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The Estate Agent is a Property Listing Component with lots of advanced features.
The component will help the Real Estate Agents, can easily, handle the categories, the properties type and manage their properties in the least possible time.
Frond-end joomla registered users as agents can add or edit their properties, and upload pictures and media files using an embedded gallery.
Full GoogleMaps support with automatic (geocoded) or manual coordinates insertion, separately for each property etc.

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Reviews: 8
After trying out a free estate agent package I found it quite limited. I then purchased EA Improved and it is fantastic. After just a few hours I found it was easy to set up and use. It is very user friendly. My first and only contact with the vendor was extremely benificial.

I look forward to using this software and to building very good site with it. I cannot understand why some people have complained about's very good.
Reviews: 1
I normally do not purchase commercial components, modules or plugins from JED seeing as soon ALL you will find are commercial extensions Im sure!!!! However, I am EXTREMELY grateful I decided to purchase this component. I had been going crazy for about a month trying to figure out how to correct an ongoing problem with a previous version. Once I upgraded and purchased the newest version I email eaimproved webmaster who solved my issue almost immediately. GREAT component. I would recommend to anyone who has coding ability to alter the could would be very pleased with the possibilities of the component, and those who dont know to much code can still be very happy with the options the component provides. I am currently still seeking a CB plugin so that my visitors do not have to create 2 profiles... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reviews: 1
The system has basic limitations.
For example, it no generates automatically the property ID and does not have search of multiple regions.
The support is very very very bad! NO HAVE SUPPORT!
Owner's reply

We never promised that the component has these features, and this is accessible to everyone who can visit the component features and the demo webpage.
Of course we could not succumb to your blackmail, that if we don't modify the component for you, for free to yours needs, you will insert negative rating here.

Reviews: 1
I was asked to give honest review. well here it is.If you know the history this extension was a fork on misterestate n estate agent since j1.0 and mambo days. Nothing much was done to improved as their rename it to "ea improved". For joomla newbies and non programmers this is good start but do standby some dollars for your customization that's a MUST. Example imagine a property with selling price of $2M (u have to enter it exactly 2000000 (no commas, no space allowed-very very weak coding agree?)), moving on the price is $2m but the module wont "register" the max price in db and auto option in search module, strangely the max amount is $300,000 as in demo n live site.You have to hard code edit the module n coding yourselves to achieve a logical real estate solutions. try it yourself if u agree with me.The image module system is weak too, u have to enter each title n desc , save n go back to next one. why never use the uber powerful j!framework , jclasses? There are charging euro $38 for a year support with few hundreds members .With the money earn everyone agree a better development can be planned.Anyone who is familiar with cck, pls go ahead and look into that alternative which gives better value for money anytime. i hope JED team go n visit the demo site and be witness . cheers.
Owner's reply

We want to thank you because the last 4 years, you preferred our component for your real-estate websites, although we would expect a better rating, for such extended use, with so small charge.

Regarding the maximum value in the search form, is simple. You can change it using the component configuration, but please post your problems in our support webpages.

Reviews: 3
Estate Agent Improved is now the best Real Estate component for Joomla. This a professional component with a lot of features and is best suited for medium to advanced Joomla website designers and administrators. The Forum is not perfect but you can find many useful informations and advices in many threads. The technical support is very fast. In summary a great Joomla extensions for a small amount of money.
Reviews: 7
I bought the extensions, installed it and had to do some work to make it RTL. Not only is this extension the BEST real estate extension for Joomla, their support is absolutely amazing! Giannis at the support forum always has answers to all questions posted and even modified to files for me, since I'm not a PHP programer.

For all users who need a professional real estate extension: fully trust EA Improved extension! buy the extensions and if you need support, I can honestly say that EA Improved should be a MODEL for all Joomla support systems.

Thank you,
Amiel Horowitz
Reviews: 11
For the price, this is a decent component. It does what it should which is allowing you to post real estate.

There are some downsides though. It is difficult to edit most parts of the component. There's no way to disable/enable specific features. The english translations are poor (which isn't uncommon and is easily fixed in the language file).

Most of questions on the support forum were answered within a few hours, but navigating the support forum and website is a nightmare. The pages load extremely slow, so be prepared to spend some time just searching for solutions.

Overall this is a good component for the price. I don't know that I will continue to use it, but maybe in time things will "improve" heh.
Reviews: 1
I have used Hot Property etc before and this is way ahead of them. It has some great features and is well priced.

