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Joomla Estate Agency (JEA) is a free real estate component for Joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x. The goal of this extension is to be easy to use for end users and easy to customize for developers.

With JEA, you can manage properties in backend or frontend interface. You can add multiple images and manage features for each property. There is powerful search capabilities based on component features.

JEA is designed to be flexible and extensible :
Layouts can be easily overridden in your template and JEA can be extended with plugins.

-ACL management
-Rentals and sales management
-Backend and frontend management
-Automatic picture resizing
-Easy gallery management for each property
-AJAX search filter
-Contact form for each properties
-Geolocalized search
-Native translations : French, English and Spanish
-Native SEF
-Slider module
-Featured module
-Search module
-DPE plugin (Energy efficiency)
-Social plugin
-Joomfish plugin
-Plugin entries to extend the JEA core

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Reviews: 5
There is a lot I really like about this extension. It installed easily without a hitch. Nice and clean admin interface.
But, to be viable for me personally here is my wishlist:
* Better English Translation (this looks like a 'google translate' translation).
* More options in 'configuration'. Fields are too limited. Would like to be able to add custom fields or remove the ones I dont wish to use.
* Would love to be able to import areas/towns etc, from a spreadsheet or similar. Will take a long time to input one at a time.

I do hope this project is still being actively developed and I look forward to seeing future releases. I have not been able to find a commercial version of this, if it exists, I'd be interested in a demo if the above were met.

I can appreciate the work the author has put into this and sincerely thank him for releasing it to the community for free. I think it's a great starting point for what could be a very nice component for Joomla!. Indeed I look forward to tinkering with it.
Reviews: 3
I just installed this yesterday and was able to get it up and running with very little effort. Template was easy enough to modify and the forums and wiki were a great help. I downloaded first the stable version and then the beta RC2. Does everything that I want it to do. I looked at several other extensions before landing on this one and I couldn't be more please.
Reviews: 3
JEA made my days !

I have to felicitate Sylvain for his excellent work and also for his technical support in any case. Thanks ago, keep going the good work.
Reviews: 2
Very cool and useful extension!You don`t make mistake if you use!
Reviews: 8
I love this extension! Unfortunately it lacks the bells and whistles that make it something I can "sell" to my clients. I look forward to seeing the additions that will hopefully follow this! A "Latest" and/or "Featured" module that lets me put some - or all - of the listings on the front page or in a carousel or something similar would make this far more appealing to site owners (clients!). In the meantime, this is on my watch list. Can't wait for more!!
Reviews: 1
this plug in is reall helpfull and adapted for a real state company.

Reviews: 1
Very good job.

I am using it more than one year.

What about a search by reference.

Thank you.
Reviews: 7
A nice component, I have a none techy literate client that loves the simplicity of this component, this is it's appeal as the others are overkill. As a regular downloader of extensions take it from me we don't mind paying for them, rather pay for a well developed version of this than a free 90% version where the developers have left the building!

In my view the best extensions are free to download and you pay for addons, like List Bingo.

"90% of the job is the last 10%"
Reviews: 1
though i had little problems on fire fox where when using the module JTranslate n Jshare one wasn't able to type into the description tab....
Overall the JEA is Super Fantastic easy to use n configure...
Reviews: 1
Good Property Joomla extension, but I cannot found setting for property agent grade (grade by limit quantity for submit)
Reviews: 1
It is a great module. Easy to use and customiza. However, I can´t find the way to insert the Google Geolocalization. Probably some documentation about the module would make it easier to implement.
Reviews: 1
This is a really good tool, however, one feature seems to be missing or I simply cannot find it.
I'm looking to assign a manual order to the property entries. At the moment it can be only done alphabetically.
Is there any way of choosing the 'hot' or 'urgent' properties on top of the property listing.
Thank you in advance for any comments or advice. R
Reviews: 2
When I needed a modification the developer made it immediately as you can see it on

(@Berk you sould be polite enough to writes only about what you know and what you use)
Reviews: 1
This component is just great and the new version with SEF is fantastic.
Still looking for a way to create good sitemap.xml with this new version but it will work

Reviews: 1
From all de free Estate Agency tools a tried, this is the only one that has the most potential.
When buying a commercial product you can complain, but when using a free product like this one should only offer critics with which the builder can provide us with an even better product :) hopefully ...
I tried several options from the demo-website before installing it and tweaked some things for myself (no renting, default sort setting, nice title per property) but there also some other things which should change imho:
- admin: when entering more images the page should leave the imagesection open instead of closing it everytime
- admin: add title to the property (and not the combination 'type' in 'town')
- admin: add town and department 'on the fly' from within the propertypage
- front: search: free input field
- front: ext. search: when a (published) property exists with 100m2 and you search min 100 and max 100 it will not find anything, but with 99 and 101 it will.
- when using artio sef, errors occur in url-names (it happend several times, but im not sure if i do something wrong)
- build an auto-install option for the joomfish files (but its great you provide them at all!)

Again: i like this product and use it and the effort you put in it is very much appriciated!
Reviews: 1

in Joomla website you say that one of the feature is "Unlimited pictures in properties detail"
But I see only 2 images can be added to each property. How can I add more then 2 images to the property?

Owner's reply

Response here :

Reviews: 1
Ive tried many extensions for a good real estate function and this is the very best one yet!

Im very fond of the easy adding of properties!
The emphasis mod is great too, just one question... I only have emphasis on the frontpage, but also a search box, when i use the searchbox the emphasis stays on screen while watching the property listing..
Any way to solve this?

I also really like the photoviewer!

Thanx for all the effort you put in this!
Reviews: 2
First of all i have to say that offer this kind of components for free is something that have no price :)

I've started with my Joomla! site 6 months ago, and at the second day I had this extension 100% working on it. It's easy to understand (I'm a newbie and i have modified severall php files that come with) and very (or 100%) customizable.

It has a good forum community support and even Sylvain helps the users when it has some time... and I remember: all of this for FREE!!

I'm really happy with this extension and the most important thing is that it allows me to work at a professional level.

My Joomla! Site is a Real Estate site where everybody who has registered can publish their own flats automatically, and everything is supported by JEA.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Guillem Mont.
Reviews: 7
This extension is almost exactly what I was looking for. I have tried many real estate extensions and I find this one the easiest and cleanest one.
The only thing I am missing is a bit of help on how to configure it. For exemple where can I populate the drop down list? How can I configure the layout of resuls? what if I don´t want the seach parameters to appear on the first page of results?
mike verbeeck
Owner's reply

To populate drop down list, just go (in the backend) in JEA Properties features and change tables.

To customize the views, the best way is to override default JEA templates

More infos :!_core

Reviews: 1
I find the JEA is a good extension can be used for Real Estate Business. but Some Advance Search features are missing.
Missing Availabe
-Buy, Sell & Rent - renting and selleing
-Customize Search - Simple.
-Installation Doc - Not Available.
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