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The Estate Agent is a Property Listing Component with lots of advanced features.
The component will help the Real Estate Agents, can easily, handle the categories, the properties type and manage their properties in the least possible time.
Frond-end joomla registered users as agents can add or edit their properties, and upload pictures and media files using an embedded gallery.
Full GoogleMaps support with automatic (geocoded) or manual coordinates insertion, separately for each property etc.

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Reviews: 1
Works very well! Wonderful support! Easy to use.

Cons: I renamed 'objects' to 'properties'. Took a few minuted, but easy customization.

Pros: Fast forum support! EA works right out of the box. Great flexibility. Handles images nicely.
Reviews: 4
This component works well for me and wish there are more modules for the 1.5pro, otherwise its simple to install, configure and manage. Excellent work and look forward to the updates and new modules. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Works great in IE and firefox2 but in firefox 3 starts shrinking the tables.

Posted a thread in their forum no response.

Good product but bad support.

Its worth the money spent if you have a lot of IE users.
Reviews: 7
They call the property listings "Objects" and it is hardcoded throughout the code. The language file has it in several places, but then you have to go through the code to find all the places where it's hardcoded. For example, the javascript prompts "Please select an object to ...". This search was made more difficult by all the variables named "object".

The advanced search does not give you the option of disabling (not showing) certain search fields, such as "country" or "district". If you're running a local real estate site, you don't want the county field showing in the search options.
Reviews: 1
It worked perfectly for me! Appart having to translate it top to bottom to Portuguese (pt_PT), it does exactly what is announced at the website. Easy to install and customize. I'm now running a fully funcional real estate website.

I would definitely recommend it.
Reviews: 1
For a commercial product the level of support can be non existent. It may have been great in the past though now the focus is developing the product at the expense of customer care.
Reviews: 1
Adding new fields and editing existing fields, is now probably the single most important aspect that would elevate this component above everything els out there.
Very good in almost all other aspects.
Reviews: 1
I tried download all the free/GPL Real Estate software for use in Joomla CMS environment.

However, all the products have the same prpblems. They all failed after installation. Bugs were everywell. I saw a lot of error messages and so on.....

I was not willing to try out the commerical product as I am not sure if I was able to get help or I will be charged for every problem I encountered.

I have the same problem with EA Improved, initially. There were lot of error msg after installation. browsers alignment were out.

I posted all the errors at EA Improved's forum. In about a week, a new version were release and most of the error were fixed.

This time around, everything went smoothly. I was so happy about the product. I went ahead to purchase the full product (donate), although I can operate well without the additional feature found in the donateware.

I am happy that EA Improve is a product I can install it without any programming skill.
Reviews: 3
At first I thought it was gonna be pretty intense to understand the flow, but once I started keying in some demo entries, it was way too easy.

Bravo! Looking forward to see how it progresses.
Reviews: 2
I've used Hot Property & Ez Realty & Open Realty (cms realty)...
EZ Realty is great, great support, however it is getting more expensive and less customizable.

Hot Property has had a big following, but with no updates in years and virtually no input from the developer, it's essentially been abandoned. Since Hot Property has a large following of users tweaking, coding, etc. I would suggest they come over to eaimpoved and lend their skills to further developing this product. It is as good if not better than the base Hot Property product, and there are updates, etc.
Reviews: 1
Installed everything except scrolling module only to kind that I can't create objects.

get the following error:

* JHTMLGrid::legend not supported.

I have tried all these GNU/GPL real estate components and none of them seem to work out of the box. I've tried them Joomla 1.0x and 1.5.
Owner's reply

The component does not support Joomla version 1.5 at the moment. It is clearly stated.

Reviews: 1
I installed the version of assessment and thought very good. Certainly is a very well done.
Reviews: 5
Excellent component, always being updated, easy to use, great for buildings of all sizes.
Reviews: 1
The most important issue about this component is that here you get fast responses in the support forum. If you have questions about Mister Estate you will be an old man before you get response...
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