a lot of parameters to configure but this is the reason it is feature rich and gives a quality finish.

Kathy has helped me on several occasions and the response is fast (even on weekends) and also when it has been me who has caused the problem!!!

Nothing seems to be a problem for Kathy and she helps in areas I feel is really outside her responsibility. I am confused by the negative comments on here but I suppose in reality it doesn't matter how much you help some people there are some out there that will never be happy.

If you are after a quality property component then do not hesitate, BUY IT NOW!!

My clients are over the moon with the results.

Well done Kathy!!
Reviews: 1
I have been using the Ez Realty component successfully for a number of years on a number of websites.

I started out using the component back in the days of J1 and then in J1.5 and successfully hosted one site in particular that listed 5000+ properties, with 2000+ users and handled 2500+ visitors a day without an issue so I was confident that it was robust enough for my needs.

I recently had a critical server issue that presented me with the perfect opportunity to do a fresh rebuild of my websites.

Back in the early days customising the coding was a little tricky and although Kathy's response had always been swift I was a little reluctant to commit the ez realty for the fresh rebuilds - I looked at all the options in depth from iProperty to Jomholiday (this latter one nearly got me) and in the end I came to the conclusion that EzRealty is still the best for my business.

Have now just finished the first of the re-builds I'd like to comment on just how much the component has improved over the years - config & customisation using v7 (on J3) is far easier - I only wished I'd upgraded to it a lot sooner.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this component to anyone looking to build a robust and easy to navigate property or holiday lettings website.
Reviews: 1
I am using Joomla! 3 and Ez Realty v7.

I am working on it in my spare time and language is sometimes an issue, being english not my mother tongue,

Nevertheless, the support is always there to help and solve problems and difficulties quickly and with courtesy, even if some of the issues I could solve looking more carefully in the guide.
Reviews: 2
This is for sure one of the most serious and best extensions for Joomla!

I am totally satisfied with the administration and frontend. Easy to install, use and tweak. Overrides are the same as Joomla's, everything you can do in html folder of your template.

Main thing is to go carefully go through configuration and after that you can fill the power of this real estate extension.

Level of difficulty - easy.

I am using Joomla! 3 and Ez Realty v7.
Reviews: 1
I dismissed the negative reviews here thinking they were unreasonable but having dealt with this mess for months I feel compelled to share.

- The setup and functionality is so cryptic you're totally reliant on one person - Kathy - who was quick to reply but unfortunately not always attentive to the question asked and, the support site didn't work (said it was being worked on).

- there are two demo sites visible under two different domains, each compatible with only Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 and with very different layouts which I assumed to be optional templates. I purchased based on using the site that happened to be 2.5 layout, only to be told that the shown layout wasn't compatible with 3.0.

- Uninstalling required manual deletion of tables, there is no way to uninstall within Joomla. Not a big deal but it indicates development problems.

- Contrary to the description above, multiple agent functionality is NOT supported without purchase of EZ Portal, a separate extension. Only found out after purchase.

- the same packaged code supports Realty AND Autos, and Clubs, meaning hundreds of unnecessary files and lines.

- both packages were full of bugs that required hours of core fixes just to get it to work.

After (politely) pointing these problems out to her she cancelled my account with no warning, and locked me out of the support area!

There is NO community forum or knowledgebase. I was left with a half developed site and a developer who wouldn't return my emails. She refunded the payment (without me asking) as I guess it was easier for her to do than fix the code. It wasn't worth it though, for the work required to complete on my own.

The code has potential, the main problem lies with support. With a better community around it I would use it again. Until then, buyer beware.
Owner's reply

I apologize for any delay that this customer believes he experienced - however, the fact is I replied to many of his tickets within 15 minutes, many were replied to within just a couple of hours, and all were replied to within my 6-12 hour target. That is not a poor response time - and it's no basis for complaint.

In my own defense, I was involved in a car accident and suffered injuries that left me with impaired vision - so it's entirely possible I didn't see an email that he sent to me.

As for his other claims - I'll address those now:-

Bugs do slip through in spite of extensive pre-release testing - and when this customer identified one - it was fixed for him immediately. Most of his problems stemmed from his own failures though. Failure to use the software as it was designed, failure to attend to basic configuration of the extension, and failure to read documentation.

He was also importing data directly into the database - so he caused a lot of his own problems due to inappropriate data handling. That is not the fault of EZ Realty - that is poor external data management by the client - and something I have no control over.

There was a very extensive user guide available for him to download - 111 pages of instructions and screenshots - there is also online documentation available, online video tutorials covering key skills, and the configuration settings all have built-in explanations of what they are for. He never made use of them - even when I suggested he read them - so his complaint about no resources is untrue.

Of course I maintain 2 different demonstration sites - and each is clearly labelled as to what version of Joomla and EZ Realty is involved. Each version has a different code-base and different design layouts, and I make those demonstration sites available so you can see how the two versions differ. There is no valid reason for this client to be criticizing the demonstration sites. They are there to inform you - so you can make an appropriate purchase decision.