However it does appear to have bugs in IE7 and IE8. Firefox is fine with everything working. The main problems are between languages. I wonder if all the glowing reviews are written by people only using one language?

Examples are: english - no right hand column. no googlemap.
spanish - no video
russian - no video

Perhaps my biggest gripe is that there appears to be no support. We are asked to post to the forum but my message has been there for 5 days with no help! I have filled in a front page "message" to try to get some action, but still to no avail.

I wish to compare this to Prestashop (wash your mouth out!) which is free. We had a problem, posted it in the forum and we had a solution within 30 minutes. OK. EA Improved IS cheap but surely users deserve some service too?
Reviews: 7
I don't understand how anyone could find this component less than fantastic. I've tried all the real estate components available (accept the really, really expensive one) and this one totally rocks for the cost. I disagree with other reviewers who said that it's difficult to modify or customize to your needs. I found this to be very easy to customize. The support is pretty on the ball. The front end user experience is very polished. I'm really jazzed about this component. It's been SO LONG since I paid for an extension and didn't regret purchasing it. Thanks EstateAgent Improved for breaking my drought of Joomla extension remorse!
Reviews: 2
Good for price ...
There are some bugs, such as the table structure and little else... but seriously developed and well supported by the developer. I do not understand why the other criticisms in particular, is difficult to find working solutions out of the box and often cost much. Bye
Reviews: 1
It's really a pity because it looks nice this component, but it parses everything in a table layout which validate with heaps of errors and because of the tables it is also hard and sometimes impossible to override the CSS styling.
Reviews: 1
Use this component from version 1.5.1 and my opinion on version 1.5.1. was good but with the latest version 1.5.2 I can raise my opinion a very good.
Furthermore, the cost of support service for a whole year I think correct.
Good luck to the team EAImproved.
Very nice work
Reviews: 4
Excellent component, with combination of sh404sef very seo friendly.
Reviews: 5
If you are looking for a cheap alternative to other Real Estate solutions this is a good choice.

However, if your developer knowledge is somewhat lacking, I warn you that customizing this component is not a quick process. For me it was no problem customizing, however I can see it being a problem for some.

I did not give this a 5 star review because I strongly believe that if you charge for a GPL product, you should only do so when the product is highly polished leaving little work for the paying end-user.

That said, I strongly recommend this product to anyone needing a Real Estate Solution due to it's good Admin section and ease of use once you have it fully customized to your liking.
Reviews: 7
I have installed many Joomla's real estate extensions, and EA Improved works great, for Sales or rentals.
Easy to configure types of the properties, has very nice image gallery, pro version has Google maps also.
Code is very clean, the most important for me.

Compatible with Joomfish.

Has SEF support.

RSS 2.0

You can add media and documents in the listing.

Support is okay for me, resolved every instance, there was a few. Comparing with other extensions, this is "less coffee, less headache, and more sales and leads".

Worth every penny. Very useful tool for real estate professionals.

Excellent job!
Reviews: 4
it's very good component, cheap price, but powerfull, i had customize all language to indonesian, and the result it's so good component...light and powerfull.thank for the developer..
Reviews: 4
Downloaded and translated the plugin. Needed a bit tweaking to mach my specific needs, but works like a charm now. My site just rocks right now.
One little remark that made me choose 4 stars. When someone pays for a component the support should be a bit more active. Please speed up the help in the forum.
Reviews: 2
I've been looking for almost two months for a real estate extension for a property management company. I started with the free ones which seem to have bugs or style issues. This one has none that I could find. I had everything loaded, configured, and working within an hour. Well worth the price.
Reviews: 7
It is difficult claim support from only one person. I, for use this component in J15x I have waited a year. But I believe that when I have learned to use it will try to answer to questions from the Forum. Help the Community is important, and we must do so, also because "EA" costs only $20! Sorry for my B@bylon English.
Reviews: 4
If you have a straight out of the box property management that you want to use this component with, then it works lovely.

Just be certain that you are clear you will not be able to make changes easily.

If you need to modify or change it in any way (i.e. you only sale property, not rent; you have 5 categories, not 4; you do not want to show certain property features; etc.) then I urge you NOT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY on purchasing this product.

Support is almost nil, with the exception the occasional one line answer that doesn't really explain how or where to address the problem.

Additionally, the photo management for this is horrible. It will upload and rename your images with something unrecognizable that you will never be able to find or use again without giving yourself a headache.

In short, this needs a lot more work before it is worth the money; as a freebie, it is moderate at best. If I had the option of changing for something better, believe me, I would!
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