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Joomla Estate Agency (JEA) is a free real estate component for Joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x. The goal of this extension is to be easy to use for end users and easy to customize for developers.

With JEA, you can manage properties in backend or frontend interface. You can add multiple images and manage features for each property. There is powerful search capabilities based on component features.

JEA is designed to be flexible and extensible :
Layouts can be easily overridden in your template and JEA can be extended with plugins.

-ACL management
-Rentals and sales management
-Backend and frontend management
-Automatic picture resizing
-Easy gallery management for each property
-AJAX search filter
-Contact form for each properties
-Geolocalized search
-Native translations : French, English and Spanish
-Native SEF
-Slider module
-Featured module
-Search module
-DPE plugin (Energy efficiency)
-Social plugin
-Joomfish plugin
-Plugin entries to extend the JEA core

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Reviews: 4
This extension is great, expecially because there arn't bugs like in all other extensions (i was using Com Properties...).
The only thing I must disappoint is this one: I asked the team why disappeared amenities on backend. No answer from no one.
Reviews: 7
Great useful options on the backend and with front end editor access this provides excellent control of real-time property management. Nice and simple. The installation completed without errors into Joomla!2.5.6.
Reviews: 1
Code wise it is excellent and does a good job. html/css wise it needs a little work so I will finish some of the edits on the html/css and help this author make it even a better product because I like the fact this excellent extension is free and don't mind donating a little time to make it better but other than that cheers mate. It is making me think to use Joomla instead of Wordpress for real estate sites again.
Reviews: 2
I installed this with out any difficulties I also added facility near property module that works well using google map I hope I can send it to you as an addon to this thanks a million
Reviews: 9
First of all I acknowledge this extension is free. I also am happy to say that I have used the version for Joomla 1.5 very well for the last 12 months or so.

However the new version 2 is no where near ready for general release.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the extension ....It entirely satisfied my needs of a real estate practice .... It was very easy to use for both developer and user !!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 4
I'm using it for a single agent real estate site and find it really good! Easy to install and use. Covers all my needs so far.
Thank you for the good work!
Reviews: 1
I installed your extension for one of my client. In my idea, it works perfectly and real good for non-commercial extension.

Thank you for excellent job !
Reviews: 1
JEA is by far the best component available for an estate agency running their website on Joomla. It is superior to even some of the paid for services! Thought of switching to other component (due to 1.5 restrictions), but there is just not one that can offer the same features (especially around maps) than JEA! A job well done, and for now I am staying on 1.5. :)
Reviews: 5
This is probably the best free property software available.
Reviews: 5
Incredibly flexible extension. I was able to build a complete rental site with all the things I needed. It required some learning and a bit of coding here and there to produce my own works, but nothing to complicated even for a newbie like me. The forum isn't asleep like in other places, and many tips can be found there. I believe there is no other free extension that can give you the same options as this one, even straight out of the box.
Reviews: 9
Excellent extension, really simple but powerfull. I love it.
And thanks for the free templates also.
Reviews: 8
I didn't find any bugs in this one, so that's good, but it was really too messy in the display for me and would require too much time, if I can at all, to get it right.

What I didn't like is this:
The extra images appear in an iframe and you have to scroll to see them. So that's not user friendly and I don't like having images hidden like that.

Additionally on the detail page there's way too much empty space and everything is really spread out because where there is no data, that space does not go away, neither does the labeling for those empty spaces.

This may be fine for some people, but as a graphic designer, this is hard on the eyes and just not acceptable to me. I probably can get in the code and fix this, but I'd rather find something else.

So, developers, spend a little time prettying it up and it will be a good piece of software.
Reviews: 9
This extension installed fine and seems to function fine.

However, it's missing some HUGE features. For example, you can't add custom text fields for additional property features. You can only add checkboxes.

Overall a good extension, but not for serious sites.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use. I have made an Danish translation to this extension! If Developer want this - Reply me :)

Very good extension :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for your translation.
You can submit your language pack here :

Reviews: 1
Great component mate, the only thing im a bit disappointed with is the search module as there are not enough drop down selection attributes. Another option would be to check if there is a swimming pool, to search for number of bedrooms, badthrooms. if the property is owned by a developer or a person
Reviews: 6
Very easy to install, it's just missing one thing I need. I need to be able to process payments on rentals and take a commission. Hopefully future releases will have this.
Reviews: 1
works like a charm, great support forum - all for free! 5 starts from me indeed!
Reviews: 2
I have tried a lot of the real estate components that are out there. Some are seriously complex, some lack needed features. This component (almost) has it all and works like a charm. It would be nice if i could override it's template in a simply way and if the secondary images would show up on the PDF output. Apart from that i would like to say, Great job, Thanks ! (ps. The googlemap overview (search) feature of the com_jea-1.1-RC2 version is absolutely fabulous !!)
Reviews: 1
It's a great extension!

Work like charm instantly!

Thank you.
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