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Introducing, OS Property: The leading Joomla! Real-estate extension.
OS Property is a full-featured real estate component for Joomla. It allows independent real agents to upload and maintain properties for any types
Main features
★ 2 levels of properties, standard and featured.
★ Featured properties upgradion with Paypal payment gateway.
★ Joomla SEF URLs & SEO (Metadata) support, also with SEF components
★ Multiple location
★ Location data for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand and Finland Default is United States.
★ Ability to create access levels with categories, properties, field groups and custom fields.
★ Multiple Currencies
★ Integration with OS Membership, OS Calendar, Sh404sef, Jom Social, Falang, XMap, Jcomments extensions
★ Integrate with Walked Score map, KML Google earth, Education, Energy measurement use and Co2 emissions chart
★ Google (Map, Adsense) integration
★ Multilingual
★ Social networks (Twitter, Facebook)
★ RSS support (also KML Google Earth)
★ Responsive layouts
★ Full manage companies, agent/ owner, properties, categories, property types, price list, comments, amenities, custom field groups and custom fields
★ Manage & Import location (countries, states, cities)
★ Extension available for bulk CSV importing
★ Email templates management
★ Backup & restore database
★ Easy to make and manage OS Property themes
★ Ability to translate text Messages or Labels
★ Power Configuration
★ Company & Agent/Owner register
★ Company: Manage agents/ owners
★ Agents: Manage properties
★ List properties by different criteria like property types, categories, states, cities v.v. and different layout like list, grid and map view
★ Locator search (Google map) and Advanced search with basic and much more search options.
★ Allow customers to save the search criteria for future visit
★ Pdf export & Print layout of properties
★ Compare & Favorite properties
★ Different form types (contact, request details e.g.)
★ Neighborhoods
★ Many add-ons like slideshow, random properties, category menu, advanced search, ajax search, loan calculator, mortgate e.g.
★ Flexible layouts
And much more ..
OS Property with Joomla!templates:
CHANGE LOG: Version 2.6.6. Released: July 15th, 2014.

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Reviews: 1
Great component, very good value for money. I had to make several changes to suit my needs but thanks to the excellent support have been easy.
Reviews: 1
Unbelievable!!! This extension is so complete, so so so cheap and works great!!. The support is excellent! i recommend it!!
Reviews: 1
Well, i must say im very glad and happy i chose this com.
Its easy to edit, support is just awesome! Very helpful, polite and fast!
Didnt noticed any bugs!
Reviews: 1
The script is great and the support is overwhelmingly awesome. Dam will make sure you get the best out of the script!
Reviews: 4
Perfect Real Estate component, powerful and flexible, with all possible functions, very easy to modify parameters according to personal needs! Easily to translate into desirable language!
Support is quick and helpful, i ’am impressed, Dam helped me several times! I was ready to pay for customize module in the Serbian language, but Dam did it for free quickly and with courtesy!
A pleasure to deal with them!
Thank you and Congratulations!
Reviews: 1
I love this CMS and the real estate extension is just what I needed.
This is great and very user friendly; great tech support too!
Reviews: 1
I am new in the Joomla world, but I am having a great experience with Osproperty. The developer gave me personalized support, and he actually help me through the installation process. I have never gotten such a wonderful service before.
I strongly recommend this product, and I am looking forward to master all the capabilities of such design.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component with a very small price.

I was positively surprise with the support team, excellent service and fast answer.

Always the best criteria for choose any software, additional to the list of functionality, are the people behind it, and this component have all.
Reviews: 1
He was searched and found a solution with a reasonable cost and complete! easy to use and a comprehensive database, I recommend to all who are in need of a complete platform and functional!
Reviews: 1
This is a very comprehensive property listing. The support has been awesome and fast.