Also untrue are his claims that all of my software products are the same code with different product names. Of course Joomla extensions share similarities - that is the nature of coding - but that doesn't make them all the same.

EZ Realty is designed to be a part of an extensible system of extensions - so that it's functionality can be expanded by the addition of other extensions - eg. EZ Portal. The EZ Realty subscription options are clearly marked on my site - and the product information makes it clear which subscription is required. His failure to purchase the correct subscription is simply due to his own failure to read the subscription description - and it's a reflection of his failure to consider whether the product he intended to purchase was suitable for his business model.

He'd clearly purchased the wrong product for his needs - so I issued him with a refund along with an apology and an explanation. Of course the business relationship ended at that point. I was under no obligation to continue providing him with free support or access to an extension he didn't like, and to accuse me of locking him out of my site for no reason is a complete misrepresentation of the situation.

Reviews: 3
We are building in France a website for real estate. The support is excellent and prompt. Kathy is very patient with people (like us ) who don't write perfect english. Ez realty is very sophisticated but easy to install and use.
Reviews: 16
Kathy went over and beyond to help with an issue to with the PDF Download function. She actually took the time to build a new script to help me out. The component is a really the best out there, helped by the support I would say look no further.
Reviews: 10
I've been trying out a few real estate extensions including commercial ones. I wish I chosen this on first it would save me a lot of hassles and money. I won’t say here about my bad experiences with others as it is not the place here. I am only trying to make a point …that it is not the first one I spend time on.

If it comes to support it is simply outstanding. And we all know how sometimes silly things takes hours. It is worth every single penny. Most important if you want to save yourself time go for full installation option. I was so happy it was on the offer as it save me a lot of unnecessary time. And now next time I won’t need full service as I understand structure and what was done. For first time I would strongly advice to take the option if it is still available. It is very complex extension, especially if you buy portal version it will be a lot to learn. I have been working with Joomla for quite few years from version 1, deal with so many great developers and this extension is one of my favourites and support simply rock.

Love it and see a lot of use for my clients. It is a killer extension. Packed with all the features real estate needs. Your clients will love you for this extension. Brilliant !

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 5
I've had the privilege of working with ezrealty since the j1.5 days and I'm still loving it. Kathy did a great job in sooooo many ways with this extension and i'd definitely recommend it hands down. I really love the Joomla 3 version and my client loves their new site! Especially after being taken advantage of by the companies that offer real estate solutions. I emailed Kathy for support and got an almost instant reply event though i'm located on the other side of the planet! Quality coding, and responsible authorship. If you're tossing around the idea of staying with the j2.5 version, i'd say to just jump to the j3 version; unless auxiliary extensions dictate otherwise. Ezrealty is definitely worth every penny! (I've used seblod, k2, ezautos and other solutions and would say EZ realty fills a sorely needed niche.) Thanks Kathy! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Very impressed with the software, which is fully worth the asking price. Even more impressive is the support offered by Kathy, she is amazing! She went out of her way to tend to my problems. She replys to messages very quickly and is an absolute pleasure to deal with, I wish I could give 6 stars:) Jonni
Reviews: 1
When it came time to upgrade a site that is using this component, I was a bit worried, because we had done a lot of modifications to the code. We were using EZRealty 5.x on Joomla 1.5.x. Taking this site to the latest version of EZRealty and Joomla 2.5 was made easy by the EXCELLENT SUPPORT. Kathy was more than helpful with detailed questions about the code and locations of the files I needed to modify. I recommend this extension highly.
Reviews: 1
Great Extension when it worked for us, BUT very disappointing for after a very short period of time it broke.
And we now have an extension that no longer works with the support of Google maps within Joomla 2.5 which is why we chose this extension in the first instance.
Moreover the server now crashes if you (Must Now Disable within the EZ Realty extension) try to use Google maps and brings down the complete web site.
We have now discovered that the only way to get it to now work with Google maps is upgrade to version Joomla 3.0 (additional costs) of which we do NOT require as we only want Google maps to work within our version of the EZ Realty extension.
The bottom line is very disappointing experience for trying to implement and use this EZ Realty extension.
Owner's reply

This client should have sought support for the problem - which was due to a change with google mapping services API and not a flaw with EZ Realty. An update was made available within 24 hours of its occurrence and there was NO requirement to upgrade to Joomla 3.0x. The only reason this person has a non-working site is because of their own failure to seek help.

Reviews: 1
Ezrealty is an excellent component that is feature rich. It suits our needs perfectly and is very easy to customise. Even better is the high level of support you get from Kathy. Its simply the best support I have had for any service/product online.

Highly reccomended!
Reviews: 3
I have used both the original 1.5 version and the new 2.5 and it is immense. User friendly, powerful, and customisable. Kathy is amazing, I have never experienced support of this magnitude. She deserves more than 5 stars.
Reviews: 2
is the first time I install a commercial extension of joomla for a real estate agency and with the fast support of Kathy I was able to set it up quickly. The advice to others. thank you Kathy
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