Thanks so much.
Well worth the money spent.
Reviews: 1
it is the best one i'd ever seen before. i tried most of the others but this one is great. And their support is perfect & friendly. Thank You very much to your support team.
Reviews: 5
This is a true gem. I was pretty skeptical at first mainly because of the price, but it is actually just as feature rich as any of the other property extensions that are many times the price. Not only that I had a small problem and it was fixed within an hour of posting a ticket on a Saturday.It turned out to be a configuration misunderstanding with the slideshow module, you don't use id just enter the id number eg 3. Everything is configurable to suit your own needs. I am very happy.
Reviews: 1
After I purchased OS Property and needed help setting everything up, I contacted the developer and they were very willing to help. They are going above and beyond to make sure everything is running smoothly.
Reviews: 1
We've been using this product to set up a new site. It's really excellent and the support from the developer has been great. Any questions we had were answered and he even dropped into our site to check things.

The product has a ton of options and configurations, which means that it's possible to customise it to a very large extent. And with the slideshow option on the front page it looks great. 5* from us. Excellent value for money!!!
Reviews: 3
This truely is an amazing product. Worked very well without any problem. Easy to install and easy to use. Excellent support by developers. Highly Recommended. A+++
Reviews: 2
5 Star support service and product. I have been working with OS Property on one of my websites, and needed a few changes. The developer team went out of their way to respond to my requests without any delay. They updated some files to suit my needs and I cannot thank them enough! Well done on the great service!
Reviews: 2
We assessed a range of software products when we decided to set up a multi-lingual real estate site and OSProperty is the best value product by far! Not only does it have a WIDE range of configurable options around the back but the level of support has been great. We contacted Dam several times with questions about functions and issues and he was not only quick to respond but he was unfailingly helpful. And the range of choices one has in terms of display and functions is truly staggering for a piece of software this size. This product is clearly the result of a LOT of thought and effort. For the money, we think this is the best value listing software around ... and for people considering a fully multi-lingual site it's the only choice! It's the only software we found which allows a full translation of all labels and all key dynamic data. We give this 5 stars. Keep

Installation was fairly intuitive, and so is configuration at the back end, but this product would definitely benefit from a comprehensive and well-written user manual. But then so would the majority of software extensions one finds!

In summary, we think this product is great for the money.
Reviews: 2
i use joomla for 5 years now so i know each component around here.I already try so many real estate but i finally choose this one as the demo is very attractive. installation is very simple . It work right away . but i ve got a little problem with gd support wich was solved immediately by the developer.Very nice component and very good support. keep up the good work!!
Reviews: 3
i waiting to rate this extension excellent in time to come but now i am a end user and i can feel the pain.

The feature is AWESOME. As the saying great power come with great responsibilities, same goes here. great feature comes with great responsibilities. Going through the support forum one can understand the level of stability this extension has.In my humble opinion this extension should NOT be release to live site.

It has 2 major security bug reported but the developer choose to delete the thread and keep mum about it.Only when many make noise and show proof the site has been hacked not ONCE but TWICE.

Please go to the forum and verify this fact. The code used in this extension is not optimized too. I have 20,000 listings which is normal for a US real estate mls listing, the site shake badly, response very slowly.

This is my idea from what i gather from the forum.

As mention by some others

1. Please use standard MVC coding style, release format, availability to download old extension and proper updates. ALL this does not exist
2. As mention by another forum member , this extension written for both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5. Sound good. But the 2.5 users miss all those sweet feature that the default framework carries.Please separate both version.

3. Proper release, well documented suggestion, feedback , tutorials.

4. Security issue is very costly. Please give extra attention to it.

Lastly , please develop an extension with passion, don't just look at the quick money. Money will flow in when its stable. Many users are careful where they put the money at.

Cheap extension with lots of feature but the stability is not there is not going anywhere. So far there have been 20+ major bug fix with self denial.

All the best to the developer, Who is young and active.He just need a good direction to be a good coder. Please develop with passions.

There is so many good reviews, i assume this is not from the in depth users.
Reviews: 1
In my case to have a fully functional website,i bought many real estate script,spent money on webdeveloper to get a site that will meet my need and the needs of my client,a website that will carry the message as i want,but i never had the opportuntiy untill i came across Ossolution property ,i saw a fully function website with features to meeting your needs,very easy to use,with the Help and support of it's outstanding Team.I suggest osp to anyone looking for a script and team to carry you along.Kudos
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